Are you thinking about starting a business?  If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Joseph Paige | Owner/ Trainer / Nutrition Specialist

My thought process was create something for the needs of the world and my culture specifically. Starting my business was risky due to not having a strong knowledge of what to do and how to start. Which led to doubting myself to make decision and ability to run a company. Then this created an hungry inside to push for more out of myself and provide knowledge to unknowing . Re-Start Fitness became my solution to combat statistics in lower economic community Black & Brown by increasing the awareness of Fitness & Wellness. Read more>>

Gracyn Applegate | Photographer

I have always appreciated photos, but I didn’t start attempting the art until my family embarked on our very first cross country road trip. The views were so incredibly stunning that I couldn’t help myself from trying my hand at capturing it through the lens of my Iphone. From there, photography became an addiction. I found myself — and still do find myself — whipping out my camera to capture the world’s little moments, whether that be the little boy blowing bubbles in the park, my friends dancing while getting ready for a night out, or the elderly couple smiling while sharing a cup of coffee. I transitioned to a professional camera upon graduating high school, where I launched my own photography company during June of 2020. What started as something to distract me from quarantine quickly transformed into a side hustle. The more I photographed, the more I grew to love it for more than the end product. Read more>>

Eli king Orellana | Photographer, Videographer, Set Designer, Motivational Coach, Taco Making , Sex Symbol.

My goal was to move closer finding exactly what it that i loved doing. i didn’t necessarily start one business, but rather dozens of hobbys. i gave them all a good solid try as well as love and dedication. and when i found something i truly love. it wasn’t about making money but rather refining, studying, amd learning about this thing i loved. over time people saw the value in it. thata when i decided to turn photography and videography into a business. Read more>>

Dr. Scott Silverii | Pastor & Christian Publisher

Helping other people was my emphasis. I prayed for direction in how I might serve other people while applying my passion for writing and publishing books. Five Stones Press is a 501c3 nonprofit and a big part of my ministry for guiding people in getting their message to market through books, study curriculums and video teaching series. The publishing process also allows me to nurture relationships with aspiring writers as I get to walk with them through the creative process as well as the mechanics of publishing and distributions. Starting this business has allowed me to increase charitable giving as well as share biblical principles of growing income streams and stewardship. Read more>>

Michael Druck | Casting Director / Producer

In a regional market, such as Texas, once you have a certain level of credits in my case in the casting industry, you are to get calls from clients and filmmakers to hire you directly after establishing yourself. I personally would have been happy working as an assistant/associate with casting company for a while longer but in our market many casting directors in Texas might not have enough work to fully employ a growing staff. Incidentally some casting directors were threten by my experience fearing I might be competition down the line. Either way when the work came around I was flattered and happy to start my own business. Read more>>

Kira Buckley | Founder, Clinical Herbalist

Normalizing Black wealth and building community by way of healing with community! … These were the main thoughts behind starting HeyyHealer. #heyyhealer …. yes, started as a hashtag! In the past two years, we’ve shifted from e-commerce, to a brick+ mortar and now merging our services through a virtual wellness studio and apothecary retail South Dallas, in Desoto. Read more>>

Devynn Ramos | Esthetician, Master Lash Artist / Educator

When I first started my business, I actually didn’t even realize that’s what I was doing! I’ve always been a hard worker, having my first job at 15 and realizing at even such a young age that I wanted something bigger and better for myself. I was always dedicated to work, gave my all and always went above and beyond. However, I always felt like there was more to life than the retail and fast food jobs I was working. It wasn’t until I had kids that I realized I had to make a change in my work environment to better fit my busy life as a mother. I wanted to be there for my kids. I didn’t want to miss out on games and recitals simply because I had to clock in at a job. Once I found my calling in the beauty industry, I decided to dedicate more time to perfecting my craft and building my own brand /business. Little did I know, 6 years later, I would still be thriving in a successful career that I built for myself, unknowingly. Read more>>

Jeneba Barrie | Boy Mom, Wife, Attorney, CEO, Designer, Foodie & Luxe Lover

When I first thought of the idea of Jeneba Barrie Nude Footwear in 2011, there were no other products on the market that provided for diverse and inclusive nude shoes. It was very interesting to me that 95% of the population were not being properly represented in the fashion industry. Nude shoes are a staple in most womens’ closet, so the idea that no other company had created this product boggled my mind. There was a huge vacuum and I wanted to fill that space while providing quality products. When I finally launched in 2018, there were similar products on the market, but they were extremely expensive, not inclusive enough or had poor designs. I saw this as my opportunity to make my brand the most diverse and inclusive brand on the market, with simply, yet beautiful designs. Read more>>

