In our view, values and principles are the foundation upon which our lives, careers and relationships are built. So, we asked folks we admire to open up to us about the values and principles that matter most to them.

Mohammed Moosa | Loan Officer

Being a loan officer, what I value most is the best interest of my borrowers. I am in this business to build lasting relationships and to do what will benefit my client(s) not only short term, but also long term. Ultimately, the goal is to have them return to me or to refer me to others. Read more>>

Ray Anderson | Ray Ray’s Podcast

Speaking for all of us at Ray Ray’s Podcast I would say Integrity. We pride ourselves on always doing the right thing no matter the outcome, our word is our bond. Read more>>

Richard Blake | Master Trainer

Integrity. Sincerity. Joy. Those three are pretty up there. If you’re honest and deal with your business, customers, and employees with integrity, you remain above reproach, and your reputation for being an elite business will increase. If you are sincere with each and every individual you encounter, say an investor, a customer, an employee, and owner etc… They will develop trust and a solid foundation for your working relationship. This will increase client retention, referrals, and you will become a business people can count on. Thirdly, I know lots of business owners who “love” running a business but are miserable day in and day out. Misery is not an ingredient for success. If you do not find joy on a daily basis in what you do, and often this is connected to your vision for where you can go, then get out of it as fast as you can. Switch careers, go work for someone else who’s passionate, anything to tap into what running a business should bring you on a personal level. That thing is joy. On the good and the bad days, you’ve got to keep your head up. Read more>>

Ciceley & Cynthia Miles | Nail Tech | Hairstylist

The value/principle that matters most to us is credibility. This matters most to us because in the industry we’re in it’s hard to find a credible hairstylist or nail technician that isn’t trying to scam you out of your money or providing a service that isn’t worth what your paying. We want our clientele to know that we provide quality not only service wise but experience as well. Read more>>

Mandy Moore | Jewelry Maker

The value that matters most to me is keeping God first. I’ve learned that my success professionally depends on more than simply creating eye-catching bracelets. It means staying connected to God, and knowing that overworking myself is not what He wants from me. That does not mean that I cannot or will not work hard, it means that I am conscious of the fact that there is only so much planning and execution I can do my on my own. Beyond that, I trust God to handle the rest. Read more>>

Valencia McClure | Founder/CEO of The Artistry of Essential Oils and Certified Aromatherapist

For me, integrity is the most important value. Integrity means everything when you’re working directly with customers because they want to work with a brand and use products that they genuinely trust. I believe in a customer-first mentality. Everything that The Artistry of Essential Oils does is done with a customer-focused mindset and with a focus on providing that “wow” brand experience from the efficacy of the products, touch points with our company to receiving the products at their home. Read more>>

Cassandra Rowe, LPC-S | “The Boundaries Therapist”, Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor

The value or principle that matters most to me personally and professionally is healthy boundaries. I’m passionate about helping my clients implement healthy boundaries in their relationships. I believe most conflicts or misunderstandings can be traced back to a unhealthy boundary. Boundaries keep us safe. Boundaries identify what we are and are not responsible for; and boundaries identify for self and others what we will and will not allow in our relationships. Without healthy boundaries, our relationship become chaotic and physically and emotionally unsafe. I’ve discovered that most people have a very narrow understanding of boundaries. Many people believe boundaries cause separation in relationships. In fact the opposite is true: boundaries allow us to feel closer to others , but at the same time protecting ourselves ,because expectations are clearly defined when we practice healthy boundaries. Read more>>

Bianca Grant | E.BOSS™ – EDUbusiness Back Office Support Specialist

Integrity is the value that matters the most to me. I believe when a person exhibits integrity, they are trustworthy. Integrity and trust build relationships. Strong relationships allow people to grow and flourish in their personal life and business. Read more>>

