We asked experts from a broad range of industries to open up to us about things they know about their industry but that we probably don’t and we’ve shared some of those responses below.

April Borge | Yoga Studio Owner/Director

I love this question! I think people forget that it’s not just opening the doors, teaching some classes, and going home. It’s still a small business and you are in charge of scheduling, payroll, marketing, branding, customer service, student retention, customer growth, sales funnels, cleaning, staff management….the list goes on and on. You wear a lot of hats and what you don’t know you before you open you have to become an expert on quickly. It can be overwhelming if you don’t take things day by day. But that’s why we do yoga! It helps us to breath and stay calm through all the stress. Read more>>

Lizeth Cuyan | Host of Modern Day Mujeres Podcast

As one of the Hosts of Modern Day Mujeres Podcast, one thing outsiders are unaware of is sometimes the pressure we feel to make sure our content is relatable and putting our personal lives out there for people to hear. We may not always bring popular opinions but we will always be true to ourselves. Read more>>

Megan L Reilly | Owner/Coo Tippi Toes, Inc, Creator of Who Is Your Momma Podcast, Host of The Megan Reilly Show on BYLR RADIO APP

My company, Tippi Toes, Inc is a children’s dance company and we have 36 franchises around the world. Many people assume that to be a part of our Tippi Toes franchise someone needs to have a dance background, which is not the case. Starting a franchise is a wonderful business opportunity for many people. The key when looking to buy a franchise is to find a company and culture that is supportive, engaged, and moving with momentum. A franchise might offer oil changes or dance classes or food, the actual business doesn’t matter as much as the people behind the business and the systems in place. For those, considering starting a business, consider franchising as a wonderful option. It is the only viable shortcut to owning a successful business. By becoming a franchisee, someone is able to avoid so many of the typical pitfalls of business operations. Read more>>