Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Lexie Peterson | Diabetes Advocate & Influencer

Starting my own business actually happened by mistake. I am a type one diabetic and wearing medical identification is very important for us. I rarely wore medical ID jewelry because I couldn’t find any affordable jewelry that fit my style. So I designed my ideal diabetes bracelet and got price quotes from jewelry makers to make it. I quickly realized how much more cost effective it would be to get the bracelets created in bulk… I figured I wasn’t the only diabetic who wasn’t happy with the lack of variety in medical ID bracelets so I did an IG poll and based on the results, it became clear to me that I needed to make my bracelets available for as many people as possible. That’s when I decided to start my business. Read more>>

Brittany Lyons | Interior Designer & Artist

I never really planned to start my own business. I just wanted to created a peaceful space for me to come home to at the end of every long work day. As I began to do that, I would post progress pics on my Instagram, and people were watching. I had a high school classmate reach out to me to help her design her new house. That was my first official project, and now six years later, it was that project that changed the trajectory of how I felt about design. Read more>>

Alanna Powell | CEO

I had previously dabbled in starting my business but never took action and after moving to Dallas I knew I wanted to level up and start a local business, I just didn’t know in what! I was scrolling my feed one day and seen a cute engagement proposal and it was with a cute little “picnic” and it’s like a light bulb went off and I was like I got it I want to start a luxury picnic company!. Read more>>

Tiffany Hildreth | Author & Content creator

The thought process of starting my own business began after writing a script for a film about loosing electricity. It took realizing that just as the characters in the film were not prepared with the knowledge to survive without it neither was my family and friends. I started writing the book based on all the knowledge that I thought would be important to know in case of an emergency. My goal is not only save lives, but generations. It is important for our people to know how grow their own food, purify water, what natural herbs are beneficial for the body, and how to consume them while being fully prepared. I am here to be a vessel and to fulfill God purpose so it started with just knowing that we are all here for bigger reason!. Read more>>

Anthony Houston | Production Engineer & Designer

Honestly, we were just trying to teach our kids the ways and value of entrepreneurship. Showing them the idea of owning something that’s completely yours from conception to birth. We want them to get an understanding of developing the idea, building the plan and execution. And just as important to the business itself, we involve them in every way, to ensure they understand the value of every dollar made. It truly was about building something with our family as a whole. Read more>>

Braija Mitchell | Owner and Founder of Become A Better Entity LLC & Interpersonal Coach

While pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Fashion Merchandising and a Bachelors of Business Administration in Management at Texas Woman’s University, I began working for a multinational shipping & receiving and supply chain management company. At the time I truly enjoyed my job. Unfortunately, in the Fall of 2019 my workplace became chaotic and I found myself combatting a management team that didn’t know how to properly communicate, empathize or manage conflict. I quickly fell victim to leaders that led out of immaturity, self-doubt, and insensitivity. Through lots of soul searching and problem solving, I found that though I had been objectified, insulted and outcast, the biggest problem was much deeper than I ever expected. Although my management team were leaders with great potential they neglected to become self aware. Read more>>

Victoria Nugent | Founder and Lead Designer

My thought process behind starting Vique Botanical Boutique was the significance and importance I placed on the first bouquet my boyfriend ever got me. It didn’t take me long to know he was “the one” so those flowers really meant something special to me. they dried out naturally and during quarantine, I got pretty bored. I had thiose dried red roses and a cool piece of driftwood I used as decor on my shelf, and decided to get crafty! Flowers play a really pivotal part in a multitude of special life events, and why would you want to just throw them away after a few days? I come from a design background and thought how cool would it be if you could see those flowers all the time as everyday home decor items!. Read more>>

Raida Bankz | Artist, Entrepreneur, Promoter, Community Leader, & Investor

Becoming independent and being my own boss the goal has always been to cut out the middle man building a foundation that would soon turn into generational wealth. Read more>>

Khaira Summer | Creator of The Ebony Thoughtrix

When I told myself that I wanted to create something that would leave my own signature imprint on the world. I knew that it was not going to happen working for someone else. So in Jan 2020 I started developing my own business beyond the ideal of turning my hustle into a business. This is when I birthed The Ebony Thoughtrix a business that was birthed from something that I naturally did which was thinking, and shifting my reality by doing so. My ultimate desire for my business is that the work I do here will transcend even when I am no longer in this world. Read more>>

