We asked some brilliant folks from the community to talk to us about how they think about risk and the role risk has played in their lives and careers.

Vaijayanthi Iyengar | UX Leader | Technologist | Partner at North Texas Escape Rooms (NTER)

My approach toward risk is relatively pragmatic through a lens of probability and consequence. We tend to think of risks as this lose big vs. win big situation, but honestly, I consider taking a risk an intelligent gamble of opportunities. I always ask myself a few questions: How will this risk impact my life? Will it be a unique opportunity, and is there a future in which this opportunity will present itself again? Will this risk be the impetus I need to grow? Do I have the information I need to assess things properly? Read more>>

Melanie Gibson | Author, Podcaster, and Leadership Development Consultant

I’ve taken risks in both my corporate career and my personal interest as a writer and podcaster. When I was young and dumb and didn’t know what to do with my life, I discovered library science and pursued a master’s degree in it. I fell in love with medical libraries, vowing one day to work at UT Southwestern. I gained an internship at UT Southwestern and, after a year-long stint in the ExxonMobil headquarters’ business library, I landed what was at the time my dream job as a hospital librarian with Texas Health Resources. Read more>>

Jaylynn Shaw | Makeup and Hair Artist

Personally, risk taking has played a huge role in my life. Every choice you make, you have to think of the risks and benefits. If you don’t take that risk or step you will never know the outcome. I would rather know something did or didn’t work out rather than wonder if it could’ve work out. I have the same perspective on risk taking in my career without risks there will be no great success. I think in order to make progress and accomplish things is by taking that initial risk and continuing to do that. Read more>>

Ludovica Giusti | Singer Songwriter

I’ve come to a point where taking risks is actually the norm. My risk taking is my normal decision making for somebody else because, in my opinion, if I wouldn’t die or give my all to something than that’s not for me. Read more>>

Joe Paddock | Senior Broker | Owner of CPA Firm

I read something the other day, a tree was planted in a biodome, protected from the environment and given the perfect balance food, water and sunlight. The tree grew quickly and was very health. When the dome was taken out, the tree fell almost immediately. This was due to the lack of wind when under the dome. The tree never developed strong roots, because it was never under stress. Read more>>

Jennifer Kelly | Candle Connoisseur

I think about risks as opportunities to grow and expand to greater heights! Taking risks has played a significant role in not only my business but in overall my life. I remember when I used to be afraid of taking that first step as an entrepreneur. It was totally scary but I managed to face those fears and now I have not only a candle business but a whole brand! Taking risks has helped me in developing more confidence in myself and my business, The risks that I took pushed me in the direction where im living out my dreams and providing amazing valuable products to the world! I promise you it is possible, You have to just take that initial step into that thing you always wanted. Read more>>

Adrian Nicole | Business Strategy & Mindset

Risk taking has played a tremendous role in my life and career. I worked for 20+ years in leadership teaching training, and growing people and businesses. In 2019 when I first began thinking it was time for me to make a change I didn’t know exactly what I would do and how it would be received. What I did know is I had amassed high level skills and I was extremely good at strategy and helping people get the most out of what they were good at. A year prior to me leaving my corporate position in 2020 I recall standing in around a group of colleagues and thinking to myself it was time to make that pivot. Read more>>

Leslie Austin | Recording Artist, Songwriter, Model

Risk taking has played a HUGE roll in my life and career. I’ve always had the mindset that you have to be willing to take big risks in life if you want to live a big life. Anyone can stay in their comfort zone, do what society tells you is ‘normal’, live a status quo life, and just get by. That’s never been what I wanted for my life and not what I’ve been called to. My whole life story is very unconventional, and if I hadn’t been willing to take huge risks this whole time, I would’ve missed out on so many incredible opportunities, adventures, experiences, Read more>>

Ashlee Erickson | Video Producer, International Makeup Artist, Mother, Friend, Business Owner

Whether we know it or not, we take risks every day in our lives. Some just feel much bigger and scarier than others, Risk is a love-hate relationship at times for me…I know it’s needed to keep me on my toes and growing, but as a parent and head of household, it scares me. However, I would not be who I am at 48 years of age today without it, and a lot of it. Risk has taken me on journeys across the globe, stretched my capability as an artist, taught me about myself, and procured my greatest friendships. Without risk, I wouldn’t have seen the world, experienced cultures outside of my own, loved hard, cried hard, mentored others, raised a daughter, or followed my passions. Read more>>

Ebonie Mbeteni | Corporate and Leadership Trainer, Tourism and Hospitality Curator, Content Creator

Risk taking, a necessary evil. Risk are like thorns on a cactus that are there to protect that plant but if you are brave enough to get past the pricks and pain, the reward in the middle is worth the challenge. Taking risk is scary, intimidating, overwhelming, causes self-doubt and exhausting to say the least. When I dared to follow my dreams and launch First Class Africa (FCA), I fully understood there would be challenges, uncharted territories and many unforeseen issues that would arise. However, as I began my journey to fulfillment and success, Read more>>

NBNG Network | Founders: “N &N”, Owners and Creative Directors.

