Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Ashley Blocker | Home Organizer and Designer

I have such a passion for organizing and helping others create a space that they not only love but that functions well in their day to day lives. Organizing started as a hobby and soon turned into something that I could share with others to bring joy and structure to their homes like I was able to bring to my own. I quickly realized that organizing for others was my passion and I have worked hard to make this passion a career every since. I love creating an environment that others can not only enjoy when I’m done, but they can easily maintain long after I have completed their project. I specialize in organizing everything from pantries, closets, bathrooms, and garages. In addition to organizing, I recently discovered that I really enjoy flipping old furniture and making it shiny and new. This has been something I have been able to provide to my clients as another layer of my business! Read more>>

Sol Bontemps | Online cartoonists

My first thought was wouldn’t it be amazing to link up with artists online and just make dope art! I want to collaborate with as many artists as I can as well as promote their work so that more and more people and enjoy the joy of artwork from badass individuals. Even though I’m a massive introvert seeing folks art just brings something out in me. Seeing others artwork makes me want to reach out to them and get to know more about them and allow other folks to know them as well. Read more>>

Shayla Eadler | Realtor & Hair Stylist

I knew that one day I wanted to have a family, and I wanted to have complete control over my work schedule, so that I could be as present as possible with them. I knew I wanted to be able to drop my kids off at school, pick them up, take off for school parties, and not have to ask permission for that or have to take vacation time. The flexibility, the freedom, that is what drove me. Read more>>


Growing up my family never took family photos. The only one I have is when I was 8 years old and it was in a JCPenny studio. I have no photos of my dad, my sisters, my mother, or anyone in my family. That only changed during weddings. I fell in love with photography when my oldest daughter was born. Being just 18 years old, I didn’t have the funds for maternity, newborn, or family photos. It all started with my iPhone camera. I captured every little thing for 6 1/2 years. I wanted to capture every little thing, every moment of the two of us, and everything in between since I didn’t have that growing up. I wanted images to look back on when she’s grown up. I want her to know and see how much she’s loved. Read more>>

Marcella Jones | CEO, Founder of Runway Dallas, Designer of Marcella Collection

My thought process was to create a platform that would not just help me to promote my brand but to help promote other Designer brands. And I wanted to do it in a way where it was not just entertainment, but so that we can actually showcase our collections before fashion buyers, shop owners and potential clients. Read more>>

Baxter Swint | Realtor & Entrepreneur

BaxStage started as an idea when I first turned 15. All of my life, my grandmother had been taking me to the theatre to watch performance’s. As soon as I was able to sit up in a chair it became tradition for my grandmother and I to take a trip to Bass Hall and watch a Christmas show together. As I grew older, my love for performing and entrepreneurship did as well. Regardless of my age, I constantly found myself starting businesses and on stage. Read more>>

LaShonda | Luxury Home Marketing Realtor

I wanted to get away from the robotic 9 to 5 life that corporate america offers. I’m a mom and not having the flexibility to be able to be apart of my children’s life when it came to school events and other extracurricular activities bothered me when I worked for someone else. Now, I’m creating generational wealth for my family and until I became self-employed that seemed impossible. I also have a passion for the people, so being able to educate my community along the way is definitely a bonus. Read more>>

Aaliyah Collins | Student & Entrepreneur

Since I was at the age of 16, I knew that I wanted to start my own business. I didn’t know what I actually wanted to do, but I knew that I wanted to be an entrepreneur just like my father . During my sophomore year in college , I had so much free time on my hands that I knew that it was time for me to start my own business . I started having conversations with my uncle and my father on where to start and how to start. I knew that I loved to change up my hairstyles, so I decided to learn how to make wigs and turn it into my own business. Read more>>

Lourdes Akyurt | Full time mom of three, full time physical therapist, and part time baker

I believe any culinary artists success stems from passion for the field and the ability to take bold risks. Our bakery started out from love of baking of more than 10 years. My family is of a Middle Eastern and Filipino background. Residing in New York City, I took inspiration from the diverse culture and vast offerings of amazing baked goods. I began creating oversized cookies with innovative flavors that highlight New York City’s diversity. All cookies are made with love, homemade from scratch with fresh ingredients from the flaky dough to the fillings. I took the risk of making cookies that resonate with my own culture, such as the Filipino Ube White Chocolate Chip cookie, one of our best sellers. We wanted to share these flavors and uniqueness here in Texas. With risk comes reward and sharing our love of food with our happy customers is well worth the labor. Read more>>

Nakia McGuire | Owner & Head Chef

The idea of starting a business has never been an “if” for me, it’s always been a “what will I do.” I went through more than a dozen business plans and double the number of ideas. There were even times where I had filed all of the correct paperwork, took classes, received licensing, and even began marketing. Event Planner, Hairstylist, Publisher, Personal Assistant, Realtor, the list goes on. And even though the profession changed, the thought process behind becoming an entrepreneur has always remained the same –– to build something and be successful at something that bears my name and showcases the benefit of hard work to show others that look like me that it can be done! Read more>>

