We had the good fortune of connecting with NORMITA JOVEN and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi NORMITA, what is the most important factor behind your success?
Icon Studios Dallas was created as a platform to help artists; from novice to established artists with household names, all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds become better at their craft while at the same time find other disciplines in the arts that they can learn and add to their portfolios. There are many different ways in which Icon Studios Dallas is different then other talent management and agencies but what sets us apart is that we are not afraid to take risks. We are not afraid to challenge the “status quo” and do things differently than most, we are constantly evolving and staying in line with the latest trends and technologies and finding creative ways to improve, sometime even creating or establishing the trends. Most importantly our company of over 500 actors and models work together and treat each other like family. We support each other even during social engagements outside of paid shoots, whether its an actor being featured at a film premiere, a model walking on a runway show, an actor needing a scene partner or a demo reel or self taped audition, a new author being featured in a book signing event, an athlete competing at a tournament, etc. I promote our talent and I coordinate a group to attend the special event or events as one cohesive unit excited to support each other. We work diligently night and day for our talent, and we expect that same level of respect and loyalty from our talent that they will give their 110 percent when they are representing themselves in association with our brand. I don’t expect anything less than excellence and that is what we bring to to the table. We are a family because we treat each other with respect, we help each other get better, we thrive on excellence, and we expect only the very best from each other. I always say it’s not about me. It’s not about any particular talent. It’s always about all of us working together as a team to create something magical.We at Icon Studios Dallas strive to be the example for others in the industry by leading by example not just for the industry but for our communities.

Alright, so for those in our community who might not be familiar with your business, can you tell us more?
Icon Studios Dallas is a full service agency and talent management company representing over 500 actors and models around the country used by industry professionals looking for talent in television, film commercial, industrial videos, print, fashion, social media, and corporate events. We work with the biggest television networks in the business including NBC, ABC, FOX, NBC, Style Network, Telemundo, Television, MTV, ID Channel, etc. and we have booked our models with some of the biggest brands in the world such as Frito Lay, Coke, Pepsi, Nike, Adidas, Target, etc. Icon Studios Dallas also assists producers, directors, and industry professionals with location management, production, casting, crew work, studio space, and sponsorship. Icon Studios Dallas has been an excellent resource center for over a decade, devoted to the enhancement of the arts, and committed to developing the necessary skill sets necessary to enter the entertainment and arts industry. Through my prior careers in marketing, event management, and journalism, I have had the priviledge of working with numreous A-List celebrities and influencers as Carlos Santana, Kim Kardashian, Jessica and Ashley Simpson, Sean Jean “P Diddy” Combs, Ben Francis, Vince Camuto, and many other Icons. What makes Icon Studios Dallas different is our passion to help with the direction and development of actors and models, whether the talent is brand-new, seasoned, or a house-hold name. Icon Studios Dallas is comprised of a team of talented and experienced individuals who possess an innate passion for the arts and have a strong desire for helping talent become successful in the entertainment industry. I am grateful to have a team that loves their jobs so much they work night and day to help our talent. Our focus is to assist aspiring arts and performing arts enthusiasts in the competitive industry of arts and entertainment. Our motto is “Inspiring Artists to Live their Dreams.” Getting to where I am today business-wise was definitely not easy. I’ve overcome so many challenges both personally and professionally, even today that I tend to share my experiences and create my own quotes on social media in hopes that it will give daily inspiration to reader’s lives. I’ll begin my story when I barley graduated high school. Life does not end at any age, I’ve been told at 18 my life was going downhill. Then again later in my life I was told several times my life was over. That I had nothing left to give to this world. I was strong enough by then to believe that this was not true. At one time I had nothing and found life to really knock me down. I found myself one day homeless, I was young, scared, alone, lost and pregnant. I decided later on I would NEVER allow myself to EVER feel that way again. I graduated from a prestigious private university (Southern Methodist University ) with honors, then created 3 successful careers before life knocked me down again I lost my job and I lost my 5 bedroom house that I worked so hard to earn. I had nothing again. Soon after that I started Icon Studios Dallas with no money, just a dream to help artists of all levels. Believe me, starting a business with no capital was the furthest thing from my mind. A friend forced me to start my own business and create Icon Studios Dallas in hopes that it would save my life and help me revive the confidence I had built through martial arts and the strong work ethic I gained through my academic endeavors at SMU. I was told to look in the mirror and look at the reflection and make one decision that would change the rest of my life forever. The decision, the question, that I was faced to ask that mirror was am I winner or a quitter? I don’t know about you but the “Q” word does not exist in my vocabulary. Today Icon Studios Dallas has grown to a network of thousands, and we work with the top brands in the world. So I am here to tell the world that life is not over at 18, at 30, 50, or even 100. It’s over when you say it’s over, or when God takes you. Don’t let the insecurity of jealous and hateful people, or even the hurtful lies that you tell yourself make you lose track. When life knocks you down, you get up off the floor and you just keep going. It gets better as long as you keep moving forward, believing, and achieving. Some of the most important things you can do for yourself are to stay healthy, have strong mind, and expect challenges to come your way. Do not afraid to have challenges come your way because you need to overcome challenges in order to succeed and become better. You cannot be a leader unless you are strong enough to lead your empire. So one thing I encourage people is to not be afraid to go out there and experience life. Try a new hobby, start a new business, create and lead a new group, design a new life. If the outcome isn’t what you want it to be, then keep working at it, and keep getting better. As far as advice in becoming a better in sales, or tips in starting a business, I tell people that no matter what product or service you are selling, people are going to buy because they believe and trust in you. People are not going to buy you for your business plan, your savvy sales techniques, whether you are wearing an Armani suit or an artsy thrift store masterpiece. After interviewing and networking with thousands in my lifetime who are now part of my team, I’ve learned that people buy you, your positive energy, and your vision. Because in the beginning that’s essentially all you have! When you have the belief in yourself that you are going to hustle and do everything in your power to help that person and build your empire, the Universe will sense that energy and breathe it to life. You may start a business not owning anything but the heart and passion to help others, fight your battles, and never give up. And that is more than enough. Another lesson I’ve learned along the way, is a lesson I’ve always learned from my father who was raised in the poverty stricken countryside of the Philippines, and lived the American dream by finding a way to come to America where he become an engineer and also created a business for his family. You have to stay hungry and be passionate enough to want to better yourself and want to better your life, despite any negative influences that surround you. The reason why life isn’t fair is to keep us moving, motivated and hungry. If life treated us all fairly we would all be big couch potatoes watching life go by. Obstacles are there to see who is hungry and worthy enough of the opportunity to overcome those obstacles. No matter how young or old you are, no matter how poor or rich you think you are, if you have an opportunity then seize the moment because we are not guaranteed another opportunity or guaranteed another tomorrow. Have you wondered why the opportunity even presented itself? There is an excuse to succeed and there is also an excuse not too. If you tell me you are willing do whatever it takes to make your dream a reality, then you have to be willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen. No excuses. No whining. If you tell the universe what you want, work very hard for your dreams and visions, focus on helping others instead of being selfish and lazy, stay humble, and live your life with honesty and integrity the universe will listen. We are all born with greatness, and we cannot let the jealous words of simpleminded and imbecilic haters ruin our day or dictate how to live our lives because these haters need to focus on bettering themselves anyway! The most important thing in life is that you know who you are, you stay true to yourself, and that’s all that matters. It is important to ignore those who are not there to support and encourage you, the weak and small minded are not meant to guide your life. They are there to remind us how NOT to live. Always be courageous enough to conquer your dreams, live your life with integrity, you are all destined for greatness. Especially during these times of uncertainty, we need to accept the fact that life life is unpredictable. Change is inevitable. You have to be flexible with change and be open to new ways of thinking. It’s a new world with new challenges and battles. To stay successful in this new era, we need to learn to adapt and overcome to new changes in our environment so that we have the ability to grow and progress. At Icon Studios Dallas we don’t just survive, we thrive! What I want the world to know about me and my brand and my story is that I believe it is crucial to be creative and to keep evolving. I believe it is important to not just keep up with the changing world; it is important to go against the grain and be a trendsetter and visionary enthusiast to lead and shape this new era of avant-garde technological advancements and innovative entrepreneurship ideologies. I am constantly creating and finding new ways to enhance my brand and make it better such as finding new clients to add to our agency’s growing portfolio, and creating opportunities that are exclusive to our company and our brand. But most importantly, I think it is important to stay grounded to the earth, as nature and all things living will give you energy and healing. Go to the park and run and breathe in the fresh air, surf and soak up some sun at the beach, visit a garden of beautiful flowers and delicious fruits and vegetables, hug has many friendly animals as possible, etc. you will value humanity and appreciate life. I enjoy doing all these things because what you surround yourself with becomes ingrained your DNA. Stay focused and strong in mind, body, and spirit and you will be ready to stand up for yourself and others; and become courageous enough to conquer your dreams and live your life with honor and integrity.

