We asked some brilliant folks from the community to talk to us about how they think about risk and the role risk has play in their lives and careers.

Kevin Huckabee | Creator

As far as risk goes, especially concerning where I come from and where I want to be, I have nothing to lose. Someone once told me that some people are born into lower financial and less resource friendly circumstances which basically equates to getting such a late start there’s no way to catch up to those afforded opportunity at their fingertips unless every risk is taken. Mentality has been key for me and, to be honest, I’ve never really questioned my drive. That helps in risk taking; financially, time/resource management and overall decision making. I see every effort toward making films, telling stories and gathering people for insightful entertainment and connection as an investment. Rewards are lost by not taking gains. You don’t grow. Read more>>

Kelvona Lincoln | Cake Artist

Taking risk has helped me out tremendously. Teaching classes was a really big risk because I am an introvert. It helped me to expand my business and to connect with people outside of my comfort zone. Read more>>

Rocky Garza | Identity Coach, Speaker & Author

So I find that I have a pretty unique relationship to risk. And the reason I say that is because, for me, risk has never felt dangerous. Risk has never been associated with failing or even with the opportunity to be perceived as wrong. Not let me be very clear, I am by no means saying that I’m a superhero or that I have it all figured out, I’m simply saying that I think I have given myself the opportunity to see risk in a way that is not about losing something but it’s about gaining something. You see I’ve done my best in the last 5 to 10 years to make decisions based on values, not failure. To make decisions based on the things that are the most important to me, my family, and our overarching goal. And so as I look back I think the risk is actually played a massive role in my life and my career because as I’ve continually made decisions to pivot, change, stick to my guns and even at times slow down, those have all been based on my values. Read more>>

Nikki Binion | Salon Owner, Educator, Author & Brand Content Curator

Risk taking is literally the driving force behind my life and career. Taking a gamble on myself and my abilities has opened up many doors and windows. More than you know we all take risk everyday . Whether it be me taking the risk that the public will be receptive of the content and efforts that I put out or everyday employees, taking the risk that when they go to their place of work they will still have a job to provide for themselves and their families. I choose to bet on me! My God given talents and acquired knowledge are things that I have learned to leverage and use to my benefit and the fact that it is nothing anyone can take from me is the icing on the top. I play a very intricate part in controlling my destiny. Read more>>

Jaudon Markyll | Photographer

Taking risks is like seizing opportunities, even when you don’t know where they’ll lead. Networking plays a big role in an artist’s path and in order to grow you have to able to reach out a little for your work to be seen. People you meet along this path can turnout to be a client, a collaborator, or even someone who just wants to support and help spread your work. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to show what you have to offer. Read more>>

Jose Quinones | Writer, Producer & Director

Being an engineer, I have a very analytical mind. Sometimes I think things through a little too much, but there is some definite risk assessment going on. Most times it is just a matter of honestly asking myself “What do I have to lose?” and realizing that there is little or nothing to lose. In creative matters, ego and fear get in the way of our freedom and it often feels like we could die just by putting our work out there but I have learned and re-learned it is never our job to judge our work. We could never see our work objectively, so why try? A better question to ask is “What do I have to gain?” and looking at all the possibilities of what could happen if I dare take this risk. Many times, that makes the jump a no-brainer. Read more>>

Whitney Bailey | Wedding Planner & Designer

I believe that risks are a huge part of any successful business owner. As a wedding planner, it’s my job to not only take risks but to react to them with grace. Read more>>

Deavon Moore | Retail Specialist

In the retail business I has always been a risk taker. You are competing with a multitude of stores who carry the same product. Sometimes you need to be first to market to make an impact. Read more>>

Wendy Pennington | Actress, Director & Screenwriter

Risk taking is a necessity, but it must be calculated with tons of preparation. I love prepping for everything creative from auditions and acting roles, directing films and commercials, live improv performances to improv classes. Then I take risks within that prep. Life is short. You gotta try and try with all your might. Read more>>

