Some of the most successful entrepreneurs and creatives we have worked with have told us that it’s not about where you start in life, it’s about your ability to recognize the lessons life is teaching you and to use those lessons to succeed in the future. So, we asked rising stars from the community to share their most important lessons learned with us.

Kennedy Mayes | Model/ public figure

The most important thing my career has taught me is to stay consistent with my work and to keep going regardless of what anyone thinks. If anything I am everything and more and people are going to talk at the end of the day regardless. Read more>>

Kyla Martin | Career Coach

The most important lesson that I’ve learned from my business and career is that our belief systems and our fear are the only things that prevent you from “Living the Life You Imagined.” And, if we can understand — and navigate — our belief systems and our fear, we literally can pursue any dream we can imagine. I used to believe that entrepreneurs were born (vs. made). Now I know that is simply a belief system. I became an entrepreneur simply by overcoming all of my limiting beliefs and fear. Read more>>

Bri Alexander: Entrepreneur-Bakery & Catering

There are few things about being a business owner that has changed my life and taught me lessons. 1. always put your money that you make into your business to keep it going and to invest. When you first start your business you wont see profit until the first year or two. 2.Be patient ! Patients is the key to every virtue. Things might start off slow at first but keep going and pushing and you will see the end result. 3. Always remain humble, God gave you a gift to be a successful entrepreneur. Be wise and appreciate everything including the little things. Read more>>

Alex O’aiza | Artist/Singer/Songwriter

The most important lesson that I have learned thus far while being an artist, is to expect that nothing is going to probably workout the way you originally envisioned. Sometimes you are going to just flat out fail, sometimes you will barely just get by, or sometimes you straight up hit a home run. All of those outcomes will eventually happen to you (some will occur more than others), but that’s ok, you just have to be okay with it all. You have to be okay with failing not just once, nor twice, nor just three times, you have to be okay with failing period. Read more>>

Allyson Worley | Mom & Artist

My biggest lesson has been about finding balance. Managing my time is not something that has ever come natural to me. So when you mix in marriage, kids, and non business commitments with a heavy work load that you alone are solely responsible for across the board- you learn very quickly that balance is key. However, that balance is always shifting as I’ve needed to adapt to changes in life, making it a lesson that I keeping having to learn, haha! I guess the best way to phrase it is that I’ve learned to make balancing business and personal life a top priority. Read more>>

Rachel Reed | Floral Designer

The most important lesson my business taught me is to be myself. The #1 reason clients have booked with me is because there is something unique about me and they are able to fully trust me to get the job done even if it was something that I had never done before. There’s nothing more reassuring than knowing that clients book with you because you’re you. Read more>>

Asa Smith | Creative Crafter

The most important lesson my business has taught me is to never give up and to always believe in yourself. There’s always going to be other businesses that are out there doing the same thing you are doing, They most important part to being successful is to never give up and believe that no matter what crosses your path, you can handle it like a boss. Read more>>

Alisa Harrison | Founder/Lead Designer

Starting a business has taught me that things are not going to always go my way, no matter how much I research and plan. The key is to push through. Do not give up. Read more>>

Brittney Green | Youth Director

The most important lesson the MINT has taught me, is that their is always someone out there with less then that needs you more than you’ll ever know or begin to understand. Read more>>

Ernest Ruffin Jr. | CEO if High Status by Ernest Ruffin

I would honestly have to say,” that success comes to those who work for it”. It might sound kind of cliche, but I strongly believe you can will yourself to success if you work hard enough for it. Most people try to run a business and their life by doing just enough. This will only work for a short period of time in my opinion. So I get up everyday knowing that I need to do more than what I did yesterday to be successful. Read more>>

Adrienne LaShe | Recording Artist & Songwriter

The most important lesson I’ve learned was to stay consistent and do my own research. A lot of times in my field there are so many people giving you advice or telling you what you should do. It gets overwhelming and I definitely was taught to follow my instincts and do my own research. Read more>>

Krystina Paige | Entrepreneur

The most important lesson my business has taught me is the art of patience. When starting your own business it’s all about building your customer base or clients and that takes time. Over the years I have humbled myself to understand that everything will come in due time, the idea in your mind for your business and the actually reality are usually at two different speeds. I am thankful that everything I’ve touched so far has eventually succeed. My Blazing Bundles Hair Company. Read more>>

Ashley Hence | Licensed Professional Counselor/Self Published Author

To know where you stand on things: meaning what are my negotiables and non-negotiables. It’s a must that you have a certain standard and expectation of yourself and make those boundaries crystal clear. If you are unsure of your boundaries and waiver on them then expect to spend a lot of time explaining yourself and defending your stance as people will try to push the limit if allowed. Being self employed has taught me how to advocate for myself and not allow things to go on that I’m uncomfortable with as well as not be so caught up on others reactions when I am not adhering to their requests that contradict my standards. Read more>>

Ka’VoN Lee | Photographer

I think the most important lesson that my business has taught me is you can only be as successful as you want to be. What I mean by that is everyone in this world grinds different, and when it comes to photography there at least 500 in one city. The way you market yourself and the way you brand your business leaves a mark in each job you do. So from your promotion to what you decide to post and let the world see it will all be different. So everyday when I wake up I remind myself how bad I want I know people have been doing this longer than me but I am determined to be the best. Read more>>