We hear it practically from the day we are born: go to college. But is it the right advice for everyone? We asked folks to look back and reflect on whether they felt college had a positive impact on their lives and whether the impact was worth the price tag.

Alex Taylor | Owner of Astone Photography & Design

From 2013-2017, I attended a four-year private university in Dallas, which we all know can be a little pricier than other choices. If I were able to do it all again, NOT knowing all I know now, I probably would not make the same choice again (if for no other reason than just the debt I have now). But, if I did know back then about what was to come — the irreplaceable memories and the relationship and career opportunities that choice brought to me — I definitely would choose it again, regardless of the price. Read more>>

Bailey Jarrell | Co-owner – Jarrell Creative House

Absolutely! All three of us (we’re a marketing company co-owned by siblings) have earned at least one if not two degrees and our experience was a little unconventional. Coming from a big family, we decided to pursue college online while continuing to work and pay for school ourselves. Our goal was to earn our degrees debt free with a resume full of work experience by the time we graduated. This route gave us the opportunity to develop our skills through the real world applications of everything we learned in the classroom. Read more>>

Susan Hanlon | Vocal Studio Owner & Musician

It was definitely worth the expense to attend school and I am grateful that I was afforded this opportunity. I was fortunate to be able to take out loans and I received various scholarships along the way. As I help my students seek out their own academic paths, we always discuss the costs verses benefits of attending college for music study. Schools have become much more savvy these days in teaching entrepreneurial skills as part of the curriculum, which enables graduates to apply for many non-music related positions as well as their area of study. Read more>>

Drew Merlino | Videographer & Photographer & Social Media Strategist

College has its pro’s and it’s con’s from my life perspective. On the pro side, I learned how to network, meet new friends, open my horizons, and mature in a professional sense. On the con side, students like myself did not know what to look for to help better themselves. We thought that getting good grades was the only thing we needed to really do. Instead it would have been nice to know that a internship is KEY to get in the summer, meeting classmates, and going to events to hopefully find what you inspire to really do in life. Read more>>

Lynda DeGrow Kingsley | Artist and Art Teacher

I went back to school as an older adult! I had already raised a family and run a family business and decided it was my time for art! I got a studio art degree from UNT at 57. Studio art at UNT changed the way I think about art. They forced me to think differently, to use materials differently. They taught me to think outside the box. I think that was invaluable to my art and my art career. But I was wise about spending funds on college! I took every class I could at Collin College, where classes cost just a fraction of what UNT cost. Read more>>

Mady Fischelli | Photographer & Social Media Influencer

As many people know, I went to school in Dallas to study photography. I had already taken classes in high school, and already had my business growing. It was honestly becoming really successful and started to become full time. The last semester of my sophomore year in college, I decided it would be more beneficial in my own personal life to just get an Associates degree and go all in with my business. It was hard at first to adjust to a new path of life. Read more>>

Greg Shepard | CEO and Founder of Dallas Maids, LLC

I graduated Baylor University in 1998. There is so much more you receive than just a quality education. You form lifelong friendships and have an unmatched opportunity for personal development. First, the friendships you form in those four short years last a life time. And I feel that is what life is about; relationships. Though it’s more than just hanging out. The bonds that develop over the years leads to a solid network that had aided in my business ventures. My lawyer is a fraternity brother from the Baylor years. Read more>>

Libby Huffines | Professional Organizer

There’s so much more to the college experience than just a degree. For me it provided invaluable opportunities for personal, spiritual and relational growth, all of which have shaped me and continue to impact my life and career. Personally, I learned independence, as do most 18-year-olds who move out of their parents’ house for the first time, thus making college a valuable season of maturing for me. Read more>>

Anne Johnson | Dog Groomer

NO! haha I have an associates and three trade degrees and none of them have came into play or helped me in my business. Now, that being said, my business you do not have to have a degree to groom. So, I am sure in other industry you need some type of degree, but college did not help me in my journey. I do not think you have to spend the money and time to “just” have a degree just to have one. Only need to go if you have a set plane. Read more>>

Erin McCann | Public Communicator and Podcaster

I think it’s important to be really self reflective, and self aware when it comes to deciding on post secondary education. For me, College was the right choice. Honestly, it was the only choice. Initially, I wanted to be a broadcast journalist, a career path I fell in love with through my exposure in Texas Public Schools’ Career and Technology Education opportunities. To be a journalist, one needed to attend a journalism school and cross train in the production side in order to be marketable. The biggest question for me was “where,” I should go to college. Read more>>