We asked experts from a broad range of industries to open up to us about things they know about their industry but that we probably don’t and we’ve shared some of those responses below.

Brittanie McGee | Professional Dog Trainer

People usually think that you become a dog trainer because you love working with dogs… Now while that is definitely true, what people don’t realize is that in order to really be successful at this career, you have to be good with people – the dog owners. If you aren’t able to be empathetic, patient, and adaptable to each person’s situation, you’ll struggle because a dog is only as good as its owner. So as a dog trainer, you have to be a good teacher, both with the dog and the human, and I think that’s something people aren’t aware of when deciding to get into this industry. Read more>>

Andy Cheshire | Restaurant & Catering Owner

I don’t think people fully understand the time and care that goes into preparing really good food. In BBQ, there are often times that we sell out of some or most of our proteins, and folks get really irritated by that. They don’t appreciate that most of our meats are prepped the day before, and cooked for anywhere from 4-14 hours. We can’t just throw on a brisket for a quick 12 hours when we’re sold out. In our catering world, we do events for hundreds of people at a time, and we receive comments about how it’s surprising that the food costs more than the venue rental. It’s completely backwards. Read more>>

Kate Stark, PhD | Licensed Psychologist, Founder and Owner of PEACE Psychology Center

There are several things about the mental health industry that some outsiders may be unaware of. Many still hold a prejudice against seeking services for emotional, behavioral, or relationship concerns, when in actuality, we can all go through periods of adjustment and could very likely benefit from even short-term therapy. Having a mental health diagnosis or neurodevelopmental disorder shouldn’t carry stigma, whether from outsiders or from the person themselves, such as connecting this diagnosis with a flaw in their identity or suggesting it may degrade their value as a person, as this simply isn’t true. I think the stigma is slowly changing, but it is still there. Read more>>

Dr. Linda Amerson, PhD, IIT, TECT,BCHHP | Scalp Doctor & Holistic Health Practitioner

The one thing about my industry specialty, that outsiders are probably unaware of is the indept level of research about hair science and more required to receive a certification as a Board Certified Trichologist. Read more>>

Tamara La Salle Allen | Humanitarian

So many confuse detoxes or cleanses with weight loss products. With this misinformation some physically fit or smaller individuals may assume a cleanse or detox isn’t needed because they don’t have any weight problem. I’m trying my absolute best to let the world know cleanses and detoxes are WASTE loss products not weight loss. Read more>>

Kwasi Frempong | Owner of KAF Designs

I’d have to say that within the graphic design industry, non-graphic designers have no idea how much hard work goes into the most seemingly simple designs. In the early stages of doing graphic design, I would look at certain magazines and logos and wonder why they were getting so much for something I could replicate so easily. It wasn’t until I realized that replicating things is easy, innovating is not. Innovation requires building something that is both new and useful, and that is one major thing that is lost on so many people outside of the realm of graphic design. Read more>>