We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

AJ Gonzales | Founder/CEO

You have to be willing to accept failure in order to succeed. Once you realize that each failure is one stepping stone closer to success, then there is nothing that can stop you from reaching that goal. Another major habit that you must have in order to be successful is the ability to block out all the negative noise from people. Put your head down and work. I can’t tell you how many multi millionaire business owner’s that I met with who told me my market is too saturated, its too expensive to produce, there’s too many working components, etc.. Read more>>

Jake Mata | @TheDFWFoodRep Marketing in the DFW

I would have to say, being open to change. I learned quick that being open and adapting to change is key. Even more so, being proactive as to be head of it. A great example is during this COVID_19 pandemic. If you are a restaurant business owner and were not on top of your “take out” game / Social Media. You sure are now. ( or should be)! This was crucial for the survival of the businesses. Dine-in in Texas is still not at 100% capacity so it is important more than ever to Market your business. Read more>>

Josiah Caleb | Gospel Recording Artist & Chef

One of my habits is the ability to be consistent. There are days that I may not want to wake up and go work my business but because I have created a habit of being consistent, it pushes me to work my business no matter if I’m tired or not. Read more>>

Shelby Loughridge | Chiropractor

The 21/90 Rule: It takes 21 days to create a habit, 90 days to make it a lifestyle. This couldn’t be more true. I attribute so much of my success to creating healthy habits in the longterm, both personally and professionally, since the first day I started my business. Creating and physically writing goals is a necessity for any business, but this too is a habit and definitely my most valuable one. I start the beginning of each year, quarter, month, and week writing 5 goals for that time period. I spent 10 minutes each morning sitting in silence, spending the time visualizing the success and growth of my business. Read more>>

Katelyn Fisher | Special Effects Makeup Artist / Production Designer / Screenplay Writer

Origination has been key for me! Staying organized helps me stay on top of my work and be more reliable for clients. Another helpful habit that has helped me to succeed is to practice networking. Networking has been the key in order to get myself on set of different projects and involved in opportunities I wouldn’t have been involved with otherwise. Read more>>

Bobby Coston | Actor & Filmmaker

I think the biggest habit that has influenced my success is spending a lot of time on YouTube. It might seem like a bad thing upfront but, I’ve learned a lifetime of skills toward my career from the site. It’s taught me how to edit at a professional level, how to use and understand high-level film equipment, and even how to hone my emotions when in front of the camera. I’ve learned more than I could ever accredit to a university or secondary school. When you have FREE knowledge at your fingertips, you’re crazy not to dabble in something, It can also be a very useful marketing tool. Read more>>

Corliss Anderson | Director and Owner of Buzzing Core Academics LLC & Buzzing Busy Bees Learning Academy

My ability to stay FOCUS on a task and complete it before moving on. Being able to set my mind on a goal and not allowing anyone to STOP me. Read more>>

Jasmine Madison | Business Owner| Baker | Mother

It is very important to stay consistent and organized. The more consistent you are with your actions, advertising, and work ethics, the more you see the return of your labor. You have to keep momentum going with your business to stay relevant. It also creates a habit for you to handle your business consistently. The second half is organization. The more organized you are the smoother things run. For me, it made transactions easier to track for tax purposes and also it allowed me to be able to take more orders and produce more products. Read more>>

Amy Turner | Head Chef and owner of Sweet Legacies Artisan Chocolates

There are several habits that I feel have helped me be successful. 1) The first and most important habit, is that I strongly rely on God on a daily consistent basis for courage, wisdom, creativity and physical and emotional endurance. Running your own business is one of the most demanding and daunting pursuits and I know I would have never survived, if all I had to lean on was myself. 2) Keeping myself motivated to not quit when I’m exhausted and want to throw in the towel, by remembering it’s NOT ALL ABOUT ME! Read more>>

Chrystal Castillo | Author, freelance write, and mime

There are several habits that I have developed along the way that have helped me get to where I am. The 3 habits that have helped me the most 1. Not telling everyone my plans/moves. I believe telling others your plans is like giving your enemy a map of where you are headed. I do think that most people mean well but a lot times if we speak of our plan prematurely we end up either talking ourselves out of follow through or giving people power over our movements. It is wise to select a person for wise counsel and moral support. Read more>>

Ciara Burton | Owner of Ciara Sade & Co

The habits that I feel helped me succeed with my business and in everyday life is being consistent and writing everything down!!! Once you have mastered those two it’s no stopping the success that lies ahead of you! Read more>>

Chong Kim | Consultant, Speaker, Author and Media Creative Producer

Priority is important habit to me. Priority must be on the top of your list to achieve, without it if it’s not important to you then you can’t move forward with your project, business or goals. Read more>>

Erica Tucker | Licensed Therapist

Hard work and prayer. I believe in dreams for with God nothing shall be impossible. But dreams come true if you are willing to work for them and make sure your trying to do something that is about more than just you. Read more>>