Often we don’t have to reinvent the wheel to learn something new – we can just ask experts in the field who can draw on their experience to enlighten us. Below, we’ve shared insights insiders from various industries have shared with us.

Flow-N-Nature | Yoga Instructors building a Yoga community in Oakcliff

One thing about the yoga industry that outsiders are unaware of is that we have a large community of yoga teachers in Texas or another state that supports each other no matter what. We lean on each other for advice, and to meet up at retreats to reconnect and expand our knowledge. Read more>>

Zachshotit | Visual Artist

There are many things that people are unaware of due to social media. To start and successfully hold a business, it takes a lot of strength and sacrifice. Through the journey your faith is going to be the only thing you got sometimes. You have to build yourself to be strong enough to keep pushing in times when nobody sees the vision. Read more>>

Trey Abner | Plain Trey (DAWG/PIXIE POUND)

A lot of people who own, manage, and book talent for these venues in DFW don’t know what they’re doing. Mainly because they’re tapped out and unaware of what’s going on in Black, music, and overall youth culture. Folks is old and politicking. They’d call it doing business. But whatever it is there actually doing is making experiences less enjoyable for paying customers. Read more>> 

Sylvia Mc Bateman | Stand-up Comedian & Mom

Comedians can be two of the most different people in the world, yet the odd bond of doing stand-up can make you fast friends. Read more>>

Logan Prescott | Songwriter & Producer

A simple reality that many are unaware of outside of the songwriting scene is how many songs you write in a year’s time that people will never hear. There’s always this idea floating around in my head of how “artistic” it is to focus on quantity of music over obsessing with quality of music, and it’s really a constant argument that goes on with myself: is it compromising to my artistry if I choose to finish “so-so” songs and move on to the next? Or should I spend months and months (and sometimes years) sitting on ideas because they’re not quite the completion of the idea I wanted to convey? And you can tell the internal struggle there, but at least to me these days, the correct answer feels more and more like the first because you refine your skills as you create more art over time. Read more>>