The health crisis facing our nation and the world has had profound effects on small businesses, mom-and-pops, and independent artists, creatives and makers, but together we can all bounce back strong by learning from and supporting each other. Step one is asking people in the community to share how the crisis has affected their business.

Steph Bolton | Dallas Portrait Photographer, Videographer, and Speaker

Covid-19 created an opportunity for me to help others entrepreneurs with education. My plan has always been to offer online webinars, consultations, and digital material. It also helped me to help others out by teaching video editing tips or editing their footage. Covid-19 with social distancing made me unable to shoot events and portraits in the traditional sense. I miss the interactions with people, especially at events. So this was a big part of my business, however, it seems that I am still able to create awesome relationships online as well. Read more>>

Monica Elms | Posh Appeal Boutique Owner

Covid-19 has greatly affected everyone! Everyone’s family, work, relationships, friendships…you name it! As for Posh Appeal Boutique, it has been severely affected! Due to personal family health issues, I had to go strictly online in 2020. And although you would think most people buy online, which they do, they are actually “scrolling through” feed at this time. Not many people are actually buying ’boutique’ clothing. They’re more concerned about paying their mortgages. So I switched some and selling more ‘lounging wear’. I mean, I’m not running around my house in “cutesy, ruffled tops” at the moment! Read more>>

Arden Moore | The Pet Health and Safety Coach

I happily wear many ‘collars’ in the pet world — pet first aid instructor, radio show host, author, cat/dog behavior expert and in-demand speaker at conferences. Covid-19 elimnate any in-person classes or talks or conferences that were scheduled for the spring 2020 and likely through the summer. I am unique because as a master certified pet first aid instructor, I team up with Pet Safety Dog Kona and Pet Safety Cat Casey (yes, a very tolerant orange tabby) in my hands-on classes. We are now teaching classes via ZOOM. Read more>>

Allyson Garro | Small business owner / wig whisperer

We closed our brick and mortar shop on March 16th to protect the health and safety of our team and the community we serve, a few days before the city-wide stay at home order went into affect. Since that closure, we’ve had cancellations of 50+ wig parties that were scheduled to occur between March 17th-May 31st. Wig Parties have been what we affectionately refer to as the “bread and glitter” of our business. These festive celebrations have been a destination for bachelorettes, birthdays, reunions and even chemo solidarity gatherings. Read more>>

Lisa Dean | Wedding + Special Events Planner

Planning weddings for over 15 years we always believed we had all the answers and Plan B’s we could ever imagine. When COVID-19 hit our industry we realized we had to create new plans, plans that would change daily and we had to stay on top of what that next plan would be if the day looked a certain way. It is the one time we all wished for a magical crystal ball! This was the first time we realized having a different kind of compassion and plans for couples was necessary. Read more>>

Janet Bernstein | Intuitive Coach, Author, & Founder of Every Heart Project

As someone who creates more than 30 live events per year for women in the DFW area, Covid-19 has drastically changed my business. Due to the ‘shelter-in-place’ orders and social distancing requirements, our in-person events have been put on hold indefinitely. Instead, we have been offering zoom calls, virtual happy hours, and more videos in a private Facebook group. Although it’s been tough on many of our members, I still see a lot of connecting happening in new, creative ways. Read more>>

Michele Davis | Therapy Provider for Adults with IDD

We work with adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities across the state of Texas. Normally, they’re seen in group homes, day programs, and in private homes. The COVID-19 crisis has changed that as many are now closed to therapists. So, we had to do a quick pivot to the world of teletherapy. For most of us, this was a whole new world, so it took training and practice to make it work. Fortunately, our amazing therapists quickly made the switch, and we are now successfully treating clients all over the state with Speech, PT, and OT! Read more>>

Laura May-Roelse CEDRD, MA | Certified Eating Disorder Dietitian

The Covid-19 Crisis has altered the method of how I see clients moving from in office sessions to now 100% online sessions. This has proved to be both humbling and challenging for me. It is different. I did not understand why I felt so much more tired after doing online sessions for the day then when I saw most of my patients in person. I questioned myself and asked others also doing online sessions and it was unanimous, IT was harder and more draining of us. Read more>>