We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Arkeyvia Hall | Content Creator / Pinterest Manager

I created Aloniebeauty I am a Content Creator & A Pinterest manager/creator I start Aloniebeauty (motivational stylist) to help motivate, give real encouragement and support because I saw what was needed to be done for real to help so many businesses and brands that just wasn’t getting real support! I go by the motivational stylist because I style your mind to WIN & Push you! Read more>>

Kelsey Brown | Holistic Doula- Lactation Educator- Childbirth Educator

Legacy Healer Birth Services I take much pride in helping my community! In helping women achieve the births of their desires- safely, informed, and without fear, nor unnecessary trauma. Too many times we leave such a natural process with trauma, and birth trauma is real, and it passes on to our little babies that are birthed from our wombs. Read more>>

Alexis Holland | Holistic Chef, Health Coach & Food/Music Activist

I created Living by Intention to help raise the health standard. After I secured the LLC, I looked up all definitions for the word “Intention”, and to my surprise, it also means “to heal a wound”. This is so fitting because I strive to address generational healing with my brand. Throughout my life, I witnessed most people I love suffer from heart disease, diabetes, anxiety, depression, digestive issues and so much more. Read more>>

Yuliia Bahniuk | Illustrator & Eco enthusiast

“Junglee Maau” company was created with the aim to spread awareness about current wildlife and environment situation on our planet, to tell people what are the problems and solutions to them, to show the beauty that lies in nature through art. Read more>>

Nancy Lovell and Nancy Ellis | Photographers, Neighborhood Photography

It starts with the power of even a single photograph to capture a moment and serve for a lifetime. Both of us grew up around photos framed and around the house that told us about ourselves and our families. Now social media is in the mix, and photos can affect souls and families and communities. Read more>>

Mayra Ruiz | Resin Artist/Coach

When I started my business, I did so because I wanted something to call my own. Being a Hispanic mom, with English as a second language, it was hard to find my place. As soon as my business started to be successful it became very apparent that there were many other women out there just like me. Trying to make something for their own. I began connecting with other Hispanic women, who had a desire to build a business and be more independent. Working with those women has become my passion. Read more>>

Mikial Onu | Real Estate Entrepreneur

When I first started my company, my goal was to create a platform that removed the barrier to entry into Real Estate Investing so that anyone from any background can achieve their financial goals through Real Estate. No matter your financial situation, educational foundation, or time available; Read more>>

Morgan Kemp | Multimedia Artist & Outdoor Educator

I started my business, A Wild Thing’s Art, to create artwork that was more than just something pretty for your walls. I spend most of my free time outside doing a variety of activities: raft guiding, skiing, climbing, and backpacking. I see the beauty of the world but also how much she needs our help, I feel called to advocate for the voiceless, and the best way I know how is through my art. Read more>>

Connie Clotworthy | Meditation Facilitator & CEO of Worthy Beyond Purpose

Worthy Beyond Purpose brings mindfulness & meditation practices to children around the world. When we began in 2018, the motivating factor was all of the school shootings. One after the other. In Feb of 2018, The Stoneman Douglas shooting took place, where the shooter was a former student claiming shooting guns was his form of therapy, The supposed solution at the time from our officials was to arm our teachers! I knew something had to start NOW. Read more>>

Sarah Schoellkopf | Owner + Designer, Merriment

I grew up in a home where my mother’s mantra was to “scatter joy wherever you go.” I embrace this fully, and love finding a reason to celebrate, scatter joy, and create merriment. A big-picture goal I have for Merriment is for the company would be a blessing to every person it touches. Whether it is a vendor, employee, photographer, journalist, graphic designer, wholesaler, artisan, craftsman, website viewer, or customer Read more>>

Julia Camacho | Student at MIT & Founder of GrassrootsGov

GrassrootsGov is a digital political engagement and activism platform that empowers local communities by connecting civilians, organizations, and legislators in actionable ways. Internet organizing and activism have yet to fulfill their true potential: when people turn to the internet to express their frustration with or support for certain legislation or politicians, they are met with a confusing, ineffective, and piecemeal set of mediums and platforms. Read more>>

Cody Wagner | LGBTQ+ Author

I grew up in a teensy tiny town in the Texas Panhandle. As you can imagine, it’s not the most LGBTQ-friendly place on the map. I think it ranks right up there with Homophobia, Tennessee (I may have made that town name up, but still). Instead of being outwardly homophobic – with protests and hate crimes Read more>>

Juan & Beverly Mejia | The Retro Game Room Owners

Our business helps the community relieve their childhood by having fun and sharing valuable moments with their families! Read more>>

Martin Brown | Corporate and International Law Attorney

At Zhemian Ventures, we believe that social and political development of any community or nation follows closely on the heels of that community’s or nation’s economic development. Read more>>