We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Danielle Medlock | Event Planner & Designer

Being authentic and honest with my clients and followers is so important to me. Having a social media presence that people can relate to is what drives others to reach out to me. It’s important to me that when you hear the name Dani & Co. Events you know who I am and what I am about. I’m still learning and as I learn my followers learn. Read more>>

Melissa Cabey | Actor & Nutrition Coach

The most important thing to me and my brand is that I always stand by what I am portraying as a nutrition coach. I have had a few different people (mostly personal trainers) ask to team up with me — however my mentality towards health and wellness did not at all align with theirs. Although those partnerships could have helped me get more clients, I wouldn’t have been true to my morals. I also always make sure that I am setting a good example for my clients as well as those around me. I focus on intuitive eating in my coaching, so you will never catch me talking about diets or cleanses or clean eating. I am constantly working to be a good example. Read more>>

LaToya Haynes-Piper | Romantic Getaway Travel Specialist

One of the most important factors behind my success would be the people I love that are close to me. And one of those people is my husband. I remember when I first started Travel Romantic Getaways. I thought about what my niche would be and I thought about my husband and I and how I would love the opportunity to plan Romantic Getaways for couples. During our relationship, my husband and I rarely traveled. And then I decided one day to surprise him for his birthday by taking him to the Riviera Maya/Cancun, Mexico. He had a blast and that smile he had on his face while on vacation was priceless. And I thought, “What if I could always put a smile on my clients face like the one he shows me on this trip?” Taking a vacation is a priceless moment and experience you keep as long as you are on this earth. Even after our lives are over and we transition, our loved ones have memories they can remember us by. Read more>>

Dena Qaddura | Recipe Developer/ Foodie

I think being Middle Eastern growing up and the United States is definitely giving me the upper hand and being able to make Middle Eastern food more approachable to the non-Arab. So I think that my recipes are really easy to achieve for anyone no matter where where they’re from because a lot of the ingredients that I use in my recipes can be found in any grocery store. So definitely this is a huge factor for success with @cookwithdena. Read more>>

Laurel Kinney | Personal Wardrobe Stylist

I have a background in social work, so my approach to my business and with clients is much different than straightforward fashion styling. I like to focus on my clients first, before we even get into the work of discussing clothes, so that I can uncover the things about them that can be expressed through style. For me, this approach is not only more personally fulfilling because I get the chance to meet & know so many amazing people, but it sets my client up for success by shedding light on the authentic elements of personal style that can last far beyond our work together. Read more>>

Art Cantu Jr | Co-Owner & Founder

I feel like sacrifice has been a huge part of the process. Read more>>

Amanda Kolbye | Business Coach

The most important factor behind my success has been my unstoppable mindset. From day one, before I made my first dollar, I truly believe I was going to run a 7 figure business even though I had no clue how. And I showed up confident and unstoppable even when no one was watch and even when I failed and got rejected time and time again. There is no “end goal” in entrepreneurship; it truly is a journey of ups and downs and the single thing that will determine your success is having an unstoppable mindset and attitude and not letting anything ever get in your way. Read more>>

Felicia Wallace | DIY Blogger

When I write a blog post or share a post on social media, I exchange earnest interactions with my audience. That engagement is crucial to maintaining a successful relationship with those who are drawn to what I do. I think when people find my blog, Hello Home, Girl (www.hellohomegirl.com) or my social media, (@hello_home_girl on Instagram), they see that I expose my emotional journey of grief while I work on my various DIY home projects. I am learning that so many people deal with grief, and I am grateful that they find a connection to my story. I’ve experienced growth in my reach by simply sharing my projects and grief and corresponding to those who share that reality. Success lies in the exchange of conversation. Read more>>

Steve Garcia | Creative Director

Intrepid is the best word that comes to mind. I have always approached different chapters in my career with a fearless attitude filled with a heavy dose of optimism. In addition, I am an endless learner. I love to pick up new skills whether it’s the latest 2D or 3D animation trend or teaching myself the foundations of photography to be a better visual storyteller. I’m always pushing, always searching for the best version of myself. As Matthew McConaughey said in his Oscar speech, “My hero is me 10 years from now and when I’m 45, my hero is me at 55. I’m never going to be my hero, but that keeps me with somebody to keep on chasing.” Read more>>