Oladipo Oyediran | Artist & Teacher

Sharing, honest communication and hard work. These 3 principles are probably the most important principles that have guided me successfully through my career. Communication is very key to holding good, long lasting, healthy relationship. Hard work cannot be replaced. One can work smarter, but in all honesty they still have to work harder to really achieve a better class of success. But if you do what you love, you never work a day in your life. That’s an interesting twist. Last but certainly not least. Sharing. The world can make this mindset hard to practice. But where you can, and when you can, and howEVER you can – SHARE – Share the wealth, share the success. We owe success and wealth to those who help us attain it in any way. This is the very thinking at the core of my Company – SYLA. Read more>>

Missy Johnson | Missy Johnson and Sarah Ross – Co-Owners of Fitted

Transparency is our guiding principle when deciding what brands to sell. Prior to bringing in a new brand, we research the manufacturer’s supply chain from beginning to end. We want to know who makes the clothes, how they are made, and what impact those processes have on both people and planet. While there is no perfect manufacturer or brand, we want assurance that the people making the clothes that we sell are paid fair wages and work in a safe environment. We also look for brands that use high quality and sustainable materials in their clothes. We want our customers to feel confident that the brands we offer at Fitted all take steps to lower the carbon footprint!. Read more>>

Ashley Moran | Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Sign maker

Honesty is the most valued trait to me because clear communication is necessary for me to have a comfortable relationship with anyone. I can’t stand a liar because it plays with my reality, and wastes my time which feels unnecessary. I think only emotionally matured people can keep it on the surface and present hard information to someone else for the benefit of both parties. This answer made me want to sage my contacts list, however. Read more>>

Lisa Petty | Writer, Creative Marketer & Chair of the Bryan’s House Jubilee Society

A friend recently shared a quote from Muhammad Ali, and it really gets to the heart of why I feel so strongly about giving back. “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” We don’t call him the Greatest of All Time for nothin’!. Read more>>

Jayme Elizabeth | Writer and Host of She Speaks Life Podcast

My faith in God. Growing up I’m not sure I could articulate a response as I can now, but over the years I have developed a better understanding of what I value the most. My relationship with God holds great significance and is beneficial to how I live my every day. When I choose to put God first in life by immersing myself in His Word and prayer, I experience the overflow it produces of kindness, compassion, courage, hope, and peace. Holding my faith in highest regard, creates generosity with kindness and compassion towards others. In a world culture that is usually about self, my faith gives me the ability and desire to have an outward focus of who I can help and encourage. My faith creates in me a humility and compassion to see others as they really are; created by God in His image to do what He has called them into according to His plans and purpose.
Courage is another result I’ve experienced from my faith becoming stronger. Read more>>

Breeanna Banks | Founder & Creative

My Christian values matter the most because I want my behavior and heart to reflect the love of Jesus. Marketplace ministry has been the most authentic way to share the gospel. Our apparel has bibically inspired text, scripture references and graphics that spark a interest in the believer as well as the unbeliever. In my four years of business I found that it was easier to start a conversation about God over a t-shirt design regardless of someones denomination. As an example, during neighborhood market vending location a customer was walking by my booth when he stopped to tell me that the shirt Faith over Fear reminded him of Gods’ faithfulness in his strained relationship with his daughter. After, this conversation we prayed together for their relationship to be restored. Read more>>

Megan Minus | Visual Designer| Executive Producer & Director

Values are also internal and subjective, and mine have definitely change over time. One of my own core values is boldness, when it comes to my career, I would prefer to take risks rather than play it safe, under the right conditions.I also value patience even though I could always use more practice there. Patience truly is a virtue. This is especially so when waiting for the fruits of your labour, there is no overnight success, just consistency and time. Principles are quite different. Principles are fundamental truths that are permanent, unchanging, and universal in nature. One of my own guiding principles involves neutralizing negativity. If I do this on a daily basis, it is a natural law that there will be less negativity in my life. Read more>>

Jeremiah Solomon | Recording Artist & Producer

I’d say my most important principle is humility. I’ve found through experience that no matter the circumstance, there’s always time to be kind and humble. My line of work can get hectic and there’s a lot to juggle; but none of it would be possible without the love and kindness which has been shown to me by those who support my growth. I’m extremely blessed to have had this example set for me early on by my wonderful parents and other various role models. Read more>>

Antong Bruse Wane Lucky | President & Redemption Activist

The value of investing into others and Integrity. I believe real value for one’s self is created when you are not afraid to support, bring out and realize the value of others. Operating in pure integrity is the highest service one can administer to others. Read more>>

Suran Yoo | Founder, a Marketplace For Wigs and Hair Pieces.

