Many books on startups and business talk about how there are right and wrong reasons for starting a business. So, we asked a handful of successful founders about their reasons and the thought-process behind starting their business.

Sa’Marcus Palmer | Owner and Head Chef

There were a couple of things that ran through my mind constantly as I thought about how and why I wanted to start my own business. Honestly as cliché as it sounds, I knew I had to do something I loved, that I would never get tired of and would always keep my interest. At that point in my life I already knew I had a deep passion for cooking and after working so hard for other restaurants and companies around Dallas I definitely knew I could do it for myself. I just had to come up with something I would love to cook anytime and mix it with something else that I really enjoy and I’ve always loved watching Anime. Read more>>

Swain McCaughrin | Designer, MISASSEMBLED

Starting a business was never something I thought about doing until I realized that I needed a way to share my work. Making art without an audience is unsatisfying, and MISASSEMBLED is a way for me to share what I am doing. It allows me to connect with other people and hopefully brings something pleasing to others. Read more>>

Collette Berenguer | Artist + Designer

I’ve had the entrepreneurial itch for many years now. I’ve always been a designer, even from a young age. I studied fashion design in college and was fortunate to intern at some great small and large companies, and ultimately ended up as a handbag designer at Fossil for many years. What a great experience! I realized though that corporate is not for me. I then dreamed of starting my own fashion design business. I wanted to create something different, that hasn’t existed before. I love fashion design and art, and I tried to find a way to merge the two. Read more>>

Annie Ortega | Portrait Photographer

I wanted to be able to say “I love what I do”. It took a couple of twists and turns and a serious confident boost but I’m thankful for where I’m at now. Read more>>

Dr. LaSheyla Jones | Urban Planner and Developer

Everyone’s purpose is connected to people in some capacity. I believe it is our Godly duty to help others. I desired to have influence in both physical design and policy because I felt and understood that many underserved residents could and would benefit most with an environment that was positive and socially organized. I also understood the importance of policies that serve and protect residents and their properties within the community as a whole. The focus of my business is to develop flourishing neighborhoods that also provide support for communal parties. Read more>>

Tarvia Bills-Hardison | CEO/Service Provider

My thought process was simple I was homeless and broke! I was new city with limited resources and embarrassed to let family and friends know what was going on with me. I moved to the city running from a terrible situation. Upon arriving to the city I began to work odd jobs from CNA, HOUSEKEEPING and WAITRESSING. I lost my apartment and found myself without a roof over my head and I refuse to go to backwards. I stayed with different friends and in a hotel. I started waitress and I got my very first client from this. Read more>>

Kineatra Jones | Lifestyle/Fashion Influencer

I’ve always loved to write and have journaled since I’ve was about 6 years old. At the time of starting my blog/brand I was unemployed and the only bringing me happiness, at the time, was doing my hair and writing. So, I created my website and started writing about how I grew my natural hair out from damaged relaxed ends, with the hopes to encourage others. Read more>>

Viren Shah | VP_Realty_Services

I have a natural knack towards this field. I understand the deals, profits and transactions naturally. I also have excellent people skills which encourages many clients to work with me. Read more>>

Sammi Bivens | CEO and Founder

Creating my own opportunity. I originally began my entrepreneurship journey in 2011 due to not being able to get a job in my field after graduating from college. Since there were no opportunities, I figured my business would show companies that I had the skills it took to be a marketer. My first business was Tainted Rose and I sold women’s jewelry and accessories. In 2019, I transitioned into helping other women start their businesses. I had been considering it for a while, but then one person, in particular, would not stop asking me to help her, so I decided to give it a shot and I enjoyed it so much, I decided to put my full focus on helping other’s create their own opportunities. Read more>>

Danisha Egans | Entrepreneur & Adult Educator

I wanted to start a business to create more opportunities not just for myself, but for others as well. It makes me happy to be able to have a business that supports others earning wages that they are proud of. Read more>>

Ronnda Causey | Personal Trainer & Franchise Owner: F45 Training Waterside Fort Worth & F45 Training Willow Park

There was not a defined thought process behind starting my own business. In fact, I started with the intent to strictly provide operational oversight as the owner of a franchise while continuing my full-time corporate career. However, as I started the journey by attending the required franchise induction, I developed an excitement that grew stronger every day. I knew in my heart I was starting something that was going to make a difference in people’s lives, and I could not wait! Read more>>