Any great local spots you’d like to shoutout?
It really depends on the person, their interests, their personality, and what they feel they are in the mood to do but regardless of what it is, I am going to make sure it is a VIP experience.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
This shout-out goes to all my amazing talent who work vigorously day and night to hone their craft to become strong leaders in this new generation of entertainment, that is constantly redefining itself and making adjustments to adapt to our changing world. Whether its me, my staff, or my talent I expect that every day we give it our best shot, that we live our lives with honor and integrity, and we are giving our 110 percent in everything that we do, because how we live our lives develops our strong character and reflects the outcome of our performances onset. We live with passion for our craft. We have faith that we will never be forced to conform to the status quo, because despite any challenges or obstacles that come our way, we ignore what society tells us as how we are supposed to live, and we fight for our dreams. That is what drives me to work day and night, to build an empire of artistic leaders who have the courage to live their dreams. We live, eat, and breathe as true winners, and I don’t expect anything less from our ICON Team. I especially support my young actors (kids and teens) who want to use acting and modeling as a platform to be a good role model for others, and inspire other kids that they can make their dreams come true despite where they live and despite any negative influences that come their way. They understand that once they accept the commitment to become a professional performer, they become a public figure and influencer and they have the power to become a voice. They understand once they are in the spotlight, other kids will look up to them, act like them, and want to have goals and dreams and successes like them. Whether a good or bad role model, people want to be like their favorite role model so the young performers accept the responsibility of becoming a public performer so they can bring positively in the world. We encourage them to becareful what they put in the universe, because what you put in the universe will come back to them. One of my favorite sayings that we came up with is “we need to starve our egos and feed our souls.” And we do this through aspiring to be positive role models and by actively giving back to our communities.

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