TV, Movies, and culture in general sometimes paints a narrow, specific image of what success is, but we know from our conversations with some of the best and brightest that success can mean vastly different things to different people.

Ericka Ellis | Author, Speaker & Consultant

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is my authenticity. The ability to show up as myself is not only empowering for me, but it is empowering for other women. They are able to witness a flawed individual who is honest about their shortcomings but still walk boldly in purpose – making meaningful impact – just by being comfortable in my own skin. It’s liberating for myself and for other women to know you can still be powerful in your imperfections. I’m thankful I didn’t have to create a “brand” because I was able to create a community centered on real issues, real people and real stories. Read more>>

Maribel Moore | Designer & Scene Creator

I feel the most important factor behind my success is my love for my craft. I believe when you love what you do it will show. I say that because when you love it you will put your heart and soul into it. It’s your baby. I always think of what my client would want or think. I ask myself if what I designed would be something someone would want. Read more>>

Lori Harding | Vegan Foodie Blogger

Innovation and consistency. When starting out I wasn’t too consistent . Now I make sure to show up very often for my audience online. When making recipes and setting up content posts i’m intentional and innovative by making my photos more aesthetically pleasing. I have people reaching out to me for meal ideas, where they can get the best vegan options in Dallas and my opinions on vegan products. I pride myself in helping people out and showing them the easiest way possible to incorporate more vegan options into their diet. Read more>>

Melissa Sanders | Photographer

I LOVE my clients. I truly want to create images that my clients will love. I believe the success of my business is due to my love for photography and the connection that I have with my clients. Many of my clients, I now call friends. If you truly love your craft, that speaks volumes. Read more>>

Mayowa Balogun | Music Business Executive

I always say it’s consistency. People have to be able to identify you with your brand Ana’s that comes from being consistently intentional. You also need to be consistent to be successful, so it’s definitely consistency Read more>>

Tiffany Mahon | Ceo of Modest Muse Org (Nonprofit organization) and Multi- Business Owner

The most important factor behind my success is faith, collaboration and consistency. First and foremost faith is the root of any successful business, entrepreneur or brand. Faith allows clarity, focus and trust to know that if you TRULY believe you can, God will provide the steps necessary for you to thrive, I believe the most important factor in any brand is to put FAITH > FEAR to go beyond societies barriers and push through all limits. Next would be the ability to work well with others in a professional team building manner, if we come together as a team and use our gifts and strengths in one entity no man or woman can fail, this falls under the strategy of having a good support system. Lastly, is consistency! Read more>>

Brittney Carmichael | Empowerment Coach + Vegan Salon Owner

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is HANDS DOWN my mindset. I’m fueled by passion and determination and those make for a powerful combo to break through fear and self-doubt. I’m extremely fierce with my schedule (aka boundaries) and commit to taking consistent action towards things that inspire me. I balance work with rest and play and don’t take “no” for an answer. Read more>>

Sharonda Lawson | Owner of Bakers D’lite

The success of my brand has always hinged on great customer service and staying innovative. With all of the new trends in the industry, it is important that I am constantly improving my craft and offering my clients jaw dropping designs yet staying affordable. I make sure that all of my clients know how appreciated they are no matter their budget. I have clients that keep returning (and promoting) not only because of the visual aspect and wonderful taste, but because they said and I quote, “some places won’t even give you the time of day if you aren’t spending over $100 with them, or they make you feel like you aren’t worth their time, but you have great customer service and never made me feel like I wasn’t worthy of your services.” I treat all of my clients like they are special, because they are! Without them, Bakers D’lite wouldn’t be the growing success that it is today! Read more>>

Kimberly Fain | Owner/Photographer Simply Baby by Kimberly Fain

With so many photographers to choose from these days, you must stand out in a crowd. I’m a people person and my main goal is to have happy clients. Happy clients bring more business. Customer service is my number one priority and making sure those clients needs are met. I’m also a detail person so details are just as important. Newborn photography is an investment and I want each and every one of them to have high end products that can be passed down from generation to generation. Read more>>

