After talking to thousands of entrepreneurs, artists, creatives, and leaders in various spheres, we’ve seen how for so many folks how their life turned out was profoundly affected by their parents and their parenting style.  So, we’ve asked the community to open up to us about the kind of parents they had and how they feel it impacts them and their lives.

Beverly Brown | Certified Personal Fitness Trainer & Health Coach

Our household was based on Christian Principles and the standards which my parents lived by modeled Christianity. As children, my siblings and I developed our views of God from God’s images reflected in our parents. They made it easy for us to understand the importance of a lifestyle of integrity. Dad often told us “Your word is worth more than your money”. I credit my parents for creating an environment of self discipline and integrity. Growing up, the one thing I remember the most is how diligent Dad worked. He worked as a Diesel Mechanic until health forced his retirement. He was never late to work nor do I ever recall ever hearing him complain about work or the work he did. If overtime was offered, he was there. Read more>>

Dr. Kael Moulton | Owner | Moulton Chiropractic

I grew up with two of the hardest working, and most loving parents a child could ask for. My mother was a teacher and is still active on the school board. My father was a self-employed plumber that always taught me the importance of going above and beyond for the customer. I learned a lot from my parents which have shown in my practice. I grew up in a small town in Nebraska. My father taught me how you treat a customer, how you respect them, their property, and how doing the little things when no one else wants to builds a loyal customer base. We try to help our patients in every way we can, and it’s because of my parents that it is part of our practice DNA. Read more>>

Sergio Santos | Artist, Director of Development for Central Arts, The Little Monster Project Creator, Midcities Artists Core Member

To this day, my parents don’t really understand what I do for a living. I was probably a very confusing child to them. Despite them not understanding what makes me tick, to this day, they are extremely supportive of everything I do. They wanted, and still want me to be, the happiest I can be. I still feel fire when I create, or take on a new project. That fire wouldn’t be there if my parents weren’t as supportive as they chose to be. I am eternally grateful to them for taking this approach with me. It is an approach to something that I will pass on to my children. Read more>>