One of the most common questions readers ask us is what’s the secret powering the success of the folks we feature. Below, you’ll find some of the inspiring folks we’ve featured in the past sharing their thoughts on what they feel are the most important factors behind their success.

Ashley Godby | Soulcycle Instructor

One of the most important factors is staying true to me. I’m always reminding myself that I’m my own walking billboard. Practice what I’m preaching is key! Read more>>

Susan Demus | Jewelry Designer

The success of my brand falls solely the quality of the material that I use to create my jewelry. I make a conscience effort to purchase quality gemstones, as well as stones that have value to my customers. What I mean by this, is that I can give a client some history of where the type of gemstone originates from, or if it has any healing properties. My clients keep coming back because it’s not just about designing a unique piece, but something that has meaning, that they can identify with. Read more>>

Teresa Cliff | Celebrity HMUA

You have to find: know you’re voice and meaning; and honestly, it can change too. I used to have an idea of what mine was, but now, 15 years down the line, it’s changed. Which is as beautiful as it can be confusing, trust the roads you go down! Read more>>

Diego Tario | Published artist Painter/Graphic

One of the few things that set me apart or put me in situations to win are the hours of practice i put in behind my craft. I love challenges so i take on more than i can chew on purpose sometimes. Read more>>

Lorena Tule-Romain | Co-Founder & Entrepreneur

The most important factor behind my success has been my family. They have been my motivation and my rock. Taking a leap of faith into this work was not easy but it has been rewarding. A few weeks ago,I overheard my son explaining to his friend that “his mom was working hard to help people through this pandemic.” It is moments like these that fuel my drive to continue to be an example for my children and my community. Read more>>

Christopher Bowen | President of Bowen Pools

The important factor behind the success of our brand is our commitment to quality work and good customer service. We want work that we can put our name on and will be proud to tell everyone that we completed that project. We also have a focus on making sure our clients are happy with their work. Sometimes that means redoing certain things when we know it’s technically correct but they don’t like the style. Read more>>

Stephanie Ferguson | Influencer & DJ

The most important factor behind my success so far is staying true to myself. I don’t conform to what others want. I do what I want, when I want & how I want. I don’t compromise my brand for anything and because of that I continue to grow. Read more>>

Aunna Douglas | Private Chef

Honestly, God. Living in my purpose. Exercising my God given talent. I literally do what I Love & the rest follows. Once I realized my purpose I prayed and planned.. Aunna Mae’d It was a dream that I prayed for, & I’m living it out. I will continue to pour into the community that’s helped build and expand my brand. Success cannot be obtained solely by a business owner alone, without my customers there would be no business.. Read more>>

Britt Lienau | Hair and Makeup Artist

Empathy. If you can not pour love into your client whether that’s through presence , attitude , work or words I feel you may need to re-evaluate where you’re heart lies. To be able to feel someone’s energy and know how to adapt to bring happiness or ease to themselves is an art in itself. Whether you can do a great job at hair and makeup is irrelevant to me if you can not be kind. We are called to love , what talents we are given is our chance to be the light in a world that can be dark. Read more>>

Estella Kirk | Christian Pop Artist

Hard work and leaning on God to know the right direction has been the most important factor behind my success. Sometimes, when I go my own direction things don’t work out but when I ask God for guidance he always shows me the correct path. Read more>>

Chris Armentrout | Pitmaster

Knowing your trade is very important to your success. With BBQ it takes a lot of practice to master the different meats and keeping the consistency of good quality BBQ to keep customers happy and coming back. Read more>>

Monique Jeter-Abraham | Vaginal Steam Practitioner & Herbalist

The most important factor behind my success / the success of your brand is honesty and compassion. I want women to know that the “end” results they see before them isn’t really the end. Daily, I focus on living a healthy lifestyle with my fibroid tumors, being positive, and being kind to myself. It’s a process and I work closely with my clients to show support and create solutions. Read more>>