Eunice Martinez | Educator and Photographer

Photography has always been one of my favorite hobbies. It was my Sophomore year in college, in 2015, when I decided to start 8 Moments Photo. At that time I was going to school to be a teacher. After graduating with a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies in Bilingual Education, I still wanted to pursue my photography business and make it more than just a hobby. I kept thinking how worth it all was in the end if it went well or didn’t for me, and the only way to know was to take a leap of faith. I did not know anything about starting a business then. All I knew was that I had to work hard for what I wanted, educate myself, and pray along the way to get to where I wanted to be. Today, I can humbly say I am not where I use to be business-wise. That is all because of God’s favor and blessing. I thank God for His divine favor that has helped me at basically everything. When I doubted myself in this journey I had to remember to have faith and this scripture has helped me along the way: Be on guard. Stand firm in the faith. Be courageous. Be strong. -1 Corinthians 16:13 (NLT). Read more>>

Sam Figueroa | Owner, Figueroa Salon

I had worked for a known salon in Dallas for several years, and as an independent stylist renting space at another salon. I wanted something more; I wanted to build a business. I wanted to have a salon where people would love to come because they knew they’d feel terrific about themselves when they’d leave. Read more>>

Skylene Herrera | Stay at home mom and small business owner

When I first decided to start a business I dont think I really had much of a process. I knew I wanted to start something since I was a stay at home mom. I had started thinking about what I wanted to make and sell and did research for weeks on the products I wanted to make and perfecting everything. My main goal behind starting my business wasn’t to run a business, but to have something I can say I created. Read more>>

Bianca & Shelley Rebello & O’Donnell | Co-Owners of Integrity Dance Arts

We are Bianca Rebello and Shelley O’Donnell and we are the Co-Owners of our dance studio! Integrity is a word that can be used in all aspects of life. It is “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.” The word Integrity and its meaning is a big reason why we wanted to start a dance business. We both have been down numerous roads in the arts. For decades, we have both trained, studied and taught dance while building strong relationships with wonderful artists along the way. Our dance educators and mentors instilled so much knowledge and skills in us that we felt the urge to give back to our students and our community. We want to build a place for dancers to come train, as well as to have the opportunity to develop into artists. A place viewed as their second home where everything we do is always led by Integrity. Building dancers to have a strong work ethic and loving hearts. Read more>>

Gabriel Antillon | Builder & General Contractor

That 100% you are putting for it could be your own business. And most important when is your business you will try to do thing better. You will try to execute everything more precise in which you have it down to a science. Starting your own business is a blessing, but not everyone is build for it. You really need to want to have a business to succeed. It takes customer service, it takes, marketing, it takes credibility with your customers reviews, it takes promoting current projects you are woking on and projects you have done. But Once you create your concept on your business and use your services to promote for future clients, you start seeing traction on your website, or start seeing more views on whaat you post. Every day is a new day to get new clients you just have to expose your work and practice great business. Transparency in key on my success. Read more>>

Cody Turner | Owner| Stroke of Genius Media

The thought process behind starting a business was simply this. I had been working for many different companies from corporate to ministry. I always wanted the freedom of being able to create in an environment that was free and allowed the opportunity to make as much or little as I wanted. I started Stroke of Genius Media with this as the foundation. The ability to create. The ability to use every creative gift I was given and to help others. To be a resource. Read more>>

Bear & Wendy Griffin | Co-owners of Artio Artisanals

We wanted to change our world. We were tired of working for our others and felt called to create our own abundance by doing what we felt passionate about. Wendy had been a teacher for 9 years and Bear worked in the tattoo industry for 25 years…lots of time spent away from each other and constantly rushing to juggle work, kids, and the home. In 2017, within a matter of weeks, we decided to quit or jobs, homeschool our 3 kids, and birth our business. Artio Artisanals, inspired by Artio, the ancient Celtic Bear Goddess, spurred us to begin crafting handmade and home grown magic; crystals, herbs, oils, candles, jewelry and so much more. Creating our own business has truly strengthened our connection to our family, our tribe, to nature, and to our magic. Read more>>

Shawonna Metcalf | Shawonna Metcalf |Own It Boo podcast host

I have always been the person who loves to encourage and motivate other people. Even if I am not in the best place or where I wanna be in life, I just love to see the people that are in my circle and other women win. So, when I decided to start “Own It Boo” podcast all I can think of is how I can use my platform to encourage and motivate others from all over. I’m very transparent and don’t hold any of my flaws hostage, instead I used them to show others you are not alone. I want us to Own It no matter what it is without shame or guilt. Read more>>

