We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Michael Miller | Apartment Locator

Failure. As I look back at my very short career in the real estate world, it’s littered with failures. One to note: I failed my real estate exam six times before passing it on the seventh. Some people call it stupidity, I call it perseverence. From that experience, grit wasn’t born, but it was found. Failed exams, lost deals, & career paths changed have all led to where I’m at today. I started out in the commercial real estate world and now I’m in the apartment locating world. I never imaged being here but here I am. It’s been a little over a year since Flat and Loft was started and we’ve gotten to serve over 100 people by finding their apartment in Dallas. What a blessing it’s been and we’re just getting started. Read more>>

Draper Wynston | Actor, Author & Entrepreneur

The most important factor behind my success is two things. One, is self motivation. I learned a long time ago that you have to stop looking for others to make your dreams happen for you. You have to want them more than anyone. If someone wants them more than you. Then, you either need to change your dream or get going. Number two is discipline. I played basketball in high school and college. To make it in college you need discipline. You have workouts, film sessions, practice, and class. I just applied the discipline I learned there from to my acting career and entrepreneur lifestyle. I have shoots, rehearsals, call times, and so much more. Along with that I am running multiple businesses. It takes discipline to be on top of everything. Read more>>

Robin Nickel | Owner The Polished Nickel LLC & Travel Advisor at The Polished Nickel Travel

The most important factor behind my success would be building relationships. I truly believe that relationships are built on a number of factors and people choose to do business with whom they have some type of bond. I believe that my success mainly comes from the ties I have created with clients and people in our community. The people that know me know me, know my work ethic, my word, my drive, and my character. Being available for personal contact with each client, I believe goes a long way with building a strong foundation for a successful business. Read more>>

Fulisites “Fu” Williams | Accountant, Entrepreneur, & Press On Nail Artist

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is simply love and enjoyment. I genuinely love and enjoy creating press on nails! It started as a hobby throughout quarantine that turn into a true passion, and now small business. If you love and enjoy whatever you do, how can you not be successful?. Read more>>

Sherman Young Jr. | Videographer & Founder of Young Productions

In real estate it’s “Location, location, location.” However, In my profession it’s “Listen, learn, love”. That goes for how you treat your clients, partners, customers and employees. Business in its purest form is very similar in structure to a romantic relationship. (Sounds funny but stick with me). The reason that Chick-fil-A has cars wrapped around their buildings @12pm is because people don’t just like their sandwiches. They LOVE them. The customers also feel appreciated and treated with care and compassion when literally sitting in a fast food line for crying out loud. There are a ton of fast food restaurants, and chicken sandwiches, but only one place has cars lined up out the wazoo. Now back to my business. In a digital age where everyones phones can essentially do what we are offering to people, how do we stick out and succeed. The truth is, videography is an art that is becoming easier and easier to perform as technology progresses. We can’t just hit record and say, “action”, theres thousands of others right here in DFW that can do that. Read more>>

Jeremiah Bledsoe | Scholar Athlete & Young Entrepreneur

My work ethic helps me to achieve my goals. I work extremely hard, and I believe that a good work ethic is the main ingredient for success. In fact, no one stumbles upon success. Accomplishing your goals is not an accident. It requires focus, hard work, and dedication. Also, my community of mentors, friends, teachers, coaches, and family support me a great deal.
It is such a blessing to have a network of support in all areas of my life. Many people know that I am a scholar athlete. I have some amazing teachers at Nolan Catholic High School in Fort Worth, Texas. Nolan Catholic High School provides a college preparatory education and prepares students to be tomorrow’s servant leaders. My teachers push me to be my very best in the classroom and on the field. As the quarterback, it is important to have a CEO and championship mindset. My teammates are depending on me to be my best all the time. I’ve played the position of quarterback since I was in since 7th grade and I really enjoy the role. Read more>>

Cara Lockwood | Aritst/Creative Life Coach

Authenticity. When I first started growing my business in the online space, I was consumed with watching others in my field and trying to emulate them. I tried to be like them, talk like them, paint like them, etc. It was tiring, so much so that I just burnt out on the whole deal. I remember, it vividly. One day, during a live someone asked me, why I moved to Texas from California and if I missed my (grown) kids. I began telling my story. That’s when the connections started happening. I realized that being myself, was the best I could be. Since then, I find that I attract the ladies that I most enjoy serving!. Read more>>

Gursimran Gill | Chiropractor

There are so many factors that attribute to my success & success of the ZENITH brand. The MOST important factor would definitely be my wife Sara. I believe its so important to having a supportive & encourage spouse to help you succeed in life. The ZENITH brand has definitely evolved over the years but at its core we are here to help others achieve what they want out of life. We always set SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic & time bound) goals & expectations for every patient and help hold them accountable to achieving them. We have 5 out of 5 star reviews, customize our programs for each patient & treat individuals from all walks of life. Our purpose at ZENITH is to serve and provide the best injury relief & wellness care to our patients in order to achieve better overall health and wellness. Our staff is committed to educating and training patients to a healthier way of life. We want our patients to feel loved, respected, and confident in our care. Read more>>

Cathy Williamson | Mid-life blogger and influencer of The Middle Page

The success of my brand has happened because I am who I am. I don’t pretend to be someone I’m not. I always want to be authentic and let women know what’s going on in my life. My goal in starting my blog was to be an inspiration for women over “a certain” age and to help women who are going through breast cancer. Read more>>

Jennifer LeBlanc | Realtor

I go above and beyond for my clients to make sure they have a positive home buying/selling experience. Client loyalty is hard to win and easy to lose. I work my business based on referrals so keeping my clients happy is a must. This is a relational business and I try to add as much value as I can. Read more>>

Whitney Jackson | Fashion Stylist & Reseller

I strongly believe TRUST from my customers, and within myself has been the most important factor behind the success of 1st_Class_Styles. I’m transparent about our brand policies and processes, the clothes we sale, and myself as the owner. I don’t sale anything I wouldn’t wear. Also, I never want a customer to feel they were robbed by purchasing from us. With that being said, customer service and quality items are top tier. Read more>>