Through our work we have been constantly amazed at the incredible things people in every neighborhood are working on. What’s even more exciting is that they all have different stories, backgrounds, strengths and weaknesses. That there isn’t a single formula for success means that everyone can take their unique set of strengths and characteristics and turn it into a success story. We recently reached out to some folks we admire and asked them what characteristics they feel are responsible for their success.

Tyler Pavey | Dreamer, Young Entrepreneur

The most important factor behind my success would be consistency without a doubt. Without consistency i wouldn’t have been able to continue to grow at the pace i set for myself. There are ups and tend to be alot more downs and without the ability to pick yourself up and keep moving forward you will eventually start moving backwards. Read more>>

Nicole Culver Knighton | Owner of Herb&Alchemy

We didn’t start this business to be a mobile bar. We started this business to solve a customer need. Authenticity to us means that we are not going to sacrifice our principles to fit the mold of being a mobile bar in the event industry. We use real glassware because we hate to think of all the plastic generated by the event industry. We also use only naturally compostable straws because we believe in doing our part for the environment. We craft our cocktails in real time at all of our weddings and parties, even though that requires a lower mixologists to guest ratio and increases our operating costs. We don’t use store bought syrups or juices because they are laden with preservatives, dyes and artificial coloring. While making gallons of syrup and juicing hundreds of limes, we keep our focus on our customer and strive to solve the need for an elevated mixology service with the wedding and event industry. Read more>>

Mica Rose | Mica Rose | Founder/CEO & Energy Healer

I would say that the most important factor behind the success of our brand is passion! Both my partner and I are really passionate about our business and we are always excited about putting in the necessary work to be successful! Many have heard the saying “If you do something you love you will never work a day in your life.” It was not until we started Cosmic Rise that I truly understood the meaning of this saying. Cosmic Rise is all about raising your vibration. We offer many tools to keep your energy clear and help you along your spiritual journey. When I first started my spiritual journey I had a really hard time finding places that I felt comfortable going to purchase items that I needed to assist me with my journey. I was also very cautious of where I would seek information on the topic. When you are just starting your spiritual journey it can be hard to get out of your own way because of all of the conditioning that you have been taught in the world today. Read more>>

Elias Mohammed | Photographer

The best business decision I have made to date is to narrow my scope of work. Many photographers try to encompass everything for all of their clients but I truly believe this is a recipe for mediocrity. I found that my niche was architectural photography and I became an expert. Focusing on architectural photography has not limited the various clientele I have nor the job types. When a client seeks out architectural photography, my goal is to be the instant choice. I also work in other aspects of photography such as advertising, editorials and headshots. When I am shooting for a client, I try to approach the photoshoot with the thought in mind that I am creating images that are the best representation of the clients work or products. The beauty in a photograph is the unlimited ways that a shot can be captured. The countless choices of light, balance, texture and composition are all up to the photographer. To be successful you must be passionate and hard working, along with having thick skin. You don’t want to be a prima donna or nothing will be achieved. Read more>>

La La Musiq | Recording Artist & Songwriter

The most important factor behind my success has been my faith in The Most High God! I truly consult him in every decision that I have made to get me to this point. As an independent artist, it can be challenging not to fall into the typical stereotypes of the industry. Being a follower of Christ, I leverage the scripture for every song that I write and sing which is also apart of my personal life. I believe because of my obedience to the word of God he has blessed me in more ways than I could imagine. My brand La La Musiq is the epidemy of myself as a truth music artist. I enjoy uplifting people from all backgrounds with my music and it shows in my songs and performances! “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. Philippians 4:13. Read more>>

Aaron Bell Sr. | Videographer, Cinematographer and Director

Never quitting and never giving up. You get told “NO” a lot in my line of work but once you get a chance to showcase your talent and ability on a project, its all magic from there! I am able to turn heads and make people take notice of all the time and effort I put into honing my craft. Ive put in hours researching learning and reading in order to keep evolving and growing. Micheal Jordan didn’t hit the NBA and not win, He had to keep growing his skill until he achieved his goal of winning a championship. KEEP EVOLVING!. Read more>>