One of the most important pillars for my business since its inception has been transparency. The wig industry is notorious for being secretive and therefore, it’s been at best misunderstood and perhaps at worst, exploitative. Silk or Lace has built a marketplace, the first of its kind, so that customers for the first time could compare prices from boutique brands, easily filter across pieces they’re looking for, and become educated on different types of wigs and hair pieces. Everything we do is to increase transparency because it’s what builds consumer trust and breaks down barriers to try buying a wig online for the first time. We talk about issues behind wearing wigs such as hair loss, such as racial biases, and such as gender roles. Being open about these experiences helps bring our marketplace to life and really define the “why” behind our business. Read more>>

Amy Ero | Marketing Strategist & Digital Consultant

I would say there are two Rule of 3’s that I use to keep my life on track, and my personal attitude in check. The first is there are 3 solutions to every problem – accept it, change it or leave it. If you can’t accept it, change it. If you can’t change it, leave it. Fairly simple, but I think so many people are afraid of change. They accept situations knowing they do not contribute to their success or happiness. When you realize change is an opportunity, the world opens with possibilities. The second Rule of 3 is the 3 R’s of life: Respect for Yourself. Respect for Others. Responsibility for All your Actions. To me, the 3 R’s represent the best attitude one should have to strive for happiness. How someone behaves towards you is his/her karma, how you react is your own. So, by living the 3 R’s, I am giving myself the power to live my happiest life and giving myself the grace to admit mistakes, but treat others with the respect I give myself. Read more>>

Jeff & Lesley McGinnis | General Contractor and Designer

Integrity. J & L Dwellings always strives to provide a finished renovation that delivers beyond what a homeowner expected. We renovate to stand the test of time in structure, design and in function based on how homeowners live today. When working with our clients, we listen to their needs and desires and always advise when needed towards the best outcome. We never compromise on the level of craftsmanship or materials, are transparent in the costs of the renovation, and keep the homeowner informed throughout the process of the renovation in both costs and next steps of the renovation. Read more>>

Ryann Showmaker | Yoga Instructor & Beekeeper

Honesty is my core value. Honesty is not only engrained in the way I run my business, but also how I lead my personal life as well. It truly needs to be present in every aspect of a person’s life for them to be ultimately happy. This is especially important as it relates to being honest with one’s self – in the ways you feel about your day to day life and career to confronting problems that might be bothering you. If you listen to your body and mind, you give yourself the ability to work through and move past traumas instead of letting them fester and become an even greater ordeal. Read more>>

Vallori Thomas | Master Life Coach & Professional Development Expert / Forbes Coaches Council / Founder, Institute at WOW Coaching & Consulting

Mindset is everything! It begins with possibility thinking (PT), a mindset that engages in the exploration of possibility. Little to no creativity can occur without possibility thinking. “PT” forces you to ask solution-oriented questions and requires you to form your own creative responses which leads to a sense of self-determination. Self-determination is essential for taking intentional actions and for being imaginative and innovative. It was this principle and thinking that moved me from a bottom existence to one of mattering and living a life of vitality and joy. Read more>>

Gina Scholl | Hair Artist/ Ministry Leader

The value that matters most to me is respect. I believe that respecting myself and respecting others around me is extremely important. I believe respect is one of the foundational values that leads to kindness, dignity, equality, and love. I think the world feeds on confusion, fear, hate and insecurities to distract us that we have all of the tools, values, and principals we need to live peacefully to respect ourselves and each other. Read more>>

