Taking Risk is essential, but how much, when and why?  Takings risks effectively is as much of an art as it is a science and we’ve asked some of the brightest folks in the community to tell us about how they think about risk taking.

Lisa Muller | Photo – Maker

I am a firm believer that a life without risk, is a life not worth living. If you continue to stay in your comfort zone or play it safe; you never really understand success or failure. Which are things people need to know how to cope or mange during times of real highs and real lows. I’m a bit impulsive which is to a fault. Sometimes being impulsive helps me go beyond what I even thought I was capable of doing. After graduating college in Austin, TX; I packed my car of what belongings fit and drove to Los Angeles, CA. Read more>>

Jessy Graham | Hair Stylist and Wizard

I believe there is some level of risk in all decisions. I would advise taking low risks when it comes to my livelihood. In my career one of the biggest risks was to go from employee to my own boss many years ago. That decision was relatively easy for me to make because it was taking a risk on myself. I would bet on myself when it comes to hard work and being a solution finder. Lets face it, in entrepreneurship there are challenges you can’t prepare for. I take pride in learning from these challenges. Recently, I took a risk when relocating my salon and adding a secondary location. Read more>>

Susie Robb | Designer

Risk is defined as a possibility of harm, but the definition fails to mention the possibility of benefit! There’s a chance with every risk you take that you will benefit in some way. In January 2018, I was approached to buy the home decor business that I had been managing for a little over a year. The risks were hugely financial, but the benefits to taking this risk were possible financial gain, independence, and growth as a person. This risk would challenge everything in me because up until this point I had been a bit of a quitter in my career. Read more>>

Lacey Pruett | Author of High Performance Detox & Yoga Teacher

I say often: Make decisions that give you options. This is in my book, and a part of my Stepping into your Power” discussions, because I feel a person needs to find their voice and be bold in using it. This is risky, at times, and feels vulnerable, especially in the business setting. Part of being a business woman is stepping into your power, owning who you are, boldly speaking your voice, and all of this has risks attached. You may offend someone, or someone may misunderstand you, worse… someone may publicly misrepresent you. All big fat headaches… but worth it. Read more>>

Crystal Zarazua | Makeup Artist

I believe one cannot get far without taking a risk. If you have never failed at something, you have never had a chance to grow and learn from your mistakes, I really believe that this is the only way to success. When I first started working as a makeup artist, I had to push myself into taking risks. I had to take risks in order to learn different techniques and grow as an artist. I have learned so much and I don’t regret having failed a few times. I also took a huge leap of faith one year ago and went full time in the bridal industry. This was the biggest risk I have taken in my career as a makeup artist and it took me almost 7 years to do so. Read more>>

Deondriea Cantrice | Confidence Catalyst

For many being risk averse is common place and the thought of risk is frightening. Automatically, we think about what we have to lose, what if we are embarrassed or rejected, rather than focusing on what we can gain, how we will grow, or how we will benefit. I believe ins taking risks, calculated risk. One of my mantas is, “I never tell myself no.” I never tell myself I’m not qualified or I’m not enough. Risk is essential to success and is a reflection of your confidence. In my business and life, I’ve learned that there is nothing wrong with owning my voice, asking for what I want, and establishing boundaries. Read more>>

Bruno Tank Mendes | Entrepreneur & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu School owner

I believe everything in life involve risk. Any action we do has your risk. Small or big. It’s intrinsic to our life. We need to learn how read the risk. What’s risk and what’s lack of responsibilities. That’s the big difference in my opinion. I can say all my life was and is based in play with risk. To the fact to move out my home country to make a living here, to be an entrepreneur and invest and work on things and ideias people is not seeing yet. This define my life and career. I don’t fear risk, I respect it and I build my legacy around my values and work, with some risk. Read more>>

Rachael Kelley | Model, Beauty & Wellness Blogger

Taking a risk is not something everyone is willing to do.. but when you work hard for your dreams and choose faith over fear, the outcome is so worth it. Read more>>

Ashley Woodard | Spa Owner & Licensed Esthetician

In business you have to be willing to take a risk!! I always say scared money do not make money. Going into business,I risked it all because my business is all that I have. So I feel like I have to be all in it and not tip toe around it. I’m always taking risk but the outcome has been great every time so far. Read more>>

Kim Fan | Mom | Entreprenur | Nail Artist

In business I’m very much of a risk taker. I believe that for every eisk I take there is success. Sucess finacially or success in learning more about by myself or how to better my business. My father was an entrepreneur and has alwasy taught me that without risk there is no win nor failure. That risk that I take is my own destiny, my choice. By taking risk I was able to open a salon in a new city and no clientel. For myself it has been a success because I have not just gain loyal clients but who has became my dear friends. Read more>>