Courtenay DeHoff | Television Host & Cowgirl

By far the most important factor behind the success of my brand is authenticity. Everything I do in relation to the brand is authentic to me because at the end of the day I am the brand. I’ve turned down deals and passed on great financial opportunities simply because they didn’t feel right and if it doesn’t feel right it’s not on brand. It can be hard when you are building a brand to not take every opportunity that comes your way, but you have to really sit back and analyze if threatens the authenticity of your brand. People can see through inauthenticity. The minute people start to question the brands authenticity I think you’ve already lost them. Read more>>

Lauri Ann Hanson and Aimee Schreiner Ives | Residential Real Estate Agent with Dwell Partners

Being genuine and up front with our clients first and foremost has been critical in establishing longterm trust and repeat business. Any time you are in sales there can be a lot of apprehension as to whether you are getting the real deal and if promises are just tactics. Dwell Partners makes it our priority to keep our marketing fresh and eye catching while at the same time remaining true to our convictions when it comes to client expectations and communication. We have never over promised in order to get a deal, but let our marketing plan, track record, and past client referrals do the talking because those are the things that end the end will produce life long relationships. Read more>>

Seth Johnson | Artistic Director of Flexible Grey Theatre Company. Pronouns: He/Him/His

It’s funny to think of Flexible Grey as a brand. We don’t have any money making agendas or active plans to expand at the moment. Everything we’ve done to date has been a lot of self sacrifice for our team in order to provide a safe place for everyone to come and enjoy accessible theatre. Ultimately, we started this company to provide a platform for emerging artists and minorities, and have been dedicated to serving our community here in Dallas. I think we’ve done just that! The most important factor behind our success is the love and sacrifice our team puts into each and every production. Without our brilliant team, we would have shut down years ago. Read more>>

Isabelle and Katherine Adams | Co-CEO’s Paper For Water

Paper For Water’s success over the years is driven by the fact that people can very easily relate to our mission, the people we impact, and the volunteers who do the work. Everyone at some point in their life has been thirsty. It is usually not a pleasant experience. It is not hard to imagine what it would be like to always be thirsty and you wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Water access is foundational to all the other good works that people want to accomplish in developing countries. You can’t live without water. You can’t grow food without water. You can’t wash your hands and prevent diseases without water. You can’t keep a job if you can’t clean your body after a hard days work. You can’t go to school if you don’t have access to water. Our volunteer base is made up of predominantly youth but we have volunteers of all ages. Read more>>

Quel Hynson | Visual Artist/Painter/Creative Director

Authenticity and quality. Anybody can create a product or a brand, but I pride myself on exceptional quality and pouring myself into my brand and my products. There is only one me; that is what clients get when engaging in the experience of my work & me. Read more>>

Eydie Robinson | Motivator & Entrepreneur

The most important factor behind my success is my drive, my vision and my perseverance. When I set a goal, I don’t stop until I’ve accomplished it no matter how long it takes which is one thing about me, I won’t give up. Once I see success in my mind and believe I can achieve it, there’s no stopping me. However, success is not always quantitive. Often times is about knowing that I gave 110% even if I didn’t meet a certain number. Other times, which is even more important, it is about living my true purpose, and having a positive effect on others. One of my favorite quotes: “True success is attained only through the satisfaction of knowing you did everything within the limits of your ability to become the very best that you are capable of being.” John Wooden Lastly but definitely not least is my faith and trust in God. Read more>>

Tiffany O’Malley | Clothing Designer

For small business, success comes by differentiating yourself from others in the market place. In the niche market of women’s golf clothing, I have tried to bring something unique to women golfers. The vast majority of brands offer athletic looking and feeling golf ware. Course & Club offers women the function of athletic clothing with the style of everyday fashion. Customers and clubs that sell the product have told me that women like to have a chic option when it comes to their choices for golf clothing. Read more>>

Alan Cook | Owner/Operator

I think this has worked because it’s a small boutique type shop. When you order something or have an idea, you will most likely talk to me, not a sales person that looks on a chart that tells them the price of a certain item. We don’t really have “certain” items because 90% of what we do is custom work. As far as success of the brand goes I don’t know. There’s never been advertising, just word of mouth. I’m not sure if you could even consider Signworks of Dallas “branded.” Although I have some clients in the advertising world that have offered to help develop what we do into more of a brand but I’ve yet to take up on their offers. Read more>>