We asked some of the happiest folks we know to tell us their secret.

Savannah Myles | Digital Content Creator

I’m the most happy in my life when I’m able to have creative freedom of expression and help others at the same time. Society often tries to put us into a boxes and in the past I’ve followed the pathway others mapped out for me. I quickly learned that I was never meant to fit into any box. We’re all unique individuals with different passions and backgrounds, so none of our pathways are going to look the same. It brings me pure joy to help others solve an issue or simply make their day! Any environment that allows me to authentically be myself and have a positive impact on others makes me happy. Read more>>

Link Kabadyundi | Photographer & Media Company Founder

Seeing my communities thrive is what makes me the most happy. That is a loaded statement but first off, I acknowledge that I am a part of the communities surrounding me therefore I must thrive alongside my environment. I have a passion for seeing people walk in their purpose and help the next person rise up as well. I also see consider myself as the voice of the unheard; I create those opportunities. I could attribute that to my ability to understand others, relate, and love, which makes me want to see people win. I often think about how a situation, whether or not favorable, can turn into a better one. People have so much potential and the world has so many ways to be bettered. I like the quote “the work is never done” so I’m happy and joyful anytime I contribute in people’s ascension journey and my own, too. Read more>>

Robyn Jorde | Painter

I am never happier than when I am working. Producing my artwork involves both close observation and exploration, and each is rewarding in its own way. The act of observing is centering and meditative. It makes me feel connected to my surroundings, and that I’m giving them the attention they deserve. It’s fully absorbing, and that is a great way to be happy. The exploration part starts afterwards. It is playful, exciting, and intuitive – just plain fun. Together, these two phases result in a piece of art that is an original interpretation grounded in faithful representation. Read more>>

Kelly Ryan | Cannabis Consultant and Yoga Instructor

What makes me happy is being able to do the things I love with people I love and care about, including a community. Read more>>

Gabriel Hernandez | Fashion Photographer

What makes me happy is living my life the way I want to live it without any hold backs. Without anyone telling me what I should or shouldn’t be doing. The reason this makes me happy is because there really isn’t a “correct” way of living, I am simply going through life doing the things I love. I follow my heart’s desire of being free and spontaneous. The feeling of being free gives me an unexplainable rush. Read more>>

Blake B | CoCEO FeltGoodMusicLLC, Dallas Musical Artists/Rapper , Filmmaker/Music Video Director

It took me about three years to find my happiness again. After I lost my son in the summer of 2018, you couldn’t pay me to fake happiness! Depression is real, and depression in the black community is in my perspective ten times harder. I’m not complaining but being a man is hard. Between balancing kids, career and to some marriage. It makes this journey hard as it is. I think the only things that brought back my happiness were the birth of my daughter Brielle , my day 1s never leaving me and therapy, having ,y daughter is obvious and my day 1s are my family. They were there even in my struggles. I didn’t do regular therapy, I did my own that only can work for me. I called it Music Therapy. Read more>>