We asked some of the most inspiring folks we know to tell us what they are inspired by.

Shelly Kirkland | CEO, Boot Campaign

Nearly a decade ago, I met several veterans who changed the course of my career, and frankly, my life. Those who were on the front lines, protecting my freedoms, in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and other key locations around the world. Often, they returned home different than when they left. Some scarred physically; some scarred morally; some scarred mentally. All were certainly changed. And my encounters with them, in turn, changed me. These were folks who were my age who were quite literally putting their life on the line for me. And doing it selflessly. Courageously. Without question. It was humbling. It made me proud, and it made me more committed than ever to make sure that when veterans come back, we give back in a meaningful way — a way that changes their life for the better and for the long-term. Read more>>

JayEss | Music Producer & Sound Engineer

Inspiration comes to me in many factors. Conversations, images working in a different daw (digital audio workstation) that I may be accustomed to, or getting new sounds/plug-ins etc. I feel like it’s important to keep your mind open and not to follow the same patterns or routines to allow yourself to take in more things. I feel as if I’m like a plant and use the photosynthesis system, with inspiration being our sunlight and I use it what’s been processed to turn it into something dope! Read more>>

Lauren Kent | Salon Owner and Educator

Ah so many things! Right now, one of my main inspirations are great leaders throughout history. How did these people inspire those around them, how did they achieve real change and how did they get through their toughest moments? Most of these leaders have these characteristics in common, conviction for their goals, real but optimistic views, and nerve. If others are going to follow you and together you have something to achieve you have to lead by example and adopt these characteristics. Read more>>

Tom Hulsey | Men’s Health Champion

I am inspired by the fact that I am positively impacting so many lives, especially men when it comes to confronting health issues. I am motivated to help my generation (awareness & education) and to find a cure for cancer for future generations. Being a cancer conqueror and heart attack survivor have given me a wonderful perspective on life. My journey has created a passion in me to help others battling adversity. Lesson learned, there is nothing more gratifying in life than making a difference in peoples’ lives and paying it forward. There is only one line on Jackie Robinson’s grave, yet it says so much, “a person’s life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.” Read more>>

Caty Bilton | Doula and Childbirth Educator

The other professionals in the birth community constantly inspire me to push myself into areas I wouldn’t have normally gone. Seeing their passion and love for their work helps fuel me on days where I’m not sure if I’m really cut out for all of this. I see the joy this work brings others and it makes me crave that same joy for myself. Read more>>

Vanessa Chávez | Professional Photographer & Owner/Artist behind Ever Bloom Photography

I’m inspired by little moments and genuine connections! I have 5 children so I know all too well how quickly all the things that we enjoy as parents can pass us by. Sweet kisses, little arms wrapped around you, giggles, talks about random favorite things – I incorporate all these things into my sessions to help families disconnect from the world and connect and enjoy one another. Read more>>