Derek Curry | Owner Of Sneaker Politics

The TEAM! There is no way Politics would be where it is today without the team all working hand in hand to elevate and grow the business. When I say team I mean every single person under the Sneaker Politics umbrella. Everyone matters. Read more>>

James Faison | CEO

The most important factor behind the success of TexasRanked is probably the authenticity, uniqueness, and our overall intention. These points have helped forge our brand forward and it also comes across to our viewers in the purest of ways. There are so many who have started after us that try to use our formula but do not get the same results because they do not have the right intentions. Loving to help people get where they want to get is at the core of TexasRanked. Read more>>

Trevor Adams | Chiropractor

The most important factor behind success for us has been faith, persistence, and courage. My wife, Bailey, and I started our chiropractic practice with the mission of helping many families through neurologically-based chiropractic care. We knew it was a risk in opening a practice right out of graduate school, but we were determined it was the right step to take. We were told it was “crazy” to open a business at a young age, that we should go “learn the ropes” from someone else first, but we knew through our hard work while in chiropractic school, that we could make it work! Our faith in God, each other, and following our calling lead us to take the leap and open up Vertical Chiropractic in October 2017. We have been tremendously blessed to serve so many great people in this community. There have been many road bumps and setbacks along the way, as with any business, but having the courage to get up each day and face the challenges ahead have only made us a stronger couple at home and at the office. Read more>>

Sara Drehobl | Your Unicorn of Real Estate

Authenticity – plain and simple. I am the same girl on the court as I am off the court and you always know exactly where you stand with me! Whether you met me 10 years ago or today that we will pick up right where we left off! I have found when I am truly in alignment and being myself is when my business thrives the most! People want to have FUN, sometimes they just need permission to do so and I am here to be that gate keeper everyday of the week and twice on Tuesdays!. Read more>>

Jada Rodriguez | Studio & Mural Artist

One important factor behind my success is definitely authenticity. Staying true to my brand and style. When you’re an artist your work won’t be everyone’s cup of tea and that is perfectly okay. I’m passionate about my art but there were many times I didn’t know if I would be able to do this full time. Stick to your guns and keep pushing. You never know what is right around the corner and it might be all the success you ever dreamed of!. Read more>>

Allyson Johnson | FoodWriter and Influencer

The most important factor behind the success of SipSavorSisters is purpose. We started our page with a purpose in mind and we have never strayed from that. Some people use the words goals, initiatives, targets, but basically all of those give people a fixed point and a focus. Often, getting off of that focus leads us down a path that doesn’t really show who we truly are and takes us away from doing what we do best. We remind ourselves of what our true purpose is everyday and we work hard to do the things that support that the most. Read more>>

Meridith Manning | Producer/Production Company Owner

I always strive to go above and beyond. I’m known for my attention to detail and for making sure that every fact is correct, every base is covered, and every single frame is the very best it can be. By the time I share a project with the client, I know that we have truly given it everything we’ve got. We deliver on time (sometimes early!) and make sure that we have done everything possible so that when the client sees the final project, they’re thrilled. And sometimes, they even cry. The best part of my business–and the part I take very seriously–is really getting to know the client and learning what it is they are hoping to convey via video. We specialize in documentary-style, natural, authentic video, and story-telling. In order to do that, I take the time to truly get to know my subject and the topic. Telling someone’s story is a huge responsibility and honor–one I don’t take lightly. It takes time, and listening, and patience; the big three. Combined with high-quality video, Emmy award-winning photographers and editors. Read more>>