John Signo | Sr Project Manager & Servant Leader

Signofied LLC officially started in early 2021 but the core product (known as “Brand and Land”) started back in September 2014. The thought process behind starting it as an official business was to show the customers that the sessions are real and have had successes in various industries. We also partner with local and global PMI Chapters to help them generate additional customer base as well as funding for their other events. Read more>>

Jeanette Johnston | Artist & Entrepreneur

Starting my own business was more of a spontaneous decision. As as a full time artist, I’ve had the opportunity to widen my artistic perspective by exploring different art forms. I am grateful to have discovered the mesmerizing art form of water marbling as I experimented with new techniques to elevate my work. Being a self taught artist, I developed my own recipe that worked well for me, but through the learning process I’ve gained more than I ever imagined. The meditative and therapeutic qualities motivated me to share this process with others by offering workshops. The journey of creating my own water marbling business, Dallas Silk Art, made me realize the importance of inspiring others to be more creative in their lives. Seeing the amount of joy it brought to my life and others made all the hard work worth it. Read more>>

Candace Chism | Rising Leaders, Inc. Program Director/Financial Manager

As current school counselors, Marcie Thomas and I (Candace Chism), see on a daily basis the need for young ladies to improve their self-confidence and find a safe place to share their feelings and work through the process of finding their own voice. The vision for Rising Leaders began after we had organized successful girls’ conferences through our school district in which 100 young ladies in 6th through 8th grade were chosen to attend. A range of speakers were chosen to speak on different topics that were relatable to what girls between the ages of 12 to 14 years of age could be going through. With the success of our girls conferences, we realized that this was something that could be shared throughout other school districts as well as particular areas in the city in which data shows that there is a need for young ladies to have a program that’s geared towards supporting and growing the whole child. Read more>>

Chanira McKinney | Fashion Designer, Cosplayer, and Gamer

As a student from the University of North Texas (UNT), majoring in Fashion Design, I started taking the first steps towards building my brand in 2016. With no business plan, brand purpose, or though process, I started by showcasing my class assignments on Instagram. I would create small collections outside of school using different things and ideas that inspired me, mostly my own inspirations. My thought process came to me during the lowest time of my life. I wanted to create a brand that would make people feel and look great in what they wore. Additionally, my brand was geared towards focusing on building self-esteem and bringing awareness to suicide prevention. I wanted to instill powerful and meaningful quotes or a scripture into the garment. At this point my brand finally began to form and come to life, it had purpose. Read more>>

Ric Hussel | Celebrity MC/Host & Event Creator

I always knew I would be in the business of entertaining and media as a youngster in North Dallas, it was one night after I caught an episode of “Martin” and his old Def Jam tapes my popz had left out. At 8 yrs old I sat back and was sold. Just him as an MC & the whole “wzup” flow had me glued and the rest is history. It really began with me being in a state of transition. I was realizing that football at the pro level may not happen so we began preparing for the next chapter of life. I majored in journalism/media and radio was my strong suit. Before graduating I started making small steps in building the skills in all media fields and researched what I wouldnt mind doing “for free” and soon see the income flow. While Radio DJ at Langston Univ I started to how much of a natural I was on-air & at remote events. I then made the decision in 2012 and never looked back. Read more>>

Amy Henry | Parent Coach & Child Development Expert

I’m embarrassed to say that I’m not even sure there was a thought process behind starting my own business. I was in a situation where my employment affiliations changed on a Wednesday and I knew there would be children waiting in the window to see me pull up to their house on a Friday. Those sweet little faces, open hearts, and growing minds were counting on me to show up for them, and letting them down wasn’t an option.
I spent the next two sleepless nights pulling together everything I needed to come through for them. From there Big Picture Parenting grew organically.
I am here to provide what parents and children need, and fulfilling those needs are what has shaped Big Picture Parenting from a single class into parent coaching, nanny screening services, and a wealth of joy and growth mindset. Read more>>

Apryl Burton | Business Concierge

I’ve been in love with entrepreneurship since I first learned the word in elementary as a vocabulary word! I was never really sure how but my answer to the age old kid question ” what do you want to be when you grow up” was always “an entrepreneur”. As an adult trying to navigate how to turn that passion for entrepreneurship into a career came with it’s own unique set of difficulties and uncertainties. One of my greatest strengths is being multitalented. However, when you’re trying to pin down a particular skillset, being multitalented can also feel like a disadvantage. I felt like I wasn’t an expert of one specialized field with a decade of experience behind me. I always felt like there was no space for me to do what I love and be successful. For years, I would partner with people who were starting businesses or needed assistance with their business tasks. Whether they needed help with a business plan, marketing, monetization strategies, or formation, I jumped at every opportunity to just be of assistance. Read more>>

