Shoot your shot? Take a chance? Society bombards us with messages, phrases, examples and stories of how taking risk is the key to success, but is anything ever that simple? We asked some of the brightest folks we know to tell us about how they think about risk. We’ve shared their responses below.

Dasia Smith | Realtor/Credit Repair Specialist

Risk taking is one of the most important aspects of being an Entrepreneur. Without taking risk, you’ll eliminate your ability to accomplish your full potential. I constantly take risks but not without planning and setting deadlines and expectations. Once the risk have proven unsuccessful, I eliminate it and plan further to make the risk reach its full capability. A risk without a plan is just a blind risk but a risk that is well thought through can lead to success. Read more>>

Erin Chisholm | Artist/Singer-Songwriter

For me risk taking means that there is not yet evidence of the thing/the move/the decision you are wanting to take, therefore it feels risky (sometimes scary, unknown). But, I am such a believer in following your intuition and that means just trusting yourself and having faith in that thing/that move or that decision and just going for it. So many of my greatest lessons have come on the other side of that leap and I’m so grateful for them all. Read more>>

Joshua and Kristina Bridgewater | Christian recording artist & motivational speakers

We believe that life itself is a risk. You’re not gonna get out of this thing alive. Taking a leap of faith in the direction of your passion and purpose is a risk worth taking. As people of faith and recording artists, we’ve found uncommon blessings and opportunities on the other side of being risky. We’ve had people bless us out of nowhere all because we said yes to our call. Investing in your self and your dreams is always risky but the goal in life is to increase in value and risk taking is apart of that process. Read more>>

Shapier Hill | Entrepreneur of Organic Skincare

I believe risks are quintessential to growth in life! A lot of things are what they are in life because of people taking risks at some point. One of the most influential messages about Risks that I’ve heard is Steve Harvey’s message called “Jump” If you haven’t heard it… please take a moment and just pull it up on Youtube, it’s 6:35secs long. It has honestly been one of my favorite inspirational teachings to this day! Please take 6 1/2 mins to watch that video, it will definitely challenge you in a way that is very rewarding if you take the leap to Jump! I even went to purchase his book “Jump” after that. That’s literally what propelled me into the path of self growth and becoming a business owner/CEO of my Organic/ Vegan based Skincare line Mahogany Noire. Read more>>

Alexa Jimenez | Independent hairstylist

It’s kinda interesting, before I became an entrepreneur/independent hairstylist, I would always steer away from anything risky. I think In a practical way and I always stick to the safest options that guarantee success. I became Independent back in 2020, whilst the pandemic was just starting, it was the biggest risk I have ever taken, especially with times being very uncertain. But the reward will always outweigh the risk, and just like in any business venture, you have to take risks in order to grow. Read more>>

Tyra Clark | Social Entrepreneur & Filmmaker

Risk is a tool. It’s a gut check, but also a tool. I think about educated, planned & calculated risks as positive tools. Spontaneous risks can work out too, but give me way more anxiety, ha! I get it though, sometimes living a little is healthy & rolling with things is all you can do in the moment. Risks can help you gauge your vitality, will power, depth, and strength. They can propel you forward. Read more>>

Deryk Garrett | Business Owner & Welder

In our business there are two different ways we look at risk. From a personal safety point of view, we are constantly trying to minimize risk in our profession and our day to day. We do this by increasing training and awareness of potential hazards related to the job, increasing personal protective equipment for team members, and mostly through job planning and systems. Read more>>

Hunter Hungerford | Artist

I think risk is a huge part of life and can be looked at as something to avoid for most people. For a long time I avoided risk and realized that it should be something I invite into my life, and not run away from. Risk often leads to answered questions and new opportunities. If you never take a risk you will never know what could be available for you on the other side. You could find yourself like me and be left pondering on the thought of “what could’ve been”. Read more>>

Nina Hill | Modelographer

Risk taking is the number one reason I am where I am currently. I took a risk years ago quitting my full time job to purse my passion (photography) as a full time venture. It was scary and not an easy path but I continued to push forward and take every opportunity that came my way to lead me exactly where I am today! Read more>>

Kandy Robertson | Social Media Expert/Digital Creator/Entrepreneur

This particular word “risk” has been a word that was a constant reminder of my “failures.” For a long time the thought of risk taking haunted me, the consequences was often used against me in a negatively. 17 years ago, I became a nurse, after I no longer was able to pursue art in college because I became pregnant. I knew I didn’t want to be a nurse forever. I had dreams of having my own business and being successful since I was a child. Read more>>

Anthony Anderson | Drummer, Percussionist & Performing Artist

Risk taking is what led me on the journey I am on now. Since the inception of my drumming career, when I was young and anxious to pursue drums, my intention was to be apart of a band, a unit. Throughout my teens and into my twenties, I predominantly played in a full band. Through some truth but with some common misconceptions, drummers have notoriously been more of a “back up” musician, of course with the mission and enjoyment to provide the beat and the heart of the music. Perhaps it was complacency or my want to be apart of a family unit, Read more>>

Federico Mendez | Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate

Risk is something people shy away from for the most part due to fear of the unknown of what will happen. Keeping oneself in this thinking pattern only keeps oneself from moving forward. For the longest time that I can remember, not taking risk kept me from moving forward and reach my potential. Now as an adult and as someone who wants something out of life, taking risk has been the new perspective in my growth as a person and professionally in my career. Read more>>

Jenn T. Grace | Founder & CEO, Publish Your Purpose

My entire career has been based on a high-level of risk-taking which can and has made people in my life uncomfortable. When I was 23, I moved to a new state without a solid plan for employment. I quickly found a job in marketing that I genuinely enjoyed. What I didn’t enjoy was the toxic work environment. With very little planning and a leap of faith I quit my job without knowing where I would land next. Within 3 weeks I had an incredible opportunity lined up to be the first paid executive director of a CT-based non-profit. Read more>>

Kate Roberts | Hair Stylist and Colorist

Risk; taking a chance and hoping you succeed. That’s pretty much been the motto of my adult life, both personally and professionally. My first big risk was buying a home as a single 26 year old. At the time I was managing a med spa all while working behind the chair pursuing my true passion as a hair stylist. Read more>>

Gift Esema | Writer

Risk taking is the way forward. For anyone who desires to stand out and cut off from the circle of mediocrity, it is necessary for such person to take risk. Every notable move that brings about amazing results are taken in the pool of risk. Risk taking is one of the things that has helped move me from where I use to be to where am I now. I have taken risk at the expense of my safety in my search and thirst for knowledge and in the long run, it paid off. When you take the risk, you move. Every move you make gets you closer to your destination. Read more>>