Shaylon Scott | Founder of Book Mecca and Multi-hyphenated Creative

The most important factor behind the success of Book Mecca is my authenticity. From the beginning I never professed to be a scholar of literature, famous writer or a wordsmith. I was honest and transparent with my followers and shared that I am a mother of two young queens who are avid readers like myself and I simply wanted to share our love of black literature with all. Accessibility of diverse literature and amplifying the voices and stories of black authors was the foundation for our organization and the message was received with an outpouring of support and love. I think being genuine with not only my followers but the authors that I work with allows Book Mecca to grow and reach followers from across the globe. We’ve been able to interview award winning authors, actresses, activists, scholars and connect with readers and self published authors across the US and even in the UK. Read more>>

Celestine Nixon | Founder of The Jha’Kyric Nixon Scholarship Fund

The most important factor behind the success of The Jha’Kyric Nixon Scholarship Fund is determination. “When leaving and creating a legacy worth investing in, your determination is the key factor to growth and longevity. Many of the donors who have given to The Jha’Kyric Nixon Scholarship Fund have watched me turn what some would consider a personal tragedy into a legacy of purpose and triumph. I credit my relationship with GOD and often reference the scripture Phillipians 4:13 as my motto for perseverance over these past nine years since the scholarships inception, and the ten years since my youngest son Jha’Kyric’s passing. Read more>>

Victoria Goodlow | Social Media Manager

The most important factor behind myself is God and My Faith. It took God taking on a journey of self-love, removing my poverty mindset, and realizing my capabilities to be able to build a successful business. God is my CEO! I consult with Him when it comes to any decision I make in my life and business. He has never let me down yet. This the best business strategy I’ve ever followed!. Read more>>

Pablo Contreras | Producer, Actor, and Investor

The most important factor behind success is being unafraid to fail. You have to see failures as learning experiences. No one will ever know unless they try. Everything in life is a risk. Im not saying throw all your eggs in one basket. You have to be smart. Understand diversification. I invest in several businesses. When one is not working one is. It keeps the players that like to play it safe and those that want to also follow their passion while the businesses funds their passion projects. Read more>>

Jayvier Rivera | Music Producer/DJ

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is staying true to who I am. Not changing for anybody. As well as simply doing it for the love of the music. I make music for me and for fun. And that’s all that really matters. Now on a more technical side, I make time. I try to map out every and do it on a scheduled base. We all have so much to do but if you can time, you can get anything done. Read more>>

Jwoodz | Christian Hip-Hop Artist

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is giving people quality music that relays a message that they are perfectly imperfect and there is a God that loves them, and has a purpose for their life. Read more>>

Roxanne Carne | Personal Wardrobe Stylist

I’d say that the most important factor behind the success of my brand is striving for excellence at EVERY facet of my business: from high-touch client development & delivery to our streamlined operational processes to providing delightful experiences all along the way. This level of service resonates so deeply with our clients and business partners!. Read more>>

Kayla Watters | Independent Hairstylist

Transparency. Being a hairstylist I had to learn to be raw and real with anyone that sits in my chair. Even if what I have to say is disappointing to my client. Last thing I want to do is over promise and not deliver. I preach to my clients hair health is my number one priority. That being said, I definitely attract those people who really care about their hair health. I’m also not afraid to tell someone, “ I’m not comfortable doing that.” When that is the case I typically refer them to someone I know can get the job done. Sure taking risks is all part of learning and growing, however, I would much rather take a class and mess up on a mannequin than on someone’s actual hair. Transparency allows for trust to be built as well as respect and I believe that is something my business has. Read more>>

Jacob Dark | Photographer. YouTube Content Creator. Warrior.

Determination. I know what it’s like to lose control of everything; to feel like the world is in your hands, and have it all taken away in the blink of an eye. I’ve been in that dark place and refuse to ever go back. Read more>>

Beth DiCarlo | Event Planner

The most important factors behind my success so far have been hard work, support, and persistence. In essence my business is a one woman show. Whether it’s catching up on emails and paperwork, conceptualizing future events, or producing custom pieces; I put in the work every single day. Even if it is something small it’s important for me to give energy to my business every day. This job also involves a lot of hustle and heavy lifting which are challenges that I tackle head on. I have been referred to as the Energizer Bunny a time or two! I have received an overwhelming amount of support in my community. I feel fortunate to be able to walk to meetings in my own neighborhood from the many friends and neighbors who have hired me. I feel their love and support and it fuels me to grow Joyful Day bigger and better. My family and support system are always there to encourage and lend a helping hand. This one woman show wouldn’t work without the support of so many, and I am forever indebted and grateful for that. Read more>>

