Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Kimber Johansen Williams | Fort Worth Photographer

After graduating High School, I actually had no intentions of starting my own business. I registered for college and I KNEW I was on my way to climbing the corporate ladder and working corporate America for life. Ah, yes. I was a naïve one. After scoring what seemed to be an amazing job straight out of college, I learned that corporate life wasn’t for me. I realized that within the walls of my own office I felt trapped, stuck and ultimately a number on a payroll list that didn’t have much creative freedom to create my own role. I realized I needed to be outside, working face to face with people not over the phone, and that I need some serious color in my life. I grabbed a camera, and I went to work. I wanted a career that was not defined by an office space or the slacks I wore to work, but my efforts, my goals and my dedication. Read more>>

Taylor Berry | Mental/ Behavioral Health Provider

How can I make an Impact to various communities surrounding me? Im a Mental/ Behavioral Health provider, and I listen to these issues, and its very discouraging, what can I do to link & refer resources. Read more>>

James Watson | Owner

When we had a certain level of monetary success, the feeling of gratification we thought we would receive from that was contrary to what we imagined. I’ve always had a passion for fitness and through that wanted to give back to the community, change people’s lives for the better and leave a legacy for our children. Read more>>

Tiffany Domon | Make-up Artist

I started my business to build a legacy for my children and my children children. My long-term goal is not work for anyone else and to build my own empire. I believe you have to invest in yourself in order to grow and be successful. Read more>>

Amanda Kushner | Founder, Glitter & Spice

I grew up in Austin, then went away from college (in Upstate New York) before boomerang-ing back down to Austin after graduation. In the 4 years I was in school, Austin went from having a small-town feel to being an actual big city. As it grew, the food scene basically exploded. So, in 2012, I moved back to Austin after being away for 4 years and it felt like an entirely different city. I got my first apartment in downtown Austin, and I started rediscovering the city through food. As a creative outlet / just for fun, I set up an Instagram account and a blog and started taking [quite horrible] photos of my meals around Austin. Occasionally, I’d post other fun things to do or – very infrequently – my outfits. My style has always been more “classic” or preppy than trendy. I have a collection of cardigans to rival any grandpa’s and I just might love pearls more than Nancy Reagan. Read more>>

Gabby Lecca | Embroiderer and Artist

I started embroidering because of a drawing at an antique store (who doesn’t love exploring those rows and stacks of treasures?). I wanted to replicate these really cool letter designs to put in my room. I honestly don’t remember exactly why I choose the medium of a hoop, fabric, and embroidery floss, but here we are! Embroidering became a relaxing hobby during a hard time in college that just never ended. Suddenly, I had so many ideas for future projects, and I started making some hoops for my family. A few years later, I decided to turn my hobby into a side business. As of right now, my business is aimed to keep me doing something that I love and, hopefully, to bring people smiles when they see my artwork. Read more>>

Dj Twentyspinz | Dj/ Producer/ Business Owner

First is being able to do something I actually want to do. Building something that I could possibly pass to my kids and most importantly, not being limited to making a certain amount of money working for someone else. Read more>>

Jessica & Joseph Dougherty | Funky Finds Owners

I have always loved sharing things I love with others, so I began Funky Finds as a blog in 2006. This was before social media so we had a very large readership. We began offering paid advertising, then attending craft shows in Austin and Dallas and recapping on the blog afterwards. Many of the artists we became friends with encouraged us to host handmade events in Fort Worth. We decided to host our first all handmade craft show in the Spring of 2009 and, after seeing how many artists need a venue at which to sell, we continued the tradition the following Spring. Many expressed interest in a holiday show, so we added a November market in 2010. Read more>>

Llexi Wales | Licensed Skin Therapist & Humanitarian

I have a deep love for community and a desire to serve the needs of others through volunteer work. food drives, clothing donations, and recycling. For the longest time I questioned how to partner this with my beauty career. It was like a light went on one day. I realized I had time to help do my part to save earth and enjoy my passions while giving back. ‘Beauty Manifestations Spa’ was inspired by my desire to help others heal, better self care and see their beauty from within. While growing through learning to love my “new self” with Vitiligo after having my son, I realized that “through prayer, meditation, holistic living and self-care spa services” that I was able to find a sacred place of refuge for myself and wanted to offer that experience to others through esthetics. We could all use a moment of wellness to disconnect and heal those inner parts that reflect our outer glow. Read more>>

