We reached out to some of our favorite entrepreneurs and asked them to think back and tell us about how they decided to start a business. Check out their responses below.

Dev Wulf

When we originally got together, it spurred from this idea of playing in a band again. We all had our own projects, but as friends, we really wanted to be apart of sound we could share together. Read more>>

Daniela Jacobsen | Cake Designer

As a Cake Designer and buttercream artist I love the creative process of what I do, create new designs and flavors and try new recipes, doing what you love is one of the most satisfying thing in the world. Read more>>

Rodriunna Simpson | Content Creator- Entrepreneur

Honestly, it started as a way out. What I mean by that is that I began to strongly dislike working a 9 to 5. I new something else had to take place in order for me to reach the success I wanted to reach. Read more>>

Daniel Hilbert | Small Business Owner

I started my bagel business during the height of the Covid pandemic – incorporating Dan’s Bagels as an LLC in April 2020. My corporate job at the time was in Event Marketing – developing & executing corporate brand events like sales meetings, product demonstrations, trade shows, etc. Read more>>

Ophelia Atte | Event Planner & Designer

I didn’t think of it as a business at first; it was more of a pastime that I enjoyed and would pursue in my leisure time. In 2009, my first project was to help a friend with her wedding place card. Read more>>

Jaime Chalk | Nurse Entrepreneur

I feel like I’ve had a fire in my belly for several years now. I have spent my career as a registered nurse working in emergency rooms, and while it’s certainly been an experience, it has taken a toll. Read more>>

Kevin Ruiz | Car Detailing Business Owner

I have always felt motivated to create something of my own. I have worked several jobs and I never felt any real motivation as an employee. I would always catch myself thinking about going out and making it on my own, and eventually I said yes to this idea. Read more>>

Sheena Balentine | Cake Baker and Decorator

When we decided to start Jan’s Heavenly Desserts , it was about creating a legacy. Everyone has worked for someone else whether it is in a office setting, retail store, or gas station. Read more>>


TO SAVE LIVES! In September 2010, several publicized suicides of LGBTQ youth reminded United States Air Force veteran and educator, Sharon Herrera, of a pain she was all too familiar with. Read more>>

Amber Fontnette | Bakery Owner

It was me combining the nicknames my Sister had given my kids. After she passed baking was the only way o could be active. She always encouraged me to bake,and I followed that. Read more>>

Nikita Wilburn | Registered Nurse, Certified Personal Trainer and Cancer Exercise Specialist

I think starting your own business is amazing! It provides so much freedom, but it is hard work and consistency that helps you build and maintain it. Read more>>

Teshae Fulbright | Boutique Owner & Real Estate Investor

My personal thought process behind starting a business was to create something that could not be taken away from me. You know like the infamous saying “You are the creator of your own destiny -Swami Vivekanand”. I owe it to myself to do all that i can to have control of my destiny. Read more>>

Faruq Abdul-Basir | Music Producer

I love music. I love creating. Being able to put the two together was always something I wanted to do, so I decided to do it. Read more>>

Jay Martin, CP, FAAOP | Clinical and Research Prosthetist

As a clinical prosthetist, I found that my patients (amputees) weren’t limited by the amputations as much as they were limited by the lack of technology available. Read more>>

Andrian OHara | Licensed Cosmetologist & Owner of OHara’s 50 Sos

I wanted to generate my own revenue, and be my own boss. After so many years of working at places I really didn’t want to I had to take the step of having faith and taking that step. Once I did that I knew was headed in the right direction. Read more>>

Evan Downey – Dallas Realtor® Downey | Evan Downey – Dallas Realtor®

Master of own destiny. This was not an option working a 9-5 job making most money for someone else, that is the business owner. Working for a company and addicted to the every 2 week “hit” of getting a paycheck began to lose it’s grip. Read more>>

Tika Cook | Founder of Tika Creations

I was fortunate enough to get a job right out of college. While I had that stable part time, I was still chasing after “more.” I didn’t quite know what the more was, but I knew my present was NOT my future. Read more>>

Dr. Andres D. Rischer | Mentor and Youth Consultant Leader

My thought process was long. The process was allowing my mind to remove the fears and doubts that I with pursuing a new opportunity for myself. I can go back as far as 2012 to reflect on moments where signs were given to me. Read more>>

Dalia Wagley | Licensed Esthetician or Sugarista

In starting my own business, I was strongly influenced by my father who was a business owner himself. From a young age I knew I wanted a life of entrepreneurship. Freedom over the 8-5 is something I longed for. Read more>>

Presleigh Parker | LBKoozie

I am a recent college graduate from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas (hence the name LBKoozie), and I created this business as a way to help support me financially as a full time college student. Read more>>

Jessica Solis | Photographer

I always knew photography was something I wanted to pursue, but it was never my intention to start my own business. I knew it was a possibility but wasn’t sure it would actually happen. Read more>>

Justin & Carissa Beaird | Entrepreneurs/Parents

I don’t think there was really a thought process, we had just had our twin girls, and I didn’t want Carissa to have to go back to work, so she helped me get small mowing gigs here and there. It was very much so a “spur of the moment”/“crap we gotta figure something out moment”! Read more>>

Jermaine Clarkson | Artist and CEO of A.A.G. RECORDS

Well I got tired of getting taking advantage of. People don’t wanna do you right and many don’t wanna put someone with potential on their platform, That people look up to so basically I started creating my own platform. Read more>>

Takiyah Lewis | Travel Agent & Itinerary Creator

When I started my business I wanted to help make traveling easier for people who wanted to enjoy travel, but didn’t know how to plan it. At first I started with itineraries because most people know where they want to go, but not necessarily what they want to do once they get there. Read more>>

Anthony Beven | Health Coach

I was diagnosed with HIV and cancer back-to-back in 2016-2017. After treatments, I detoxed my body through plant-based eating, high pH water, specialty supplements and detox therapies. Read more>>

Laci Pina | Sock Slayer

When my now 14 year old was trying to find healthy outlet tools after struggling heavily with suicidal attempts and ideation. Tye Dye was the first interest she showed in anything. As cliché as it sounds, I see as my reminder of what a “beautiful mess” things can be. Read more>>

Emilee Duran | Makeup artist

When it came to beginning my own business the main focus of it all was my desire of doing something that made me happy. I had moved up in positions at my job and still felt unsatisfied with myself. Read more>>

Brandon Portis | Adult Beverage Distibutor and Bartender

I started working in the restaurant field as a busser, then moved up to server when I turned 18. While serving I feel in love with the amount of money I was making but,, wasn’t totaling happy with working every weekend. Read more>>

Tammy Johnson | Business Owner

I wanted to have the ability to control my own schedule. I am a mom and a wife. I wanted to control when I was available to my family. Read more>>

Delmeshia Busby | CEO & Photographer

My thought process behind Buzz B photos was to create a brand that was affordable for everyone to capture special moments Read more>>

Leo Gonzalez | Social Media Manager & Photographer

I did not anticipate my photography to evolve into a business. Initially, there wasn’t a thought-out process to get my business going. All I did was take photos that piqued my interest before taking my photography business seriously. Read more>>