Alia Ghaffar | Founder/CEO of Beauty Dazzled INC Tea Maker/ Makeup Artist

I have always followed my passion, and then turning my passion into building a business. Been a professional Makeup artist and Stylist for 10 years in DFW area until last year when COVID-19 hit and I was unemployed during lockdown and big part of 2020 as all weddings and events got canceled. It was during quarantine when I started experimenting with teas. I was always an avid tea drinker ( not the powder kind full of preservatives) but love the loose blend of natural organic herb blends that are soothing to both mind and body. With so much time on hand I started experimenting with different flavors and blends and created a Calming tea to reduce my anxiety and decided to share it with my friends , and it was a hit. I feel that with right knowledge, dedication and passion you can achieve anything in life. Discovering Organic natural herbs and clean eating has been part of my journey for a few years and teas have played an important role in my personal well being. Read more>>

Vipin Singh | Film-maker & photographer

From my schooldays I was fascinated with being independent and hated the regular job system. As I entered college I was very motivated towards photography and film-making. I was bored with engineering studies was confident in making a career in media industry, so I dropped out and started my photography studio back in 2012. Now I’m more into film making, video editing and color grading. Read more>>

Brianna Jovahn | Podcast Strategist

Honestly, I had no idea that I would be a business owner. When I quit my job, I had no plans but to seek podcasting full time. I knew I was making a little bit of money, but I figured since I had more time on my hands, I could invest in my podcast on a consistent level now. Unfortunately, that did not work for me. I knew it was the right time to leave my job at the moment after seeking God for answers, but I questioned myself at the same rate. I quit my job in November 2019, the pandemic hit March 2020, and the podcast was not making enough to pay the bills. At this point, I decided to apply for other jobs to make ends meet. Every job application I was submitting came back with a negative response. I took this as a sign to create my own pathway versus going back to Corporate America. At this point, my thought process switched over to survival mode because nothing else was working out. I immediately started watching videos on YouTube to see how other entrepreneurs were making a living. Read more>>

Justin Box | Chef and helper of the human

Its as simple as this…. I don’t want to rest my satisfaction on the demand of another human, especially when it comes to making someone else’s dream come true. I’ve over come some pretty crazy odds in my life and I think my family deserves my work load and time apart to push for OUR dreams to come true. Life is too short and we are impermanent beings, so we all, individually deserve our own interpretation of what happiness is. So, what I guess I’m trying to say is, I’m capable of making my own way and I finally realized it. Read more>>

TaKiyah Wallace | Founder & Executive Director

Brown Girls Do Ballet truly began as an accident. Brown Girls Do Ballet began as a personal photo project in 2012 in response to my not seeing images of ballerinas who looked like my daughter in mainstream media. I started shooting ballerinas of color, created an Instagram to keep families informed of my progress, and the audience grew like wildfire. The full organization launched a few months later with the sole purpose of increasing the participation of girls of color in ballet programs. Aside from young girls being able to see themselves in all of the positive images that we release through our non-profit, Brown Girls Do, Inc. is also able to provide scholarships to young dancers that exhibit financial need so that they might be able to continue their training. We also have a mentorship network where we pair young dancers with more experienced dancers hoping that these relationships might make it easier for them to transition and maneuver easier in the ballet world. Read more>>

Sameer Kumar | Serial Entrepreneur

I am an adventerous person by nature with a lot of confidence (maybe overconfidence) in my own abilities. Starting my own business has been an idea that has appealed to me from a very long time. I got an engineering, MBA and some great Corporate experience. When the opportunity for a small business presented itself, there was no hesitation in my and my spouse’s decision making. Read more>>

Vikki Winnier-Porch | Owner, Event Planner and Creative Director

Seamless Eventz was started out of my passion for creating events and making memories for friends and family. After searching for an event planner throughout my own wedding planning experience, I realized there were so many missing details, stressful moments, and final touches that was needed, therefore I felt a need to be able to help others throughout the planning and stress of it all. At that time, I was also assisting my husband with event planning for his 3-4 private events so he suggested that maybe I should start my own business, so Seamless Eventz was formed. Read more>>