Ginger Taylor | Floral Cupcake Designer

I have always been a entrepreneur. I was a hairstylist for 22 years. Started baking 5 years ago and feel in love with it. I love being a business owner, because I get to plan my day. Work when I want, make as much money as I want. Read more>>

Patty B | Interior Designer

I decide to start Upsurge because I think everyone deserves a magazine quality room. But not every one can afford the price tag of hiring an interior designer. So I do not charge a percent fee, but instead a hourly fee. Then I upcycle, repurpose, paint, and create wall art, I also reuse what I can to completely change the layout and style of the space. I also will give them a guide if they want to dyi. I absolutely love the wow face of my client when walking into their refreshed space. Read more>>

Matthew Lommi | Fetii Co-Founder & Co-CEO

I believe the thought process behind starting my own business stems from my belief that myself and my partner, Justin Rath, have the determination and skillset to build and lead a team successfully. It was my desire to create a company that solved a big problem and could make a real difference in the world, and with Fetii we are doing exactly that. Read more>>

Toni O’Dell | Maker & Small Business Owner

I decided to start my own business because I was a stay at home mom with creativity running through my veins. I was fortunate enough to have the time (and patience) to learn various techniques and crafts and determine what I enjoyed most. I’ve always loved the hustle and grind of working and the thought of being my own boss while expanding my creative knowledge and skill was a dream come true. Read more>>

Jimmy Sweeney | Founder

We wanted to provide an experience and access to movies that weren’t easily accessible to Fort Worth! In starting The Grand Berry, our goal was to increase access to a lot of really great content, and provide an experience that the city needed. Read more>>

Robert Copeland | Farmer and Rancher

I’m trying to save the world, and Regenerative Farmers are superheroes. Corporate factory farming has ruined our food system over the past 40-50 years. Raising livestock in cages, and vegetables in a fog of toxic chemicals, along with lab manufactured GMO grains for animal and human consumption, has depleted the nutrition in our foods and made the animals and plants sickly. Factory farms (feed lots) make the animals unhealthy and they are treated with antibiotics overuse and growth hormones. The corporate farms that grow grains, vegetables and fruits use GMO’s and toxic chemical herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers to keep them alive. All of this may be profitable for the multinational corporations that own these big farms, but it is extremely harmful to the animals and the plants. Read more>>

Brandice Bell | CEO

I wanted to create a brand that I could be proud of. I thought long and hard about the different things I could start a business in but hair stood out the most! To be honest I prayed long and hard. After the praying I put numbers and a plan together. I devoted hours and hours to researching the market as well as what would separate my brand from the small brands as well as the larger ones. I recommend to anyone wanting to enter this industry to do your research and create a plan. I am still committed to making a difference and creating a wave in the hair industry. Read more>>

Jackie Swain | Owner of Hazie Sue Vintage

I have always been drawn to old things; antiques/vintage: I grew up with parents who would stop at every antique mall they passed. As a family, we would spend hours reading every detail about items, every plaque and reminder about days gone by. Back then, I thought it was just for fun. As I’ve gotten older, I realize these beautiful relics were the things that make up our world and the people in it. They all tell stories. Stories of hardships and victories. On another note, my parents loved a good garage sale and really valued their money. I grew up finding some amazing things that other people were getting rid of or considered trash. I found beauty in those items. It also put the thrill of the hunt in me! Fast forward to when I was turning 32 and about to have my second child. I had been a stay at home mom already for about 5 years. Previously working in the social work field and loving working with people. Read more>>

Ed Le Cara | Chiropractor, Athletic Trainer & Strength Coach

After graduate school, there were no jobs available in my sector. I had no choice but to open my own business. Little did I know how difficult it is! I can’t believe it but that was 21 years ago. Since then I have opened numerous businesses…some successful and some not so much. Now I could never imagine working for someone else because I really don’t take orders very well. Read more>>

