Happiness is everything.  Where there is happiness, everything else is possible and so we asked the community to tell us what makes them happy.

Laura Hernandez | Mama Coach

My greatest joy is to help mamas bring peace to their homes. When a mother comes to me and her first words are “I feel like I am drowning” and I am able to help her not only survive but also begin to enjoy her life and enjoy her family. They go from being overwhelmed by housework, the laundry, and feeding all of their people to having a plan where they can get all the things done AND have their family working together as a team. It truly is so life-giving. Read more>>

Ally Molyneaux | Chef, Cook, Food Enthusiast & Teacher

Food makes me happy. In so many parts of my life, food has always played a huge role. Some of my fondest memories through my childhood, and of family members who are no longer with us, are of us sitting around a table eating simply delicious food. Not usually fancy, very often the most comforting of family recipes passed down through the generations. Lots of laughter and love, time spent discussing menus, sourcing the absolute freshest ingredients )growing them if possible), time spent cooking together, and then finally the feasting. Just so much happiness! I started my little business baking here in Fort Worth just last year. I made things I love to eat, sourced the most local ingredients possible, and sold them in compostable packaging. It is vital to me that my business is ethically and environmentally minded, as well as spreading love and joy to those who eat things. Read more>>

Randy Williams | Entrepreneur, Brand Ambassador & Author

Creating, forming an idea in my head and doing whatever it takes to bring it to life. I don’t think there’s a greater purpose in life, it’s exactly what we’re here to do. To create means to add to the world, to society, to leave your mark and to let the people who come after you know you were here. It makes me happy because I don’t know of a better way to show the universe you appreciate being here, having the human experience. It’s the biggest form of appreciation. Read more>>