Sarah Landreau | Artist

I would have to say rationality. It’s not very sexy, and maybe not the romantic answer we want to hear from an artist who trades in the imagination, but I think a grounding in reality is absolutely fundamental. It’s necessary even if (maybe especially if,) your focus is on the fantastical as mine often is. Perhaps for me, it’s exactly the damaging possibilities of my own openness -because who hasn’t heard stories of artists going off the deep end?- that necessitates being purposefully realistic and harshly honest with myself. As a child, if you’ve been lucky enough to have the kind of childhood that allows it, it is healthy to indulge every silly thought and imaginary friend. That’s how we learn about the world when we are too little to have access to it. But, at some point you have to let go of that inner world in favor of the real one. Read more>>

Liberty | Photographer & Model

I’ve always been a very helpful person; I love making people feel good. using my art to boost the confidence in others and help them see their work is one of the most important things I could do with my knowledge and talent. when I was younger, I had a hard time coming to terms with my physical appearance, as most girls do. but the more photos I took, the more comfortable I got with myself. my older sister were photographs, and one was a model, so they taught tips and tricks when it came to the art. this helped immensely in my growth within photography and learn how to best display myself in a photo. because of this experience in my best, I am easily able to relate to people going through the same thing. and now I have the opportunity to help them in their journey of self-love. Read more>>

Alexandra “Alex” Grimm | Yoga Instructor + Manager of Uptown Yoga

The principle, mantra or intention that I live by, is to be the very best person within me.  I focus on developing my awareness and to pay attention to the choices and actions I make in life.  I have short comings like everyone else, but I focus on being more compassionate and empathetic to try making my faults a learning opportunity. It is through these interactions and a positive attitude that I can create positive change. Recognizing my own self- worth and being able to establish boundaries of safety, is a an important part of my success. Acknowledging what I believe in and stand for, while always striving for my best is the key for positive growth . I know I am part of a larger community and I must do my part to create a better world. Read more>>

Moriya Rose | Poet, Author & Motivational Speaker

I whole heartedly believe that a person should be the best, most authentic version of themselves. It’s totally fine to care care about how people view you and to care about what people think but not to the point that it cripples you or causes some kind of debilitating anxiety. Authenticity is a major component of an individual’s character. It’s key to the foundation of any relationship, business or otherwise and I don’t know that you can have a healthy functioning relationship without it. Especially if you’re trying to be something or someone you’re not based on someone else’s definition what you should be. Read more>>

Michael Van | Visual Artist

The value that matters most to me as an artist is self-honesty – authenticity. I believe that the best art is genuinely introspective, unencumbered by preconceptions and rules. There is so much raw beauty in the human mind already. Drawing water from that well, without contaminating it, is the exhaustive and endless exercise of an artist. Read more>>

Danielle Cornett | Shapes Fitness Gym Owner, Trainer and Strength Instructor

Kindness and Giving. I truly believe if you lead with kindness and a giving heart there is no room for negativity in your environment. Read more>>

Hannah Overton | Founder, Syndeo Ministries

Love. As a Christian, I believe genuine love towards those God brings in our path, is one of the most important aspects of our ministry. People’s most basic need is love. And everyone wants to feel loved. Read more>>

Clavel Rotolo | Homeopathic Practitioner Student and Midwife

I truly value caring for others respectfully and selflessly. There are a variety of ways we care for others and not one person receives it the same. I feel when I am caring for anyone, my family or a stranger, that I will give 100% of myself to help you. There is not one situation that would exclude someone from receiving complete selfless respectful care. When people are coming to you for help with their health that is not a situation that should be taken lightly or arrogantly. I have devoted my life to training and equipping myself to help others feel their very best, so why would withholding be apart of that process in anyway. I value authenticity and generosity as would anyone receiving and seeking out care. Superiority is never welcome when we are in the business of serving people. Read more>>