Kolton Pierce | Rapper & CEO of Faded Eyesight, LLC

My thought process was probably like most business owners, I want to be my own boss. I’ve had trouble staying interested in jobs over the years because I would would have managers or superiors that were treating the lower ranked workers disrespectfully. Since this would happen openly to all of us, we would naturally lose some respect for our superiors. I also would get bored doing the same tasks everyday for months. Therefore the only solution was to start my own business and invest in myself. Read more>>

Andy Costa | Film Producer

In the US 98% of business are small business. Americans have an entrepreneurial spirit. And I was bit by the business bug. I wanted to be free, and be the boss of my own destiny. I want to follow my dreams and work hard to create my legacy. I did not wanted to follow someone else’s dreams or build someone else’s legacy. Read more>>

Terrance Brashun | CEO, Executive Producer & Creative Designer

I’ve wanted to be my own boss for a while. Being a creative, I want the freedom to be able to control how I can move within my own space without restrictions. Although the government may create certain guidelines that I have to follow to operate in my field, there’s a lot more space to do as I please over working for someone else. Read more>>

Leah West | Marketing Director

Specializing in Marketing for Small, Individual owners. Assisting them in making the right decision to grown their business building from a strong solid foundation. Marketing their services digitally, as well as streamline their brand/services local and globally. Creating different marketing strategies where I see best fit! Engaging with their clients wants and needs. Reaching out to the community to see what the high demand is and fulfill the quality of services. Read more>>

Christina Willie | Luxx Boutique CEO

I’ve been making a lot changes to and for my business. Adding new things. Taking out the old. I want to sell things that aren’t already being sold in my town. Things that’ll catch the attention of others. While also have great prices that’s affordable to everyone. Read more>>

Samira Ghani | Food Influencer & Recipe Curator

Our world has become so divided that I wanted to do something that brings us all together. I love international cuisine and I feel that through my work I can bring a deeper understanding of different cultures and foods.. I do monthly episodes of #nohateonmyplate where I feature International bloggers to showcase their ethnic foods. I do countless cooking classes to benefit different charities as well. So in answer to your question the thought process behind slice of gourmet is to bring us all closer together and spread the love through our universal love of good food. Read more>>

Chelsey Morin | Lead Planner & Coordinator at Double Blessing Events

I had always thought this would just be a hobby, and that it wouldn’t actually ever become my full-time job! But God just kept giving me all the green lights to take this leap of faith. I was working as an elementary music teacher, but it was just one thing after another that kept leading me away from that and moving me toward my wedding planning business. And I knew that if I didn’t take the risk, I would always be asking myself “what if?” What if I didn’t try?. Read more>>

Logan Boswell | CEO/ Founder and Professional Photographer

I started Logan’s Prints with the thought of showing the world how I see the world through my lens. I capture my photography with raw emotion and allowing the subject to be his or her authentic self. I’ve been doing photography professionally for 7 years now and with every style of Photography I’ve done, portraits and Urban are my favorite styles of Photography. It allows the subject to tell a story with just a single capture. The goal is to captivate the viewer and allow the viewer to feel the emotion evoked from the subject. I want to be more than just a photography company but also a modeling agency. You can book Logan’s Prints for Photography services of all sorts from Event and wedding, to family shoot and more. Logan’s Prints modeling team was established about 3 years ago when I asked my Bestfriend Joset Lopez to Model for me. It then turned into something more serious since we both loved the art we were creating. I then realized that I wanted my modeling team like no other. Read more>>

Darnell Caldwell | Youth Empowerment Specialist/Speaker/Author

I started darnellSPEAKS as a way to use my gift of speaking to empower young people, particularly those from under served areas. Coming from a similar background I realized that my life experience and insight gained from it can help students overcome obstacles that they may face in life. Read more>>

Jencey Keeton | Founder

Originally, the idea for Sweet Tooth Hotel was born from the need to push outside of my normal day-to-day boundaries and to be able to showcase the artwork of some of our favorite Dallas artists. My husband Cole and I brainstormed on a name, what type of work would be presented and the themes of the art installations. I think because the idea seemed so huge and unreal, it also seemed impossible to go wrong. Ha ha. I think that entrepreneurship runs in my family, both my dad and brother run their own businesses although my dad is retired now. There’s something about being able to work for yourself and create a team that is so much more fulfilling than any other job I’ve had. Instead of having big wild ideas picked apart, there’s an opportunity to explore and build on them together. Read more>>

Jamie Lynn Moreland | Newborn and Family Photographer

I started learning photography at first just to document my own experience of motherhood, but pretty early into the process, I knew that I really wanted to capture these same kinds of memories for other moms as well. As parents, there are so many perfect moments we’re sure we’ll never forget…but then the weeks and months and years fly by and we wonder where the time has gone! I started my business as a way to help families document what makes them special so they have tangible memories for years to come. When life is hectic, days go by in a blur and those sweet moments of connection with family can feel so fleeting. That’s why photography is so important to me—as a creative person and, even more so, as a mom. Read more>>