Kristen Rice Jackson | Founder and Executive Director

I don’t really consider myself a risk-taker. However, I think that’s because I have the privilege of being surrounded with very supportive family and friends. So, what might be a risk to a lot of people just felt like the next step for me. I will say, though, that when I resigned from my art teacher position in 2015, it was the first time I was without a steady paycheck and it was terrifying. Even though I thought I was mentally prepared for the transition, suddenly my income was entirely dependent on me. And it turned out, I didn’t have as much faith in myself as I thought I did. Read more>>

Dr. Elvia Espino | Corporate Psychologist, Special Needs Expert & Mom-on-a-Mission

In terms of risk, it has surrounded me my entire life. When I think back about growing up to a single mom in a community that saw me as invisible I quickly realized what the term risk meant. It happened by accident. During my junior high school years, I was pulled out to weekly field trips to the Harris County Juvenile Detention Center. I didn’t understand why or what the purpose of the school field trip meant, but I soon figured it out. Read more>>

Luke Sessum | Supplier Manager/Contractor/Musician

Risks are a factor of every decision we make. Including the food we eat, the cars we drive, the friends we make. It really comes down to how we measure risk, and for me, I try to forecast that risk as far down the line as I can to determine whether or not it’s a risk worth taking. I sincerely believe that the Lord has given me a large capacity of faith and has taken me further than I ever thought I could go, which has increased my understanding of risk. More often than not, faith takes a lot of risk. Faith can sometimes require you to give up your comfortable security and take a risk to pursue an unknown course. Read more>>

MacKenzee McDonald | MUA, CEO of ItsGoldenPiece Boutique & Model

If you never take a risk, you never know what could’ve happened. And you never want to go through life thinking of what could’ve happened. So I take risks. If I fail then, I get back up and try again. But I will never say that I regretted not doing something. Read more>>

Shaunie B | Comedian, Host, Radio Personality, Brand Influencer and “Everybody’s Favorite Homegirl

When I hear the word “risk” I compare it to “fear”. (an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.) Fear is designed to make you complacent. Make you very pessimistic. It challenges your ability to see greatness you possess. You can’t buy talent. Majority of my life “fear” led my life. I asked myself the same questions for every situation. What if I fail? What if people give up on me? What if they laugh at me? Is this a waste of time? I live by the motto “Y.O.L.O” (you only live once). Read more>>

Angel Diaz | Personal Trainer & Entrepreneur

Definition of risk-taking. : the act or fact of doing something that involves danger or risk in order to achieve a goal. Starting a business always involves some risk-taking. When you look at the definition of risk-taking its quite simple to understand that in any business there will always be “risk”. With that being said it is clear to understand that in order to be a successful entrepreneur you must be ready to take the challenge of risk-taking, if you aren’t ready for that challenge then you aren’t ready to become a business owner. Taking risks however, doesn’t mean going into business “blindly” not knowing your market or not having a plan expecting your business to grow on its own. Read more>>

Alexcia Mombo | Lash technician & Investor

I would say taking risks has played a major role in my life as well as career, with NO RISK, there’s no REWARD. I have embraced risk rather than fear it. It is one of my greatest learning tools. Imagine if I’d never took the risk to become an entrepreneur? Where would I be? I couldn’t imagine. Is Risk taking scary? Of course! I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t, but I like to look at it as FAITH and not so much as risk. Take that risk, have that faith. Will you fail? It’s possible. Does that mean you give up? Absolutely not! The Biggest Risk is not taking any risk. Read more>>

AJ Aiello | Co-Founder, Twelve Midnight

In the movie Gattaca, there is a scene where Vincent out-swims his genetically superior brother Anton in a game of chicken at the lake. Vincent had spent his entire life being told that he will never be able to achieve anything at the level Anton can. Vincent responds to his brother with a line that relates to how I feel about life and risk: “I never saved anything for the swim back.” Assessing and managing risk has been a part of my professional career for over a decade now. I spent the last 13 years working as a financial advisor for my clients. Read more>>

Shaniqua Rischer | Entrepreneur & Author

I am a risk-taker, and I always bet on myself (plus God). I have lived life with a nothing ventured; nothing gained mentality. This mentality allowed me to step out of traditional roles more often than others throughout my career. My ability to take calculated risks and assess situations, both realistically and optimistically, is the reason I am an Entrepreneur. Read more>>

JoAnne Howell | Event Planner

Although I like to play it safe most of the time, taking risks can be just as fun and rewarding. Whether its worrying about rain or the size of the tent or any thing I have done to take myself out of my comfort zone, risk always have paid off for me and allowed me to grow and continue to challenge myself. Read more>>