Dr. Christin Bradley | CEO-Inclusive Community Home Care & Founder of The Inclusive CEO

God’s calling on my life has to be one of the most important factors behind my success. The moment purpose was revealed to me through God, I was driven towards reaching the vision that was placed on the inside of me. While success is defined differently by every individual, I believe that you are never truly successful until you have consistently sowed into other people. Through the work that I do, I am always asking myself how I can better serve the disability community or how I can better educate my friends and family about the disability community so that they can not only have a higher level of awareness but in turn be able to teach what they have learned to other people. You see, this life we live in is way bigger than us, it’s way bigger than the finer things that are glorified by the media: wealth, power, fame, luxury & prestige; and yes, while we all deserve to live happy fulfilling lives, what better way to live it knowing that you have helped better someone else’ life in the process?. Read more>>

Nikole Enns | Interior Designer & Local Female Entrepreneur Group Founder

The most important factor behind my brand success has been my willingness to do hard things, to put myself on the line, to work smart and dig in when it is needed. Doing hard things like, going after opportunities to work with a handful of large companies in my area. That was so intimidating! But, my desire to bump up my brand, by working with them overweighed my fear of rejection. I communicated my desire to work with them, offering what my company could do for theirs and continued to reach out and when the opportunity actually came, I ran after it. Even though it scared me and felt so much bigger than me at the time. Now I can look back and see how those actions made room for what my brand has become today. Read more>>

Rumeal Melton | Host: The Inebriated Genius Podcast w/ Wayne Hawkins

The most important factor in the small success that I’ve had is that I’m not afraid to fail or be wrong. I’ve never been the best at anything but I’ve always worked my way into spaces be mentioned among the best. Failing isn’t the end but only a teachable moment. In podcasting or the interviewing space, you won’t know everything so learning in preparation or asking questions only helps your understanding and also makes you relatable to guest or listens who may feel hesitant to ask certain questions based off the current culture we live in. Read more>>

Moses Uvere | Hip Hop Artist & Pastor

My dependency on God. I live and survive by my spiritual rhythms. I believe that when I surrender my heart, my mind, my actions, my perceptions to God and his will it produces powerful results. He’s will and what he wants to accomplish in me is my wealth and prosperity. Also, resting in the knowing that he is only going to produce good and perfect outcomes for me. If its not restful its not fruitful. Read more>>

Brent Carter | Owner, Starting Strength Dallas

People are the most important part of our success. Both the coaches that train members for me and the members themselves. Every successful business needs customers; this is a given. A large percentage of our customers find us through referrals from existing members. This is very important for us as it indicates that we have done right by our members and our members want to see us be successful. Without the work and expertise of my amazing staff the above would not be possible. I am blessed to have attracted a team of amazing talent we have worked to continue to develop both the business as well as each and everyones’ skill sets. Continued professional development is integral to our culture. Read more>>

Dani, Willem and Kason | Lead Guitar / Rhythm Guitar / Drums For Nautilus

We feel that all of our music is genuine and that we just play what we want to play, and people just so happen to like it. We pride ourselves in being wholly dedicated to our craft while just being ourselves. Read more>>

Lauren & Browning Vaughn | Professional Organizers | Co-Founders | Sisters-in-Law

Our business as professional organizers can be an incredibly invasive process for our clients, so the biggest factors behind our success as a brand are our trustworthiness and transparency. Since our job requires us to go through people’s closets, kitchen, garages, etc., our clients have to trust that we will be respectful of their items and their privacy. From the get-go, we make an effort to make our clients feel comfortable with our presence in their space. We ask permission before we begin opening drawers and cabinets and we simply have an open conversation about their likes/dislikes, problem areas, preferences, etc. Our goal is to make clients feel like we are friends who are helping them get organized! Clients are typically out of the house during the installation so it is crucial that they feel comfortable leaving us alone. Additionally, both of Life Refined’s founders are born & raised in Dallas so our network has been crucial in speading the word on our business. Read more>>