Kelyn Nash | CEO/Founder of K Cherin Beauty Botanical Skincare

I was inspired by my esthetician education, I wanted to bring together ingredients from science and paired them with natural elements. Read more>>

Jazzten Feagins | Recording Artist and Business Owner

I know what kind of future i want for kids. I know the way i want the generations to live that come after me. Boski Clothing is not just some clothes to wear. There’s a bigger picture to see. Boski means divine, and there’s divinity in just being who you are. Read more>>

Amy Tasukada | Best Selling Author

Since I was in third grade I wanted to be a writer. I’ve been writing since I was a little girl. I was an only child so I would often play pretend. I would think up these long stories. Eventually, I started to write them down. I developed my writing craft and with kindle coming out it made it easier to publish books and get them into the hands of my readers. Read more>>

Mary Hanna | Owner/Head Teacher

Texas is so rich with young musicians and from my experience in the public school music programs, hurting for private instructors. Many young private music teachers cannot teach from their homes. Much of the time, private instructors go to the schools to teach private lessons to those students who desire to take them. However, that really limits the number of students one teacher can teach. My thought was to open a music lesson teaching studio in a central location that had private lesson teachers in every musical group – piano, singing, woodwinds, brass, percussion, strings, and guitars. Read more>>

Kelly LaFarge | Author, Artist, Designer

I’m leaving the education field and transitioning to creating children’s books. The biggest consideration I’ve had to think through was investigating the publishing bussiness. Who the big publishers are. How do you do business with them. How to present my work professionally. Read more>>

Randy Salinas | Owner/Pitmaster

Wasn’t much thought that went into it. I wanted provide people with delicious BBQ at cheap prices and do something I enjoy doing with the people I love. Read more>>

Louis Paige | Personal Trainer & Motivator

My thought process behind starting my own business is my passion behind helping and motivating the people around and even the people I didn’t know when I was working out at the gym. It became very satisfying for me when I seen people making progress in there health life and setting goals and hitting there. Also people also always for advise when it came to health I love giving them my knowledge I know that help me get where I got. I always preach to my clients HEALTH IS WEALTH! So from there people started asking me to train them and help motivate them and there I became a trainer and found my calling!. Read more>>

Tahirah Francis | Owner & Chief Creator

My thought behind starting Vivian Rose Body & Bath was that I wasn’t doing a good job at self care. I decided to change and start with taking baths on Sunday to get a little me time and relieve myself of Monday dread. I couldn’t find products that my skin loved, so I started making my own. I knew other women might struggle with self care also and I wanted to be a support for their journey. Read more>>

Dinah Berg | Fashion Designer

I have my own style and want to create what I envision, with creative control over my brand and business. Read more>>

Meredith Woodruff | Founder | Owner of Concrete Conversations®

I came up with an idea for a product that I really wanted to make and have for myself. Somewhere along the way, I decided I was going to make one hundred of these products instead of just one. I remember thinking to myself, “If all else fails, I will just give these concrete containers as gifts to my friends and family for the rest of my life.” Fortunately for my friends and family and to our great surprise, we sold out of those one hundred containers within hours of opening our shop!. Read more>>

Gary Pierrot | Filmmaker

Starting “Kevro Studios” is something that I’m still trying to understand, and wrap my mind around. It’s something that is still taking its shape. I’ve always felt deep down that I’m not only supposed to be a filmmaker. I’m also inspired by film producers and people who create something from nothing. I love the whole idea of creating experiences, marketing a film, and building excitement around it. I’m stepping into a whole new era of work right about now, and the way I do things is slowly changing for the better. Read more>>

Alana Jones | Alanamae Studio Owner

I started this business as a wife and mother (of two) and I was really coming from this place mentally where I needed a creative outlet, but also something that was my own. I’m currently living in a 200 square foot vintage Airstream that I share with my family. There’s four of us. Everything I have, I share with them. My space, my food, mothers everywhere get it right?! When I started this business, I was going through kind of a challenging time. We were all living with my in laws while working tirelessly on a very old house that we hoped to someday live in. My husband was working 60-80 hour weeks between his job and said house. I was at the in laws raising my young boys, both under the age of 5 at the time. I wanted to start something that was just for me. I used to be a dancer and that was my creative outlet for a long time, but I had kind of let that part of my life go and I was searching for something to create. Read more>>

Alexis Rice | Cater & Pastry Chef

When I started my business it was a hobby that I did for fun in high school. I would sell treats at my job and do things for my family from time to time. When I started Jonson & Wales University in 2015, I watched my peers really pursue their careers outside the classrooms/labs. That’s when I knew I could do the same, I started taking my business a little more seriously! Graduating from Johnson & Wales in 2019 and relocating to Bedford, TX truly opened my eyes to MANY different opportunities. After being in TX a year or so my clientele really started to grow. From treats at my mom’s job to selling desserts in college, and now my own business! I talk to many people about it and knew that baking is what I wanted to do forever!. Read more>>