When We personally think about the word “Risk”, we think about “Challenge “ or “impossible” and most think of it as something you don’t want to try. Although most are scared to take risk, we like to take a chance and think outside the box. The best thing to remember is that in anything we do, “if at first you don’t succeed, pick up yourself and try again”. You can try something once or 10 times but as long as you never give up, you will succeed one day so believe in yourself as you put in the work. Read more>>

Tiffany Patton | Owner of Enerlight Candle Co. LLC

To be honest, none of the amazing things that I have endured would’ve happened without me taking risks. risks have allowed me to experience some of the jaw dropping encounters, it allowed me to find out things about myself that i had no idea even existed within. when you are brave enough to take risks in life and in business wonderful new opportunities begin to open up to you. even if you quote on quote fail after taking risks even in business it still a positive in the sense that it caused to obtain information. Read more>>

Brittany Henderson | Owner , CEO

Taking risk in my opinion is a path to self growth. My entire life has been surrounded by taking risk. I don’t look at taking risk as a negative term, instead an opportunity to grow and learn, and the ability to create something beautiful and maybe not yet seen or heard of yet. Life is full of cracked doors, and the risk is are you willing to step in or sit behind and wonder what’s on the other side? To me life is full of opportunities , the only way to fail is not trying in the first place. Read more>>

Anthony Sanchez | Actor/Model/Public Figure

Without risk, how can there be reward? 2 years ago, at the onset of the pandemic, I had a very cushy job in an office in downtown Fort Worth as an engineer. Before that, I was a door greeter at Walmart after being laid off from an oil and gas job I held for 5 years. In 2020, I realized that if I was going to go anywhere with modeling, acting, activism, entertainment, and all the other things I was doing on the side, I was going to have to give my passions my full attention. I quit my job and had the support of my coworkers as well as my friends and family. Because I took that risk, Read more>>

Taylor Goodloe | Licensed esthetician and nail tech

I believe that taking risks are necessary to do anything in life. I personally struggle with the fear of the unknown so when it’s time to make a decision natural anxieties come with it. If you don’t take a risk then you won’t be able to learn, grow, and make changes. Taking risks are necessary for success. In my career, the biggest risk I had to take was starting a business in the middle of a pandemic. I had to face the possibility of not making any money because of the economy and job loss, my business depended 100% on others, Read more>>

Sandy Russell | Bilingual Educator/philanthropist/mentor/advocate/nonprofit leader

It has been said that “life is all about taking risks. If you never take a risk, you will never achieve your dreams.” anonymous. A risk can be scary but at the same time it can give you an adrenaline rush of the unknown approaching. To take a risk is to make a change in your life. To take a risk is to make an impact on others. To take a risk is to challenge yourself to reach limits that are unimaginable to you. To take a risk is to believe, have faith and trust. My life journey has been filled with taking a risk, because taking a risk involves in making choices. Read more>>

April Jacobs | Entrepreneur, Salon Owner, and Professional Coach

Hello, North Texas, Saint Jo, and all of Montague County! My name is April Jacobs, and at the end of May 2021, my two little furbabies, George, Gina, and I, sold our house and moved to Saint Jo, TX, from Manhattan, KS. The most common question I have received is,” Why the heck did you move to Saint Jo?” The right place, right time, right people, and transition in my life are undoubtedly one of those divine, higher power kinds of things. Read more>>

Natalie Diaz | Slayla Images

Risk is a very complex and intense decision you make that could potentially destroy or positively impact your life. You cannot expect to be successful without the never ending cycle of taking risks. I have personally taken continuous financial risks by investing in top of the line equipment to offer the best quality to all of my clients and partners. Ultimately when I decide to take a risk, I don’t think of what could potentially happen if I fail, I think of the results and opportunities I could receive if I am successful. Read more>>

Jarrell Blacknell | Daiquiri shop

My risk taking started when i knew my current job would come to a end. I was working for Exxon-Mobil for 10 years, pretty much for nothing. At that moment I knew I would attempt to do my own thing. I was not going to let another job be in charge of my life, use me, then throw me to the side. Now keep in mind, I was making my own drinks a good 2 years before my job ended, so i always had my close friends telling me i needed to take it serious. Read more>>