Vidya Thuduma | Home Baker and a Cake Artist

Quality and originality of the end product. Read more>>

Danielle Alyse | Portrait Photographer

The most important factor behind my success as a photographer is wanting every person that steps in front of my camera leaving feeling more self confident, accepting of their unique qualities that makes them beautiful and loving themselves as they are right NOW. I want to show them what’s been hiding inside them all along they just needed someone to show them. Read more>>

Susanne Engelbert | Health Food Store Owner, and lover of life

There are really several factors. Learning how to evolve: evolve and change as trends, people and society changes. Caring: I truly care about my customers. I never try to over sell them or over supplement them. I believe in educating my customers to help them make the best choice for their health journey. When you educate your customers they have an intrinsic part of their healing, which helps to empower them and give them hope. I have a lot of education around health, wellness, and nutrition, and I continue my education so I can further help my customers. I am also a liaison to them with a list of doctors, dentists, chiropractors, pharmacists and even veterinarians. Helping them to find someone who will also listen and help them on this journey. I teach by the premise of, “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink, but, you can make them thirsty. Read more>>

Olivia M. Gonzalez | CEO and Chief Brand Strategist, OMG Brand Story LLC

For far too long, the most important factor behind ANY brand’s success has been hiding in plain sight. It’s a brand development foundational tool that all corporations and large organizations use — and is a rarity in the entrepreneurial world: Brand Guidelines. It’s the most important (and often the most excluded) part of building a successful brand. And, it’s why we do what we do at OMG Brand Story. Brand guidelines are the North Star of any business and help define your overall brand personality. It’s the reference guide that informs every aspect of how your brand should look, feel, and sound for both your internal and external audience. They’re used to help with the creation and development of all branding aspects, including messaging, design, packaging, employee brand materials, training materials, and much more. Read more>>

Bryan Yoon | White August Photography | Photographer

I believe the very essence of photography is observation and communication. The key to success as a photographer, in my opinion, lies in one’s ability to capture the nuance of the subject and communicate. Even if the photoshoot takes place in the same place, I shoot with a different model each time and the lighting condition is different, so I approach the m odel from various angles and try to lead a creative and dramatic result. Shooting at the new places also gives me the opportunity to take challenges and makes me excited that it will make creative works. During the past 11 years, I have integrated a variety of styles into my photoshoots such as photojournalism, vintage, fashion, natural art, and fine art. During photoshoots, I strive to find the right angle that will give me the most creative and dramatic result. Each subject requires different lighting and a different approach which is the most challenging yet exciting part of my work. And then there is communication. The first part of communication is understanding the client’s needs and wants clearly. Read more>>

Jennifer Leney | Executive Director

It may sound corny but Jesus Christ is the most importantly thing behind our brand. 6 Stones was started out of a church that was 6 million dollars in debt. There’s a whole story called the miracle that brought us into existence. We have clear had the hand of God on us from day one. There’s no other explanation that makes sense as to how we have support from key stakeholders including cities, businesses, churches and even a school district. These 4 distinct entities typically do not play in the same sandbox well together. At 6 Stones they do and all buy into the vision of being a Catalyst of Hope transforming individuals, homes, and communities. Read more>>

Edina Radoncic | Vice President Bright Realty & Co-Founder of UPDFW

The most important factor behind my success in my real estate career would be creativity. Creativity has helped me generate leads, find solutions for any issues that arise, network, and helped me differentiate myself from others in the same industry. Creativity also fueled UP, which my business partner and sister just started as an additional creative outlet outside of our full time careers. UP is a marketing and consulting company that helps boutique businesses utilize social and event marketing by creating and executing a custom plan fit for your business, brand, and audience. Read more>>

Shawn-Auston Johnson | Infinite Soul Imagery

The most important factor behind success is people. Your network determines your net-worth. The more hands I have shaken and people I have gotten to know is what has increased my success and my growth. I’m in the business of people. There will always be a person wanting to capture a moment in time and the only way I’d be blessed to be selected to do so is based on the hands shook. Read more>>

Ekaterina Luneva | Party specialist & CEO of WOW Balloons

I feel like one of the most important things in becoming successful is motivation. And for every single person this motivation will be different – make a lot of money, prove something to yourself or the world, create a better future for your family etc. For me and my business partner this motivation was the fact of being new to the country. Being where we were 2 years ago helped us realize that without having anyone to rely on, having no one to pick us up if we fall – we will just not be able to survive without becoming independent. Especially when you start your life in a new country and you have nothing at the beginning. So I believe that having a strong motivation, fear of not making it definitely pushed us to work and educate ourselves which grew into the beautiful business that we currently have!. Read more>>

