A host of factors, developments, and dynamics have made most industries more competitive than ever.  As a result so many of us wonder whether there is still such a thing as work-life balance. We reached out to the community to hear perspectives on finding the right balance.

Abbie Hillis | Marketing and Event Planner & Founder

Work-life balance is always changing for me. When I first started both of my companies, I would always say yes to every opportunity and overwork myself. I didn’t have a child when I started so I had more freedom with my schedule to dive right into the businesses. Since 2018, work-life balance looks very different, especially since we have had to quarantine due to COVID-19. I know that I cannot show up as the best version of myself for my clients if I don’t take care of myself. I have to have a full cup. I manage that by spending extra time planning out my weeks to make sure I don’t over-exert myself. Sometimes that means saying no, and I have learned that no is okay. So many people see the answer no as an end all be all. But I see it much more temporary. It is just a no for now. By setting boundaries, planning, and making sure I am taking care of my personal health, I have found a much better work-life balance. Read more>>

Rachael Daniel | Founder & Owner

My dive into entrepreneurship has challenged me to consider how I structure and balance my life. As an entrepreneur, I think work will always be a part of your life and vice versa, and I am not so sure that is something I need to change. I started working on my business plan to launch Hustle Studios when I was six months postpartum and the heavy lift of getting the studio off the ground has happened while pregnant with my second child and a full-time mom with my toddler. I was first faced with the work-life balance question when I began my working life in healthcare IT. The industry being what it is required a level of commitment that constantly brought up these culture conversations with management about work-life balance. At the time, I was young, single, and my career helped provide me with a sense of purpose. Read more>>

Maya Piata | Singer-Songwriter & Black Female Artist

Pretty drastically. Even in the pandemic, I’m striving and struggling to find that new balance- hey, if i get sponsored I wouldn’t be mad:) Balance is a pull/throw, give/receive, almost constant and revolving motion like dance. We’ve all had to adjust to a new lifestyle, adapt to a new form of normal – we’re all aware of the restrictions and requirements, But before the pandemic, I was adjusting to life as a full time artist fresh out of corporate world and business school which was huge. Another way was transitioning into a whole independent adult which comes with maintenance, constant income, paying rent and bills, cleanliness, maintaining a social life and your personal circles, we can get into how the spiritual life can impact our daily and overall balance. There are so many factors that can act like spinning plates on poles that we’re trying to keep up, they may be like falling raindrops that build until your paddling and that inner strength to adjust to the changing circumstances ~ that is where balance lives. Read more>>

Calee Wilson | Abstract Impressionist Artist

This has definitely been the biggest struggle in my career and one that I am still trying to figure out as life changes! I have two littles at the moment, and “moming” plus being an artist is a lot! I try to think about what I won’t regret…. I won’t regret painting a huge abstract for a client! I won’t regret rocking my kids for naps and at bedtime. I won’t regret (fill in the blank) if I won’t regret doing it, then I go for it! I love being able to do what I love, with the people I love. So as much as I can I integrate my art business with my daily life and relationships I do it! This looks like hosting paint parties for friends, or their companies. Letting my kids into the studio for a couple hours to paint with me, or teaching them a new skill. My husband is my biggest fan and hardest critic and I love him for it! Read more>>