We asked folks about legacy and what they want people to remember about them.  We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Amber Natasha Krisher | Banker, Model, Entrepreneur

I want people to remember my tenacity. I want to show that you can have anything you desire if you choose, to work hard enough. I grew up with nothing but big dreams and being fearless in my pursuits. Read more>>

Meagan Ortiz | Bridal beauty/ stylist

I would want my legacy to be, that you can make something out of nothing.It doesn’t necessarily mean you will be a billionaire. But you will make it in your own way. God did that for me, time and time again. I want people to know that we all have a purpose here on earth. We have a choice If we’re going to fulfill that purpose or let circumstances take it from us. We don’t have to force what’s for us. I want people to always know that I put God first. Read more>>

Kris Balekian Hayes | Board Certified Family Law Attorney

That I was always honest to a fault, integrity is huge to me. I want to be known for someone that was always honest. I was honest with my peers, my clients, my family and my friends. So often, lawyers have a terrible reputation and family law lawyers specifically. I take pride in being honest with my clients despite how it may affect the bottom line. I want my clients to know that my team is on their side and we will give our honest opinions and advice. We will work with them every step of the way to make sure that they understand the choices they are making and feel empowered to make them confidently. Read more>>

Teri Jade Jenkins | Founder and President of The Mind Field

I want my legacy to be that of thoughtfulness and commitment to others. My life’s mission to positively impact a person’s life. If I have done that in any fashion, my mission has been fulfilled. I want people to remember my witty sense of humor but most importantly my willingness to help others in a time of need. Read more>>

Crystal Fielder | Motivational Speaker

I want my legacy to be one where even in death my life’s story and influence is still able to help change lives. I want to be remembered as a someone who impacted peoples lives for the better, with everyone realizing life is worth living and happiness is attainable. My legacy is important because it not only represents how I was raised and what I’ve been through, but it also represents my faith and if I lived a life that my family can burgeon under. Read more>>

Belinda Mays | Author, Speaker, Woman in Tech

I want my legacy to be my published and spoken words. My goal as an author is to promote literacy and positive family images and I am intentional about the stories that I write and the illustrations that are used to portray my message. Sometimes I joke with my husband and say, “I want to be the Tyler Perry of books”. Tyler has a plethora of movies and stage plays under his belt and I am striving for that quantity in books. Currently, I am working on publishing a book a year for the next 10 years. Like Tyler my foundation is also routed in my belief in God and desire to promote and reflect the black community. Read more>>

Jesika La Rusch | Licensed Massage Therapist

Dreamer, Ambition, Expectation, Hope, Humility; all words of the english language that I aspire to be remembered for everyday. My hope is my strength, it has fueled my ambition for something more in this life. Finding comfort in hope has allowed me to face uncertain times with posie but most importantly hope has paved the way for my dreams. A little hope and a lot of courage is all you need to make your dreams a reality. I want to give people hope for a better, healthier, pain free life. Through any situation I have encountered hope has been my light and my focus. The expectations I have for my life drive me to push everyday to live the life I know I was meant to lead. Read more>>