“If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything”

We asked the community to tell us about the values and principles that guide their lives and businesses.

Jamie Cato | Speech Language Pathologist & Founder

Holland is absolutely built on relationships. As a speech pathologist, I have felt the most effective when I have a deep connection with a child and family. This only comes with investment in relationships and it doesn’t happen overnight. It goes beyond a 30-minute time slot. In order to build relationships with our families and patients, I knew as the business owner I first had to build a staff that valued relationships. I specifically chose individuals who went beyond the scope of clinical data and reports. I wanted individuals who looked at a family and individual as a whole and saw themselves as a critical piece of that family’s story now. Building relationships starts with having time set aside to hear a family’s story, their concerns, their “yay moments” with their child. I make it clear to families that while I may be an expert in the area of communication and development, they are the expert on their child. Read more>>

Julianne Schroeder | Licensed Professional Counselor, Registered Yoga Teacher & Speaker

The guiding principle that directs my life is a burning desire to cultivate in others a felt sense of belonging. I have the honor of walking alongside people to experience the well-spring of love and acceptance that comes from belonging to oneself without conditions. What I mean by that is this: everyone deserves freedom and the choice to not only accept, but celebrate themselves as they are without falling short to outrageous & damaging beliefs that their bodies, relationship status, background, race, sexual orientation & gender identification, religious/faith affiliation, income & socioeconomic status, career choice, life experiences, mental health conditions, etc. somehow disqualify them from worthiness and belonging in this world. As I write this, I notice the tightness in my chest and the beginning of tears, as I acknowledge the years of suffering that I have witnessed on an individual level with those who see me for therapy, yoga, or speaking engagements. Read more>>

Lauren Reed Anderson | Senior Producer & Power Networker

I have a few: trust, communication, leadership, and respect. They’re all integral for understanding and achieving success… not only for ourselves, but for those we share time and work with as well. We have to be honest and transparent from the beginning to establish boundaries, set the standard, operate at a healthy pace, and get the job done. Read more>>