How do you think about risk? What role has taking risks played in your life/career? Check out responses from hidden gems from our community below.

Paige Hathaway | Fitness trainer, entrepreneur, mom!

Being scared of the unknown is normal but letting that feeling overpower your life and control you will stop you from reaching your potential. Most people are paralyzed by their fears. Read more>>

Matthew “Woody” Wood | Visual Artist

I can definitely say that I wouldn’t be where I currently am in my artistic career, or life without a fair amount of risk taking. Though I wouldn’t consider myself your typical “risk taker”, like those who jump out of planes, or hedge large bets; Read more>>

Kirtana Banskota | Producer, Actor, Filmtrepreneur

I think taking risks is highly essential to growth both personally and professionally. As young adults, my parents took the risk of moving to the US from Nepal. Read more>>

Larry Crockett | Founder/Owner Lorraine’s Premium BBQ Sauce LLC

Risk Taking: That’s is such a great question, actually the thought about taking risk is paramount. We have to take risks in order to excel and go to the next level in anything worth doing. Read more>>

An Mien Nguyen | Artist & Educator

The biggest risk I have taken was to pursue a degree in Studio Art. At the time, I was 18, expected to go into law or medicine, and I just knew there was no way I was going to spend the next several years of my life slogging through classes I hated for a career I didn’t want. Read more>>

Lorena Richie | Business Owner

My husband, Chris, and I are definitely comfortable with taking risks. In our personal lives, it started with us getting married at the ages of 18 and 20, and continued when we left everything we knew together by moving from my hometown in Alaska and creating a new life in Texas. Read more>>

Ricky Versetti | Latin music artist

I truly believe taking risks has always marked defining moments in my career. The reason being is that no matter the outcome when you take a risk you are always going to win, Read more>>

Meachie Meachie | Musician

Risks are a touchy subject, because most “entrepreneurs” would associate risks with gambling or daredevil behavior, but the greats associate it with investments. Read more>>

Saint Don | Music Artist

I think risks are something that people get confused by or scared of them. Risk can come with a good and bad outcome. Longer as you got a purpose when it comes to taking risks your outcome should be self explanatory. You gotta understand what business you in when it comes to the risk. Read more>>

Joshua Bedford | Photographer & Videographer

Whether small or big, taking risk can be a very scary hurdle to cross due to not knowing what’s on the other side at times. The way I see risk is that it all comes down to mental. Read more>>

Jonathan Rodriguez | 18 year old Barber

Without risk there would be no success. I had to stop attending school in person which meant not seeing my friends to be able to peruse my dreams but after that time passed I was able to complete my required hours for my barber license and now have a career Read more>>

Erica Rodriguez | Doctor of Physical Therapy for Athletes, Strength and Conditioning Specialist

I think taking a risk is everything. I would have never started my business if I did not leave my comfort zone. I think everyone who can let go of their stability to bet on themselves knows deep down they can succeed. Read more>>

Rita Dixon | Owner and Attorney – The Law Offices of Rita C. Dixon, PLLC

Opening your own law firm is all about taking a risk. I have realized that anything worth while will most likely involve some level of risk. In order to grow, make an impact and to be successful, you must have faith in yourself and faith in God to give you the wisdom you lack. Read more>>

@AVTHEGREAT #NoFakeHandShakes | Music Business | Entrepreneur | Branding

What seems as a risk to you may be a calculated move to me. I was gullible enough to believe the phrase “you can be whatever you want to be” or “do whatever you put your mind to” as a child. Read more>>

Damilola (Dami) Akande | Licensed Hairstylist | Entrepreneur

Pursuing this career path and entering the beauty industry was a gigantic risk. I had so many worries and fears about what life would look like; but I did it anyway, I was doing great professionally, living my rich auntie life and decided I wanted more out of the hours I was putting in at work; I essentially did not feel fulfilled and needed more than just money as the reward. Read more>>

Mollie Guerra | Personal Chef

Risk taking has certainly played an essential role in my business and life, which I think largely stems from my constant desire to challenge myself. Read more>>