Sandae Cooke | Blogger and Content Creator

I actually did it out of necessity! I worked for a corporation previously who did a large restructure and they let about 1700 people go. I struggled to find another job for a while and then Covid came. I decided to turn my passion for fashion and social media into a business and the rest is history! Read more>>

Mely Saldivar | Nail Artist, Manicurist, and Nurse

Starting my own business was a very difficult decision for me to take, but also an easy one. Personally, I am not someone who likes to take big risks, and opening my own business was definitely a huge risk. However, this path also meant I would be pursuing my dreams, and work toward something that would bring me incredible joy. So after weighing my options, it just made sense to take that dive Read more>>

Arthur Pichon | Founder & CEO of Back to Life Vintage

I know I wanted to start a business in where I could provide the highest value to people but at first I wasn’t sure how. So I decided that if I wanted to start a business that I should look inside of myself specifically at my passions. I knew that if I was to start a business that it would have to be something I was deeply passionate about or otherwise it would feel like another regular job. At the time, I was always a big fan of vintage 80s & 90s fashion, which had led me to heavily collecting vintage clothing. Being so involved in collecting vintage clothing led me to notice how much growth in the market had taken place online whether on social media or YouTube. The lightbulb in my head lit up and I knew instantly that I wanted to specialize in providing unique and high quality vintage clothing to people and that is how Back to Life Vintage was born. Read more>>

Christine Hale | Owner, Soar Creative Studios

My business started in a non-traditional way as I have a full time job in the corporate world. When my aerial coach at the time was looking for a bigger space, I spoke to her about buying a building and leasing it back to her. When she eventually moved on, I had to make a decision about what my next steps would be. When I spoke with various artists that I knew about the space, they begged me not to close it down. After that, Soar was born. We serve not only aerial arts, but everything from musical instrument instruction, voice, dance, the list goes on. Read more>>

Renisha Franklin-Davis | Balloon Stylist

My thought process behind starting my own business was to create work that I enjoy doing everyday. Of course there’s the goal of financial independence, but I also want to wake up genuinely excited to get to work. Read more>>

Randa Westermann | Personal Stylist & Color Specialist

I felt like there was a need for my business. I believe that as wonderful as social media and online shopping is there is a negative side that often can affect a person’s self image. This negative self image can be caused by several things. For example, when a woman makes a purchase based on an influencer , a trend or because of a brand, often that clothing item may not work for that individual. The individual then feels frustrated and will often place blame on themselves. Read more>>

Arva Ahmed | Entrepreneur & Food Tour Guide

The food tours evolved from my food blog,, which I’d started when I returned to Dubai after studying and working in the US for 8.5 years. As I started documenting my food discoveries for the blog, I realized that there wasn’t enough that we were doing as a community to celebrate the small independent homegrown restaurants, many of them nestled away in Old Dubai with no budget for marketing. As someone who grew up in Old Dubai, I desperately wanted the Dubai food narrative to be more inclusive. Read more>>

Bermarie Winston | Owner/CEO

I began the business in 2020 under the name Hey There, Cupcake. I mostly operated as a “side hustle” because I had a 9-5 corporate job still. I saw my skills getting better and better and I was getting more customer inquiries than I could take on. But I was still too scared to quit my job and take my business full time. Fast forward to June 2021. After a couple of management changes in my corporate job, I was miserable and only working for the paycheck. I felt burned out and overworked and so I requested to cut back on hours. My supervisor told me it wouldn’t be possible and that I needed to consider what was more important – my job or my health. Read more>>

512Craves | Food Blogger

We are two sisters that decided to partner up last spring during COVID19 and create our own food Instagram @512craves. With COVID19 being a prominent thing in our lives, and most of our classes being online we decided to start posting old and new photos of some of our favorite restaurants that we have been to. What started out as a hobby and something fun turned into a full-time commitment. We watched our account quickly gain followers, and before we knew it, brands were reaching out to us in hopes of collaborating. Read more>>

Emily Brand | Business Owner & working mom

I was looking for a way to incorporate our kids into our business life. We found a real life way to teach them customer service, how to handle money and interact with the public in a positive way. Read more>>