Reco “Wess” West | Producer, Engineer, & Music Director

Consistency and Intentionality ! Often times people associate consistency with the idea of constantly being physically present at every event, constantly posting on social media platforms, or rapidly releasing content to keep up with others. While there may be some truth to those things bringing you success, given the age we live in and algorithms, etc., I’d like to highlight the other essential areas to be consistent in. Being Consistent and intentional towards my relationships is one. Nurturing and stewarding the relationships you have with people, especially those who directly effect and contribute to your business is essential. Even those you value who might not directly impact your work. They are your support and backbone and whether you see it immediately or not. I’ve found that these relationships have sharpened me and have helped keep me grounded. I strive for excellence in everything I touch or do, and in order to achieve that goal I often have to check my heart and even the heart behind a project I’m taking on or those I’m working for/with. Read more>>

Rosie Padilla | Public Figure and Small Business Owner

I am going to have to say the feedback that I get from complete strangers. I shared something so personal about myself to the world and by doing so, so many mothers, father’s, friends of friend’s to my own friends being vocal and coming out of suffering in silence themselves about struggles and hardships in life. My success is based on my story being able to bring comfort and give some kind of encouragement to anyone that is going through a hard time and that may need some empowering or uplifting. So I do what I can to do daily reminders of self worth and positivity. I created merchandise with encouraging messages for men and women even children and infants. I want to continue to be successful by making a difference in peoples lives. Read more>>

Tony B Roberson | Graphic Designer, Photographer, Rapper, Videographer, Writer, Creative Director, Engineer, Brand Owner, & Social Activist

There were a couple of things, first would be persistence. Throughout my sophomore year in college I was somewhat depressed and trying to figure some things out for myself. Within this time period I took about a year off from trying to do anything. Yet I wanted to still continue pursuing my dreams in my own private time. Every day and night, I was staying up until the crack of dawn after finishing my classes to work on music. I didn’t really have anyone to help me put things in motion so I took on figuring things out myself. Sadly, I know and still struggle today with balancing how much sleep I get. Yet, none of that really mattered to me as long as I was able to listen to what I created on the aux in my car with no self critic. With all honesty, I critic myself pretty hard. If no one is going to be honest with you, you have to be honest with yourself. Luckily though, I have a select few of friends that I send my unreleased music and album artworks. When creating my album artwork, I always need a second eye to tell me if whether something is accurate or not. So they definitely help me out a lot. Read more>>

Chadae Sauls | Professional Makeup Artist, Licensed Lash Specialist & CEO of Added Glamor Beauty LLC

My son, being a mom is the best thing God has truly blessed me with, he is the most important factor behind my success. I have always been the type of person to go after my dreams and goals in life, but somewhere along the way during my journey I got distracted and lost from what was important. Becoming a mom has really opened my eyes, I never want my son to see me give up, I want him to know that in life we have to work hard for the things we want, but it’s all going to be worth it no matter what. Everyday I push my self more and more doing everything I can to make sure my business is successful and knowing my son is watching me gives me even more motivation to keep striving for the dream that I already know God has in store for me. Read more>>

Brittany Jackson, MBA | Private Chef & Event Curator

Not allowing someone to project their fears on me. I had to come to terms with the only one that’s stopping me is me. Sometimes you have to take a risk and step out on faith. And never despise small beginnings. Become fearless with everything you do regardless of the obstacle. Success does not happen over night. There’s light at the end of the tunnel. Read more>>

Michael Kelly | Author, Actor, Director and Playwright

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is the why I’m doing it. I don’t only do it to glorify Jesus, but I do it for the people who need that encouragement or hope to move on. Life beats us down, but with someone there to help us along the way, will make it easier. Read more>>

Kj Dunb | Author and Podcast Cohost

The most important factor I believe would be marketing and word of mouth advertising. Not everyone likes to read and a lot of people certainly don’t like tallying about the hard stuff but the more effective your marketing is and buzz is created, the success comes quicker. Read more>>