Jessie Poole | Founder + CoolSculpting Specialist at Element Body Lab

I once heard a quote, “bigger dummies than me have done…” and it’s been something that stuck with me. So when I started working in the aesthetic industry, I pursued leadership roles and positions that felt too large to handle, and reminded myself that “bigger dummies than me” had already done that same thing. I started my career in aesthetics as a receptionist, just answering phones and checking in clients. I climbed the ranks in that physicians practice to assist her in rooms, then worked as a surgery coordinator for her, then as her Practice Administrator, doing most of the management, hiring, and marketing for the business. After years working in a practice, I worked as a sales representative for the CoolSculpting technology and assisted business owners across 5 states scale their CoolSculpting businesses. I was talking to doctors and medical providers and the leadership of corporate organizations about what seemed really simple to me, but felt much more difficult to them. Read more>>

Shameka Ethridge | CEO & Founder

I’ve always had a sort of entrepreneurial mind that has led me to try many things: I’ve written a book; created a giving foundation and now a beauty brand. All of my projects shared one theme- purpose. My purpose for writing my book, Love the Bully was driven by my (now 12 year old) son being bullied his entire life and one particular situation taking me to the pinnacle of my frustration. The purpose for creating the giving foundation was birthed from my understanding of not having what you need but working so hard to provide for yourself and family but needing a little extra help to secure “getting over the hump”. I absolutely love giving to people less fortunate, it allows me to truly live and thrive in my purpose. And now, Runway allows me to marry my love of beauty with the functional need of clean beauty products that work to create premium products with black and brown beauties as the target audience. Read more>>

Jaleah & Courtney | Owners of ItzBomb Aesthetics

Consume, consume, consume, it is the American way! As a consumer and lover of all things elaborate and aesthetically eye-catching, the realization of the cost and quality of many products did not match up. As a result, we believed that we could create quality products for a fraction of the big box retailers’ cost with comparable and better ingredients. We believe quality everyday products do not have to come at a 300-400% markup. With this vision in mind, we have crafted alluring products with organic and natural ingredients for the conscious consumer. Read more>>

Andrew Black | Multi-Award Winning Chef | Owner | Restauranteur | Author

I had been working for corporate for years, and I wanted to open a restaurant to where I had the creative freedom without boundaries or barriers. Read more>>

Towana King | CEO of King & Ray Public Service, LLC

I have always worked in some aspect of Real Estate. I began working in the mail room for Ally Bank’s R.E.O. ( Real Estate Owned or Bank Owned) Department back in 2009, I was 19 years old! From that point, I moved around to various roles under the Real E. State umbrella. Fast forward to 2019, although I had a good job, I have always looked for ways to make extra money, becoming a Notary Public for the state of Texas was one of those ways.. I soon learned that as a Notary I could move on to a Loan Signing Agent, which is the Notary that helps you close on a transactions by Notarizing your paperwork. Mostly real estate transactions. Every time someone sells or purchases a home, they absolutely need a notarization whether electronic or digital. When I was laid off from my last job, I began Notarizing full time and shortly after started my Signing Firm, King & Ray Public Service, LLC Read more>>

Joel Marius | Founder of Financial Colors Wealth Management, Investment Executive & Wealth Advisor

Financial Colors Wealth Management was founded by Joel Marius with a thought process to start a financial planning and wealth management firm to help people realize their financial goals no matter what stage in life the individual, family or business is at. Many financial firms will not work with individuals if they do not have a certain amount of net worth. Most of our clients are of high-net worth and in the stage of maintaining and preserving their wealth. However, we also provide the necessary tools for clients that are in the early stages of building wealth. Having the right partner is crucial in helping people with financial planning, retirement and income planning, life insurance planning, estate planning and wealth management. Partnering with LPL Financial as our broker dealer was a no brainer and part of our thought process. LPL Financial provides Financial Colors Wealth Management with dynamic products and services to help our high-net worth clients as well as clients that are looking to start their financial planning and wealth building journey. Read more>>

Marvin Arts | Career Coach & Resume Writer

My thought process was pretty simple. I got into the career coaching and resume writing business because I want to help professionals succeed in their job search and excel on the job. I was a struggling job seeker early in my career, and I wanted to take my experiences and help others not make those same mistakes. Read more>>

Genesis Stephenson | Musician, Barber, Photographer/Videographer

Man starting my own business was a must for me. The entrepreneur mindset is embedded within me. I’ve always had ideas to make money and visions to be successful. It’s a risk to take but it’s well worth it. I don’t regret starting my businesses at all. From photography/videography, barbershop, and music production business I’ll say it’s busy but I love it!. Read more>>