There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Nicole Cano | Hairdresser & Makeup Artist

At first I was going to say the advanced education on all the up and coming cut and colors and being able to execute it in the salon but then I got to thinking I really believe it is my ability to truly listen to my clients wants and needs when they come and sit in my chair. I have been in the hair industry for 16 years. The majority of my clients have been coming to me since the beginning. They know if they sit in my chair I either know exactly what they are wanting done or if they are wanting a change we will talk it through to make sure it’s exactly what they are looking for. Sometimes what someone thinks they want isn’t really the case and most of the time I know my clients better then they know themselves. (They have told me that several times lol). Read more>>

Ashia Mosley | Wedding & Elopement Photographer

Having a successful brand / business is something I think scares a lot of business owners- new and old. It’s something that has to evolve and change overtime, but still solid enough at the beginning to take off. Starting out, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted my brand to represent. Yes I was a photographer, but so were thousands of other people doing the same thing as me. I realized it might be hard to stand out in such an “oversaturated market”, but then realized it’s all about how you market yourself, your beliefs, and what your individual business stands for. 
Although I longed to be a wedding photographer full time, I knew staying true to myself, being real and vulnerable, and giving people an experience that was completely about them, as a couple, was something I wanted to shine through in my business. Read more>>

Jazzmen Victoria | Poet, Artist, Author & Model

Staying true to myself.. Knowing exactly what it is I want to project out into the world. In order for me to do that I have to know myself.. understand myself, take time out for myself. its taken sometime to do that but im here.. becoming more aware of myself and and the world around me i am trying to recreate. Staying true to myself has been and will continue to be an important factor in my success. Read more>>

Normita Joven | Founder, CEO, Reporter, Influencer & Martial Artist

Icon Studios Dallas was created as a platform to help artists; from novice to established artists with household names, all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds become better at their craft while at the same time find other disciplines in the arts that they can learn and add to their portfolios. There are many different ways in which Icon Studios Dallas is different then other talent management and agencies but what sets us apart is that we are not afraid to take risks. We are not afraid to challenge the “status quo” and do things differently than most, we are constantly evolving and staying in line with the latest trends and technologies and finding creative ways to improve, sometime even creating or establishing the trends. Read more>>

Courtney Copeland | Photographer

The single most important factor in being successful has been connecting and building personal relationships with my clients. I get to know these people, I become apart of their families, their stories, the biggest moments of their lives. 90% of my business is from word of mouth referrals from my clients. I have done many weddings where bridesmaids I have shot before turn into my brides and I love that! Relationships are everything. In this industry, knowing the technical side of things is important but I would disagree with anyone who says that it is the most important. Read more>>

Calandra Hurd | Mobile Stylist, Salon Owner & Virgin Hair Distributor

It’s hard to pinpoint one thing that has lead to the success of my brand. It has taken consistency, quality work, customer service and knowledge of marketing. It has not been an overnight success but a long tedious passion for what I love to do. Read more>>

Victor Tolbert | Athletic Performance Trainer & Speed and Agility Specialist

The most important factor behind my success is my life struggles growing up as a youth but also the struggles and lessons I have learned throughout playing sports in high school, college, and at the professional level. Being able to listen and learn from others, but really learn from watching others as well. The success of my brand NXT Level Fitness has been my passion and intensity behind my training. Also my ability to train different from other training programs and shock the body and minds of the athletes/people I work with. Another part of my brand success is the ability to adapt to the world and how life has changed for us all. As a performance trainer I have to be able to adapt to the way of the world. Staying up to date and ahead of the curve is key within the training industry. Read more>>

Keith Spencer | Founder & Director

The most important factor behind the success of Kingdom Performance is our consistency. An idea, product, or service means nothing if it is not executed on a consistent basis. We take pride in doing the small things well and doing them consistently. Our athletes take notice and embrace growth of the brand. We value the physical and mental development of our athletes. To accomplish our mission it’s important to provide consistent quality and access to deliver the Kingdom experience. Athletes receive unlimited training at our facility which accelerates their overall development. Read more>>

Ana Erwin | General Manager

Everything that we do at Community Impact Newspaper is based around 5 key values: faith, integrity, passion, innovation and quality. We believe these values to our core. When I am faced with difficult decisions, I always take it back to these values. These have been my guiding lights over the last 7 years working in this industry and in the different roles I have held within the company. Read more>>