Jake Bryan | Maker/Woodworker/Metalworker

We (my wife and I) stumbled into starting our own business(es). I’ve been a teacher and strength & conditioning coach for 8 years, and while that’s been great for providing financially and materially (…maybe great is a stretch), it hasn’t always been very fulfilling for certain aspects of my personality. I wanted some creative outlet that allowed me to work alongside my wife, Taylor, and that would (eventually) be my way out of the classroom and the “typical 9-5”. “Making” has fulfilled that need. As a child I grew up surrounded by my mom’s creativity and my dad’s welding/mechanic skills…and although I didn’t realize it until my late 20’s, these gifts were something that were worth exploring myself. Taylor and I began to mess around with some home projects in 2018, and I also began taking welding classes locally through Eastfield College. I bought my first welder in 2020, and we converted our garage into our shop and that’s where it all blossomed. Read more>>

Jenny Dean | Karma fitness studio

I feel like I have been groomed to own my own gym my whole life. My parents raised us around fitness. It has always been a part of my life. After kids I made it a full Time career teaching 12-14 classes a week.. I built a strong community and life long friendships . I have always wanted people to feel good about themselves. And I believe being in shape gives you an extreme amount of confidence. I played with the idea of owning my own studio for about 5 years. Every year I tried to open up a fitness studio. But it was never the right timing. God has an amazing way of making you go through stuff so you can come out a better and smarter person.
I had to learn my self worth and figured out I could do it better than most of the owners I knew. So I went out on my own during the pandemic and haven’t looked back. It was all gods timing. I was just following his plan. No fear, no anxiety. Just saw my path so clear that I had to give it my all.
And.. here we are. Read more>>

Kaymon Farmer | Founder & CEO of Concession Delivery

After a award winning college academic and athletic career, I came to the realization football was coming to an end and I needed to make a transition to my new life. I knew I wanted to become an entrepreneur that created streams of income and then turn into an investor. I didn’t know exactly how I would do so, I just knew I wanted to be a positive force in others lives. As any 23 year old who just graduated and got married, my life had a several question marks that needed to be answered in order to provide for my family. Shortly after college I gained several skills while working at a bank, fitness gym, boys and girls club, pizza delivery and valet parking in my college town in Durant, Oklahoma. During that time, I knew I had talents and skills to do better but I was completely lost and didn’t know what would be my next move in business. Read more>>

Joe Atkins | Real Estate Broker and Owner

When I started my own real estate business back in 2013, my thought process was that I wanted a family type atmosphere with a boutique real estate brokerage.  I had worked with a larger brokerage previously where most of the agents didn’t know each other, I told myself I wanted to be a part of something where the agents all know each other and are also willing to help each other out. Read more>>

Whitney Thompson | Skincare Enthusiast

I created The Honey Kiss Collection by Whitney skincare line with myself and everyone who struggles with their skin in mind. I wanted to create an all natural, organic skincare line. I was tired of using over the counter and prescription skincare treatments that didn’t work or carried a lot of toxins that would over time become harmful to my skin. I haven’t had an acne breakout since i started. My skin tone is a lot more even and my dark spots faded. I was one of those women who wore makeup almost EVERYDAY. Since starting my skincare journey and seeing the progress I’ve only wore makeup twice. I knew when i started putting my plan in motion that I wanted my products to always be affordable and accessible no matter your budget. My business has been open since September 2020 and a lot of business owners would say they love seeing new customers of course I love my newbies to, but I love seeing my repeat customers the most, because that lets me know my products actually work and are helping people. Read more>>

Nodjinaissem Beasnael | Licensed Cosmetologist & Founder, CEO of “NAIIZ HAIR”

My thought process behind starting my own business was to turn my passion into a vision that will turn into reality. I told myself that starting my own business would give me the freedom to run my own company and become my own boss. I get to make my own decision and create job opportunities for others. Don’t get me wrong, owning your own business also comes with a lot of responsibilities and discipline, but I mastered that in the past while I worked in corporate America. I decided to apply my leadership skills and business knowledge and take action in order to succeed. Read more>>

Austin Chapman | Owner of Chapman Vacation, Owner of Elite Pro Washing

I grew up as many others did working for someone else and helping them grow their business or industry. Throughout my teenage/young adult life I met many business owners and entrepreneurs which gave me the passion to strive for a similar life style. Being able to start something from nothing and make it successful really intrigued me. There is a sense of freedom that comes with starting something you can call your own. I think the possibility of failing was one of my biggest fears and also pushed me to succeed more than anything else!. Read more>>

Ruben Mitchell | Artist/creator

Wanting something to connect non-social people together. There’s nothing like that on the market and in these times we are having, I thought it was suitable for that to be the avenue to take. Read more>>