Our businesses can feel like a part of us and so it’s often awkward to talk about why we are proud of our businesses, but it’s important to do so because talking about what makes us proud is what helps us double down on the values, principles, and best practices that matter most.

Lyle Adair | Sculptor/ Artist, copperbylyle.com

Building a copper art business has been a slow steady process. It has been challenging at times but the rewards greatly outweigh any encumbrances. The feeling I get at the end of a project when I can stand back and see the finished result is amazing and something I struggle to put into words. The joy someone has when the purchase one of my creations means so much to me and the validation as an artist is priceless. Every time I see my business in print whether online or in newsletters, newspapers, or other publications puts a smile on my face. Read more>>

Shay Dungy | Entrepreneur, Boutique Owner & Podcast Host

The thing that makes me most proud of Aubrey Market and the brand it is today, is the culture and the spirit of the customers. When we have our store open & women are in shopping, it really is like a sisterhood. Whether they are shopping alone for the first time or they came with a group of friends, the positive vibes that spring from them are contagious. You’ll see a babe scared to try something on because it’s out of her comfort zone and complete strangers will be giving her the full confidence hype, like you would see in a bar bathroom. Its positive vibes and lifting other women up and that makes me proud! Read more>>

Austin Smith | DJ | Master of Ceremonies | Creative Event Specialist

I’ve spent 10 years building my business and have done some insanely cool events, creative lighting installs and have many unique accomplishments that I am very proud of. However, when I see a 5-star review from a client it makes me EXTREMELY PROUD! Every time I get that email notification saying I’ve received a review I turn into a kid on Christmas morning. Excitement fills my body; my eyes light up and I just can’t wait to see what that client has said. Read more>>

Adan Ventura | Founder of Tasty Paella

We feel very proud because in each event we fulfill our main objective, which is to unite families, friends, or coworkers, enjoying a good atmosphere, a good Paella, and memories to stay forever. Read more>>