We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Christina Custodio | Author and Speaker

I’ve been creative for as long as I can remember, though I didn’t always recognize my abilities within the creative realm. When I think back, I was often entertaining friends by making up songs about our day, teachers, or just situations we were in, to the tune of well-known music. English essays were enjoyable and simple. Putting words together always came easy to me. It never occurred to me that wasn’t something everyone could do. Read more>>

Mecoiya Jones | Author, Creative Visionary & Business Owner

I’ve always felt that your passion is the very thing you do that makes you effortlessly happy. For me, creating things has always been that thing. No matter if I’m crafting or writing,I find myself being happy in that space, so in a sense I couldn’t escape a creative career. When I decided to do what made me happy, my passion was right there. Read more>>

Demone | Printmaker, Graphic Designer, Creative

I kept seeing family members around me hate their jobs, so as a kid it was already in my head. I want to do something that actually makes me happy and being creative gave me just that. Being able to create freely is truly a beautiful thing. Read more>>

Lexus Christión | Model, Writer/Poet, & Fine Artist

I believe an artistic approach to discovering the world opens your eyes to the beautifully impossible. Even upon girlhood, modeling proved to be a vehicle for expressing complex human emotion. It boosts emotional morale because posing behind a camera, making video content, and donning a face of makeup creates an extension of one’s true desires. Read more>>

Arezoo Kojoori | Chief Floral Designer | Fiore x 7 Flower Bar

Meet Arezoo – Fiore x 7 Flower Bar Chief Floral Designer. She has been a creative sensation since childhood. Attended the Art Institute of Chicago and later obtained a Master’s Degree in Fine.Arts and Fashion Design. Shortly thereafter she pursued her passion for design in the fashion industry as a senior design director for a global Fortune 500 company. Read more>>

Barron Johnson | Graphic Designer

I decided on a creative career because the world has become very black and white and artists, of all kinds, are here to bring color into the world. Where the lives that a lot of people lead tend to be very serious and rigid, creatives bring an element of excitement and freedom from norms. Through my art, I try to bring positive energy to all of those who need a bit of light in dark times and a reflection of the good in the world. Read more>>