Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Kelly Altschwager | Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach & Rider Fitness Specialist

I grew up in the horse industry and was also a 3 sport athlete beyond showing horses competitively, so ultimately horses & health/fitness have always been a deep rooted part of my life. I was an assistant reining horse trainer at breeding/training/show facility when I found out I was pregnant with our second son. I rode through the entire pregnancy & for a few months after thanks to my MIL helping with the baby but knew deep down I needed a different occupation. Read more>>

Kerry Lofton | Video producer, Photographer, & Author

I’ve been doing video production for about 11 years and spent most of that time building someone else’s brand and business. I’ve had the pleasure of working for some high profile companies including the Dallas Cowboys, NFL, AT&T and more but it was usually on their terms. I finally just decided that if I could give them 40-60 hours a week, why couldn’t I give myself that same time and surely I could work hard to build something valuable and successful. For so long, I knew I wanted and deserved more but could leave the comfort of knowing I had a steady paycheck. It’s scary to jump out there and do your own thin but worth it. I just had to kill that spirit of fear and go for it. Read more>>

Nijah Crump | Entrepreneur, Model, Mental health advocate, Artist

Starting my own clothing line had always been something I’ve wanted to do since the age of 14 but I didn’t know what I’d call it, so I never forced it. Until I started experiencing more mental health issues as the years went on, and realizing that I’m not the only one battling with these issues. So In 2019 the name just came to me, I’d like to say it casually dropped into my lap. EXHALE. I wanted something I could stand firm behind, a name that meant something, something I’d be proud of and still be an advocate for Read more>>

Aja Jackson | Beauty Guru & Chef

I’ve always had so many interests up my sleeve that I’m honestly pretty good at, naturally. Beauty and self care do have my heart however. I’ve always had a passion for all things hair. I taught myself how to braid around 7years old and went to youtube university for my natural hair journey back in 7th grade and hadn’t looked back ever since. I usually would braid and style my own hair as well, helping out friends and family. Once the pandemic hit us, I decided to take my hobby more seriously and branch out to accepting clients, and here we are today! Read more>>

Kendall Williams | Music Executive

After football didn’t go as planned. I was in limbo for about 2 years, then my first born daughter came into the world. That’s when my perception on life began to change and I started thinking about business and ownership. I look at business as legacy. I know everything I do from here on out will be bigger than me and I want my kids kids to understand that they will have a choice to do whatever they feel is best for them and the next generations to come. Read more>>

Jay Honest | CEO & Founder Of HONESTGANG & HNSTmagazine

I’m what you would call and experienced shopper, from finding the best bargains and deals, to splurging on expensive designer fashion, I’ve seen it all. Brand after brand I noticed a similar trend that started bothering me, the markup. Gildan sweaters are 14$ each and can be even cheaper when bought in bulk, your favourite rappers, artists and even major companies, are abusing this tactic and selling cheap items for 60$ completely ruining the trust between them and their customers, as well as the image. Read more>>

Tressie Lee | Graphics, Arts & Website Designer

Art has always been a part of my life! Drawing, painting, sculpture, bead making,
crafting, etc., I love it all. I have been in graphic design and web design for over a decade. Though I’ve loved this field of work, when 2020 came around, I started to reevaluate what it meant to do art for myself instead of just for my clients. I work from home, and that summer, I was in my usual routine of creating a fun summer schedule for my daughters. It was a 2-month schedule filled with educational activities, fun exercises for kids, science experiments, baking, and arts and crafts. Read more>>

Laurie Ann Davis | Entrepreneur, Podcaster

Living with anxiety Im always looking for ways to self care. My bath routine has always been a major part of my self care. I literally would buy ever sugar scrub, bubble bath, bath salt and candle I could find that include essential oils and nice calming fragrances that soothe, comfort and relax me. One day I had the idea to create my own line that was centered around just that. Bringing you good energy, shifting your mood and lifting ones spirits. Innergies promotes inner wellness, peace and balance. Read more>>

Lyrical Foxx | VP of Skreet Legendz Network, Artist Manager, Host

It has always been my personal opinion that some people are natural born workers, natural born hustlers, or natural born entrepreneurs. I consider myself to be all three. The most important aspect of it for me is the desire to create generational wealth and securing opportunities for those I care the most about. Read more>>

LaTara Thompkins | Founder/CEO/Consultant

There were many reasons/thought processes behind me starting my own business(es). It started with my desire to have flexibility and to be available for my family. My first business I owned a licensed childcare center so I could be with my own children while caring for others. This led to the vision for my non-profit. As I drove through the community picking up my childcare “after schoolers,” I noticed a population of children who needed something productive to do with their talent and time during the after school hours when mom and dad were still at work. Read more>>