Ana Rodriquez | Event planner and designer

Ever since the movie “The Wedding Planner” came out, I dreamt of becoming a wedding planner myself. I was fascinated with the idea of planning a beautiful event and getting to be a part of someone’s most special day. Throughout my college years I was always the friend who volunteered to help with the planning and execution of any and all milestone events in my social circle. From weddings to surprise birthday parties, I was your girl! Although after college I took a career path in banking and finance, events were still a passion for me. Read more>>

Lauren Keys | Marketing Consultant & Event Stylist

I have been involved in Marketing related activities since high school. During both undergrad and graduate schools, I majored & minored in Marketing which sharpened my skills and grew my passion in the field. Working in retail, I got a front row seat to how big brands market their products and services. That created the thought that I wish there was a way small businesses could implement these same techniques to grow their businesses. That is how the Marketing Consulting was started. The Event Styling side of my business came from my love of hosting and seeing my guests’ reactions when I would put an event together! Read more>>

Dr. Brent Lockett | Physical Therapist

I started my business because it was a better way of helping people restore their mobility and function in a much more efficient way. The healthcate industry is handcuffed by insurance companies and corporate Healthcare. As a result, profits have become more of a priority than patient care. Patients are not getting results because physical therapist are expected to see 15-20 patients a day in order to maximize profits from a revolving door of poor reimbursement. As a result, a clinician can only treat as dictated by what the reimbursement rate is versus what the patient needs. When I started my business, and removed insurance from the equation, I can now treat ANY patient using to my clinical skills versus being told how to by a insurance company. My patients get better faster, and cheaper with my practice, and are able to achieve their goals -that’s what it’s all about for me! Read more>>

David Morales | Founder & CEO of Climb Health

Our professional life is not about intrapreneurship or entrepreneurship, it’s about solving problems that we care about. Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, startups, etc. all offer the ability to apply a skillset to a problem space we strive to be familiar with. Financial incentive or prestige will never satisfy our craving for human connection. Starting Climb Health stemmed entirely as a response to a personal problem. As a 19 year old, becoming debilitatingly ill for 10 months brought me to rock bottom. But the beauty behind being at such a low point is that you discover the solid bit of you that can’t be broken down any further. Read more>>

Alexandria Clifton | Baker and Caregiver

In early 2020, I was laid off from my super awesome career as a Textile Designer due to Covid-19. I returned to part time work as caregiver after a few months of searching for more design work with no luck. Suddenly my cat, Korra, fell ill and I had to get emergency surgery for her and also found out she is diabetic. I needed a full time job or something supplemental to support paying for her medical supplies as I am not willing to give her away or do anything less than she deserves, of course! I decided it would be more fulfilling and exciting to work for myself in this turn of events so I looked to my hobbies for inspiration. Read more>>

Adrian Matehuala | Professional Rottweiler Entrepreneur

Before we dove into the deep end of our dog business, we started out by dipping our toes in first. We researched the market and once we were 100% that this is what we wanted to do, my wife and I went for it! We knew the following were important: -Steady job – Don’t quit -Networking – Try to partner with the best in the game -Bulk up savings – You never know what’s ahead -Write up a solid business plan – A MUST! -Have the courage to know that you will struggle, but most importantly… know that you will get stronger and stronger every step of the way. Read more>>

Kent Billiter | Facility director

Moving to Texas has always been a plan for Brandon Clinton. With over 25 years of equine experience, Brandon Clinton has achieved a vast knowledge of horses, while providing top showmanship for riders desiring champion results. He wanted to create an environment where safety and good horsemanship were the #1 priority. Being in the heart of Texas horse country only made sense for this 65 acre private boarding, lesson, training and sale facility. Read more>>

Jaxson Turner | Founder/CEO

Honestly, I don’t look at our Charity as a business. When people call me an entrepreneur, I sometimes frown. I feel like I’m just a kid in the community that saw a need. I enjoy helping others in need. I’m just doing what God wants us all to do. Read more>>

Tiffani “Bri” Werner | Master Lash Extension Stylist

I’ve been in the cosmetology industry since 2009 and have always worked for someone else. I saw friends go solo throughout the years but I was always scared to make the jump because I enjoyed the security of working for a franchise brand. Finally, I realized that I don’t know one person that has gone solo in my industry that has not succeeded. So I prayed about it a lot and knew that God would provide! Working for someone else and being unhappy was not worth it. So I took the gamble on myself and I’ve never been happier! Even on my slow days, I am beyond grateful to work for myself and have the freedom to make my own schedule. Read more>>

Meredith McCarty | Photographer & Boutique Owner

Growing up, several members in my family owned their own business. The most influential among them was my mom, who worked tirelessly to ensure hers would be successful. I admired her work and her passion for her career. I of course wanted to follow suit. I have always been passionate about photography and decided to turn it into a business. Read more>>

Terrence Williams | Realtor & Investor

I entered into this business because I wanted to make a difference. I seen where people were devaluing the Real Estate industry because people were jumping into this business as a side hustle and not always servicing their Clients. I had a vision of making the process better for my Clients. I like to educate them and make sure their well taken care of throughout the entire process. It’s my job as a Realtor to make sure my Clients understand the process from A to Z. My goal is to get them into Home where they will be there for a while until they decide to sell or rent out and add to their investment portfolio. The more Clients I can assist with Selling or Buying a Home, the more I feel like i’m living out my purpose! Read more>>