We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Tiffany Frampton | Musician

I feel this may come across as cheesy, but it is a true and authentic answer. I understand a lot of people reading this may not be Christians, so this may not be a tool or technique you’d be interested in but where I saw my music change from hobby to success, was through prayer. If you are anything like me, you love having control over your dream, art, or business. I grew up as a Christian and have always “trusted” God with other things in my life, but my music was always my music. Read more>>

Sara and Carlos Dominguez | Chefs and Owners

Transparency, You.ve got to be truthful. We are very passionate about delivering excellent products – but more than anything – exceptional and friendly experiences with our partners and clients. Two years ago we shared our story with Voyage Dallas and now, here we are, sharing the amazing blessings we have received since the last interview. Things haven’t been easy but when you share your soul and conscience with the people around you and you don’t expect anything in return – that is when the magic happens! Read more>>

Sarah Maverick | Photographer & Mentor

Showing authentic connection and remaining true to the story I am telling. Read more>>

Kayla Tucker Adams | Public Relations Executive

The most important factors behind my success are determination, hard work, creativity, collaboration and results. One of the things that stands out about KTA Media Group is results. People know that when they hire Kayla Tucker Adams/KTA Media Group, they will get results. That is our promise. One of my strengths is helping to create your brand identify to clearly communicate the uniqueness that sets your brand apart. Read more>>

Joey Nicotra | Cinematographer

There are so many factors that have collectively propelled me forward in my career, but if I were to label the most important component it would be focusing on making my product and service better today than it was yesterday. I have spent a relentless amount of hours of studying my craft to ensure the final product my clients receive cannot be matched by my competition. Additionally, the art must be complimented by the service. Read more>>

Nikita Hemani | Owner

One of our key success factors since inception has been customer service. We try to go above and beyond to make sure that our customers (and their pups) feel special about getting treats from us. We listen to our customers and use that feedback to make better decisions about our service and improve customer experience. We honor hassle-free returns or refunds in case of a rare chance that customers are not satisfied with our product A close second would be our ability to customize our products. Read more>>

Amy Stevens | Founder and Editor-In-Chief

The mission of the Texas Teen Models Official organization is to spread the message that beauty starts with the heart #beautyfromtheinsideout. Self love is the key to happiness. Read more>>

Vanessa Woods-White | Owner & Self Care Enthusiast

In a phrase; continuous improvement. We all know the saying “success is never final.” And this could not be more true when growing a brand. I know that sounded so cliché, but it is the utter truth. Remaining relevant in this industry is critical because there are many options and we continuously work to set ourselves a part. With innovation and true connections with our clients we have been able to grow and evolve. Read more>>