Alexis Freed | Fitness & Weight loss Mentor

I personally believe the most important factor behind the success i’ve had is my determination and the support system around me. Without those two factors I don’t think I would have come this far. After all if I am keeping it real, it’s very rare that many people accomplish what I did at my age. That being said, the ability to make it happen is there for everyone willing to work for it! But the process isn’t easy, it doesn’t happen quick, and it isn’t pretty. However it’s worth every bit of sweat, sacrifice, and energy you put in to get there. The hardest part will always be getting started, and thats where the support system comes in. Surround yourself only with those who cheer you on and want it for you just as bad as you want it for yourself. For me that was/is my husband Tyler and my family. They have seen the hard work, sacrifice, and time I have put in each and every day to getting where I am now. Read more>>

Chris Terry | Filmmaker/Composer/Actor

I would say the key factors in my success thus far are belief and persistence. Plain and simple. Are there times where I feel like throwing in the proverbial towel? Absolutely. Do I occasionally suffer from imposter syndrome? More often than I’d like to admit. What motivates me to stick it out? Belief. I believe in myself the most out of anyone else, which is a very important skill to develop. Without that self-promotion and motivation, you’re doomed to stall out. It’s imperative to feed yourself affirmations and practice personal evolution to strengthen that belief. “If you don’t do it, who will?” never rang truer in this context. I personally had to delve deep into what my motivation and intent were behind my art. As a filmmaker, actor, or composer, you deliver a service as well as a part of yourself. Read more>>

Petra Gutierrez | Boudoir Photographer

The most important factor behind my success is connection and trust. I’m a boudoir photographer, and one of my main goals and purposes is empowerment. Most of the women that I work with don’t see themselves beautiful. Some women go through major life events like a divorce, weight loss/gain, cancer, etc.. My clients come to me to help them feel beautiful, and to be able to see who they truly are. Seeing their own images is an amazing experience. Even the session itself boosts their self confidence, and they leave my studio feeling like rock stars! I need to connect with these women emotionally, and they need to trust me to be able to open up during such an intimate experience. Read more>>

Kevin Knight | CEO/Entrepreneur

I live by the mantra, “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” Loving what I do is the most important factor behind my personal and company success. Read more>>

Erin Bowlware | Self Development Content Creator

Transparency! We can share as much or as little on social media as we want to, and any amount is perfectly valid. For me, I strive to stay as real as possible and I find that people really appreciate content they can relate to. Read more>>

Dante Ramirez | Owner/Founder Tender Smokehouse

I have been facilitated with the restaurant business for many years. I have always been focused on customer service and the major impact it has … positive or negative based on how we serve. Most recently I have been implementing training on “anticipation “. Coaching my staff how to really take care of guests by anticipating their needs… how to have employees take care of each other based on anticipating each other’s needs. This is nothing new but it is amazing how many restaurants and staff selfishly just take care of themselves. Read more>>

Chaya Woolcock | Speech-Language Pathologist and Content Creator

1. God first 2. Being teachable 3. Taking constructive criticism 4. Humility 5. Being open to new things. Read more>>

Ayanna Jones | Chef & Owner of ShopChefAJ.com

I have 3 habits that have helped me succeed. All 3 habits have been extremely beneficial to my business. The first habit is making sure I am doing adequate research on a weekly basis to get up to date information to help run my business effectively & efficiently. Doing the proper research has allowed me to find different ways to promote, advertise & find great business tips that helps not only my business but myself grow. The second habit is getting a planner and planning ahead, writing goals, and writing down accomplishments. Since I have been doing this I have found my days to be way more efficient because I know what needs to be done, what is done, and where I stand with my business. The third habit is surrounding myself with like minded individuals who keep me grounded & give me the strength to keep pursuing what I have envisioned. Read more>>

Jennifer Wax | Wedding & Portrait Photographer

I love taking notes. I was one of those weird kids in school that color coded their notes. Like black was what the given points, red were questions, and blue was like notes that helped support the topic and question. Everything was organized and divided up. I felt like it was the only way I could learn. Come time for test or assignments, I knew exactly where to go, what I needed and it didn’t take me forever. Once I got older, I carried on the same habit to college and then when I started working. Now I color code my editing process, red is bad, green is good, and yellow is a maybe. With out this, I don’t think I would be able to take on as many weddings as I do and be able to handle the workflow. Read more>>