Jason Dyke | Founder

Throughout my life and career I have embraced risk. From starting multiple businesses to taking a road trip to kayak waterfalls in Mexico, I have sought out opportunities to learn, to grow and to seek adventures. While my background is engineering, I don’t see the world as black and white – I see every opportunity as a risk-reward ratio. Risk-taking means I may not have all the information I need and I can’t always see the future. That uncertainty can be unsettling but I get energy from taking calculated risks, solving problems and course correcting along the way, knowing that the outcome could be something greater than anything I have ever imagined. Sometimes, the outcome isn’t what I expected but in hindsight, who I am today and all that I have learned has come from my successes and my failures. Failing forward is where my learning has happened most. Read more>>

Rachael Burleson | Entrepreneur & Videographer

Managing risk takes up a substantial amount of time in my life. There is a sick uncertain feeling that you get used to that sits in the pit of your stomach and reminds you that your choices determine whether you eat. There are no rewards without risk in business, so learning how to calculate the odds of your decisions are crucial. Even the smallest risk is a step forward, every triumph and more importantly every failure. On the bright side, the overall confidence you gain from betting on yourself transforms you. You are almost surprised at how brave you can be and you look forward to the next big risk. Read more>>

Becca Gomez | Boutique Owner

I’ll start by saying I am 100% on board for taking risks in life. I fully believe in following your heart and doing what feels right, even if it’s risky. That being said, I also know that all major decisions in life need to be made with careful thought as well. I used to be someone who did not take many risks in life for fear of failure. As I grew into adulthood, I started realizing what things I’d be missing out on in life if I didn’t take risks. Since my early 20’s, I’ve made it a point to follow my heart, risky or not. And I can say that nothing detrimental has happened to me by doing so! When it came to starting my business, I decided I was either going to spend my life “thinking” about it and “waiting” for the right time, or I was just going to do it. So I did it! Read more>>

Martha Ware | Founder & Owner

I think of risk as a necessary step towards growth. If you don’t take risks, you can’t grow. If you don’t think out of the box, you can’t grow. If you don’t make changes, you can’t expect different results. I took a big risk coming to the US alone. I came on vacation by myself and an opportunity showed to work for a Brazilian company. I decided staying and got my first work visa. I left my life in Brazil behind me. It was a huge risk, it was a new life. We take risks all the time, every day, every minute. You choose though how big of a risk you are willing to take. My background has nothing to do with food. I’ve never even thought I’d work with food in my life, that has never been in the picture for me. I have a degree in education and one in marketing, many years of experience in advertising, video production, marketing strategy. I had an idea. I thought it was a really cool idea. Read more>>

Heather Levy | Artist

Risk taking has always been an important part of my journey as an artist. Experience and knowledge help create interesting and informed art. When I graduated from Emerson College the US was involved in yet another war and I could not tolerate it. I decided to move to Paris, France. I spent the summer trying to learn to speak French (!), sold all my belongings and bought a one way ticket to Paris. I remember sitting in the middle of Charles De Gaulle Airport thinking what have I done! I can’t even read the signs! I sat on that bench for a couple of hours. Then I told myself I can’t spend the rest of my life in this aeroport (as nice as it is) I had a reservation at a youth hostel for that first night so I had a mission to find it! Read more>>

Leonor Ali | Artist

I found that the more I become comfortable in art making, the more I long for something new and exciting. Taking risks comes with uncertainty and sometimes they don’t quite work out for me, but when they do, it feels like a mixture of excitement, motivation, confidence, and creativity is pumped all throughout me. Those moments are what makes painting, sculpting, or any kind of expressions through artforms so much more enjoyable to me. I think of risks as opportunities to show growth in my art. When I first started painting, I use to have this black and white way of thinking. I thought a painting, or a drawing was simply something that was beautifully rendered on a flat, rectangular surface. This past year I have been finding new ways of expressing my art in a way that feels authentically me. I think it’s a risk when you take away some outside factors and futile notions and expectations of art making. Read more>>