Pat W. Kochan | Fine Artist

My brand is of course is Pat W. Kochan Fine Art. A positive mind set is absolutely necessary in achieving goals. I have studied my craft by reading books by other artists, taking classes and workshops (in general, learning how to achieve the best techniques I can over the last 50 years.) I have entered many competitions and won may awards over the years. But I have also not gotten in many exhibitions. Even though it is usually one person’s opinion, I use this failure to get stronger and better. I started teaching classes in several media; and I find that doing that makes me drive to improve to keep discovery of the mediums alive in my experimenting and progress to improve and stay energetic. Read more>>

Yoram Solomon | Author

The most important factor behind the success level I currently enjoy, and the success level I will enjoy in the future, is the product of my focus on what I do uniquely (research the topic of trust) and the amount of work that went into it. My ability to say no to opportunities that fall outside of my focus area is critical, and it keeps me focused and grow my #1 area of expertise, trust. I am often approached by professional speakers, consultants, and others who currently work in another job. They ask for advice on how to grow their consulting or speaking business “on the side,” while still working a full-time job. In return, I ask them about their commitment to building their new business. Are you willing to commit to work one hour every weekday to build your business? Many seem to be somewhat apprehensive about it. There’s work. There’s family. There are other things that need to be taken care of. Read more>>

Colton Bideler | Pediatric & Family Chiropractor

Success for me is not defined by how much money I make or how popular my business becomes. I gauge my success by the number of lives I am able to influence or change. Many people encounter limitations to their desired lifestyle because of health concerns. It is my goal to educate my community and empower them to reclaim their health through chiropractic. By identifying what is causing these limitations, we are able to provide people with the freedom to experience life to the fullest. However, this completely goes against what is considered normal in our society today. There is a pill for everything now days. Everyone is looking for a treatment or a quick fix. I have always been rebellious in nature. So naturally, I chose a career that allows me to go against the grain so to speak. Every time someone comes to me for help, every time someone lays down on my table, I am not thinking about what I can do to fix them. Read more>>

Kathy Meadows | Marketing Strategist, Writer & Nonprofit Founder

Not being afraid to venture into uncharted waters, to try new things. Matter of fact, that’s the overriding job description for a successful writer, to be able to create things out of the ether that people actually want–whether that’s for my corporate marketing clients, the nonprofit I founded, or the creative writing projects I do on the side. Read more>>

Madelyn Sneed-Grays | Professional Artist

Consistency. Making sure that I do everything to the best of my ability at all times has been the best way, for me, to achieve success. Read more>>

Chris Brown | Publisher, Designer & Artist

I’d have to say that the most important factor or success behind any brand is staying true to your gut. This is especially true with what I always try to achieve with Refueled and the many entities that fall under the brand. Stay the course with your vision. A creative starts at the bottom of a circle, gains experience and moves through an education of their craft. It’s when you move beyond that and start going back down the circle, forgetting everything that you’ve learned, that you come back to a place where you’re trusting your instincts, and your unconscious voice. Read more>>

Roshana Armant | Armant Boutique Owner

The most important factor behind my success is to become the BOSS LADY with reasonable fashionable trends. We all have different income coming in the home and at times are unable to purchase updated clothes and accessories. So I have decided to assist those especially, single moms with children to purchase fashionable trends and not break the bank. Read more>>

Marianne Ganow | Owner & Designer

Quality of my product and customer service! If you read my reviews on Yelp I have over 65 5 star reviews you can see and over 30 you can’t. Almost every comment has stated my designs are fresh, long lasting and are simply…… beautiful. Besides delivering and designing a quality product I stand behind my work and go above and beyond to make sure my customers are completely satisfied even it means a delivery after store hours, or making sure the wedding is 100% perfect before I walk out of the door. Read more>>

Sammi St.John-Martinez | CEO & Founder

The most important factor behind my success and the success of my brand, FishBowl Radio Network, is that I always remain humble and grateful. Success is defined differently by each person. For me, success is when you identify your gift and turn it into your purpose. That is what, I have been able to accomplish from a very early age. In addition, to remain successful, you can not do it alone. So, the people that help you along the way are very important. It is instrumental to have a team that believes in your vision. And, lastly it is paramount for me to use my gift to serve others. When you serve others through your gift, success is inevitable. Read more>>