There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Jesus (Chuy) Flores | Automotive shop Owner/Technician

First and foremost, I attribute all of the success the business has had, to God! From planting the seed in my mind, to lining up things that didn’t seem possible. Second my wife, our parents, siblings, and all our close friends. With out any of those this would not work. You can have a business, open the doors and no one shows up. Read more>>

Lily Seavey | Actor

Authenticity is the most important factor behind my success. As an actor, I am my brand, and it is crucial to stay true to myself. This is ironic considering as an actor your job is to play other people convincingly. The authenticity of my performance takes place when am well prepared in understanding my character. Read more>>

Vlad Kozh | Fitness enthusiast, PhD (tech), Inventor

The key to the success of my brand lies in the power of a unique concept. When compared to other outdoor fitness activities such as Walking with Weights and Nordic Walking (also known as Scandinavian Walking), my brand, ISO Walking (or ‘Isometric Walking’), stands out with several notable benefits. Read more>> 

Nicolette Capuano | Mural and Specialty Finishes Artists

“I attribute much of my success to the exceptional example set by my parents, who were outstanding custom home builders. They instilled in me the importance of taking pride in my work, paying close attention to details, and standing behind what I create. When working with clients, I prioritize taking the time to understand their needs and vision, and then utilize my creative abilities to bring their aesthetic goals to life. Read more>>

Chaim Litvin | BourbonRabbi

There are many factor that I would have to attribute any success to. First, I would have to credit my amazing wife for her unwavering support and encouragement throughout this journey. Additionally, determination and grit are not just great characteristics to be blessed with but looking back they have played a key role in getting to where I am. Read more>>

Sophia Pelayo | Artist & Prophetic painter

The most important factor behind Suddenly Creations is God. I pray over every commission piece that I receive. I know that’s why I am able to bring my costumers vision to life. It’s seriously such a blessing being able to GET to do what I do. Read more>>

Myesha Boulton | Realestate Professional & Digital Curator

The most pivotal factor in both my personal journey and the success of my brands, MB Estates and Wealthy Web, stems from a blend of unwavering determination and a sincere desire to empower others. Moving from my hometown of Chicago to Dallas in 2020, alone and without any familiar faces, was undoubtedly a leap of faith. Read more>>