Taylor Towles | Animal Lover & Handler

When COVID first hit, we heard about how Senior Living Homes and Nursing Homes weren’t accepting visitors anymore. We felt we had to do something for the elderly, who would be feeling secluded and lonely, while not being able to see their loved ones. At the time, we had llamas and horses. We saw a video of llamas in windows visiting people and that’s when the light bulb went off. We called around to a few local nursing homes and found one that would let us bring our llamas to their windows for the residents to see. It was super rewarding to see everyone’s faces light up! Like others when COVID first hit, we had some additional time on our hands as life slowed down for a bit. That is when started to adopt some animals as we had the land and time for it. My husband and I are huge animal lovers. We started with a donkey, then a bunny, then they just kept coming. Read more>>

Bronwyn Osburn | Mother, Partner & Financial Educator

I am a South African immigrant to the United States, moved here at a young age as I married a man from here. No one ever taught me growing up about concepts of How Money Works. I for sure didn’t get to learn it once I was in my marriage as I was not suppose to know what went on with our money except being in charge of buying groceries off of a list that was made for me, taking care of our two children and staying home. Well this impacted me a lot when I decided I deserved more! More for my children, more for myself worth and MORE FINANCIALLY! I soon realized I had no idea where to go for money advise…. google didn’t help as there were all kinds of opinions, banks only wanted me to get credit cards and it just seamed like a never ending black tunnel… until I ran into the financial services industry and blessed to have found WealthWave. Read more>>

James Huff Sr. | Health and Wellness Professional

I have been an athletic person since my youth so I have always had health at the forefront of my focus. When I was 14 years old my eldest brother past away from a heart attack due to Prader-Willi syndrome complications. The biggest part of the syndrome is that it affects the stomach’s signal that it is full that is sent to the brain. So my brother lived his whole life feeling like he was starving. After the trauma of that happening I dove into as much knowledge as I could find about health and fitness and promised I wouldn’t stop until I reached a point where I know I could have saved him. Now that I have reached that point I have dedicated my life’s work to helping people take back their lives through fitness and nutrition. Read more>>

Rhonda Green | Certified Wedding and Event Planner

I started my own business so that I could focus on my true passion, which is wedding and event planning. I planned events for 20 years on the side while I worked a corporate job, but took a leap of faith in 2018 to launch Color Me In Events. I enjoy helping couple create the wedding of their dreams, and putting together event design to celebrate special moments for my clients. The best part of working with my clients is seeing their joy with the end result. Getting to that goal is why I wanted to focus all my energy into my business instead of keeping it a side gig. Read more>>

Jenny Campbell | Social Media Influencer and Youtuber

It’s funny because I never thought I would do anything like this. I loved watching YouTube and followed several other influencers, and my husband said one day, “You could totally do that.” He really encouraged me to explore the idea and helped me to work out the details. I just love fashion and makeup, and I love connecting with people, so it was really natural and fun. I had no idea it would grow to what it has, and I’m so grateful for my husband’s encouragement and support! Otherwise I never would have started. Read more>>

Nikki Wethy | Co-Owner of Sugar Stax

It started out as a plan to make some extra money. I like to cook and bake for my friends. So we started to do some research about the Texas Cottage Law to determine what we could make and sell without needing any special licensing to get a quick start. Sherman has a farmers market, so we went one weekend to talk to the organizers. We started out with one main product. our caramel sauces and it has snowballed from there. 3 years later, here we are, still with the market, well over a dozen products, a commercial kitchen in the works, hundreds of followers on social media and people are loving the products we are selling and we are always in the kitchen testing other great stuff. Read more>>

Benjamin Leggitte | Certified Private Chef

The thought process was really details. I definitely had to make sure i had all my ducks lined up in a row lol .I have allways know the culinary side of the business but not the actual running the business side so i really educated myself on how to run and operate a successful private chef business by doing research and learning from other successful private chefs and business owners and a lot of reading. Read more>>

Michael Bell | Organic Vegetable Farmer

I’ve always loved to garden and grow veggies! While on YouTube one day I came across a guy who made a good full time living growing salad mix and a few other veggies in his neighbors backyard. As I watched all his videos the thought of doing something like this grew in my mind. I did a little research in the local Dallas area and realized there was a huge demand for fresh local organic vegetables. So putting all these things together basically got the ball rolling. Read more>>