We had the good fortune of connecting with Chyrese Wright and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Chyrese, every day, we about how much execution matters, but we think ideas matter as well. How did you come up with the idea for your business?
There was a NEED!! That need turned into a WANT!! That want turned into I MUST!! It wasn’t until a film screening, of the second short independent production, I’d been apart of, at a local college, that I seen how pertinent the need for understanding “you must start somewhere” formed and that lingering feeling of “I wish someone would’ve given me a chance” came into view. Here I realized that taking action was of the essence. NO ONE is willing to hear you, see you, or care for what you do – IF YOU DON’T!! It was heartbreaking…more than once!! I had to learn and understand for myself that what I hoped to gain out of life was for good reason/purpose AND it had meaning. What legacy would I leave behind and would it be one worth mentioning!? Therefore, I planted a seed(drafted the concept of my brand)…watered it with my sweat and tears. I provided it with much sunlight. Spoke to and encouraged it daily(prayed). There were SEVERAL times I had to replant that SAME SEED into different soil – over and over and OVER AGAIN(REVAMP) to ensure its maintenance and growth. Now, approaching, (4)four years later I can proudly say I’m founder, owner and CEO of my own brand, ChyLovEnt, to which has (3)three subdivisions, Entertainment(Acting and Print Model) – Style & Fashion and a healthy alternative to Skin Care. It starts with a dream. That dream becomes vision and with vision brings forth fruition and before you know it MANIFESTATION!! Faith, Prayer and Action = Success & Greatness…

Let’s talk shop? Tell us more about your career, what can you share with our community?
Someone asked Lenny Kravitz “What keeps you motivated? And he responded “Life. Accomplishing a goal!” I found this to be so profound. The more I thought about it, I realized, that’s how I’ve handled the journey of my career. I thrive off accomplishments!! I love to conquer doubt and see one become pale in the face. My life’s experiences have brought me to being this optimistic, cheerful, curious woman and entrepreneur. My strong will keeps me fueled with strong ambition! I love home life and being in the company of family and friends. My brand is an insight to my personality, mind and style of fashion. It’s a safe place for me to be expressive. I’m invested in helping others with their mental, physical and emotional state of being. I’m passionate and will fight for fairness. When it comes to the lessons I’ve learned – where do I start? Would you like to know why I needed six years after high school to get going in life? Or how about when I thought because I had a child, life was over? Bye – Bye career and dreams; Hello to mommy dearest…SO I THOUGHT!! I learned that only YOU can stop YOU!! If there’s a will, there’s most definitely a way. Remember time waits for no one and YOLO(You Only Live Once)!! You can’t control what’s been but you can change what’s to come. Step by Step. [When a child falls off their bike, you don’t say okay that’s enough. You’d pick that child up, give them comfort and encouragement and say AGAIN…’til eventually the child needs no assistance.] I came to understand it wasn’t my timing was off, it was the fact that I’d lost track of my success because of keeping track of the success of others. Comparing age, race, gender or whatever else one may feel wasn’t the issue(everyone’s time is different), it was the level of skills that I felt I didn’t possess or hadn’t learned, but that they knew, that was my struggle to overcome. Even knowing I’ve produced and helped create great content with slim to nothing, for myself, still, “that just wasn’t good enough.” Learning to overlook the corrupted, conniving, and scammers within an industry you love and not hold a grudge, can be tough. But you learn to not take it personal because it serves you no purpose… I know that I’ve had to tell myself plenty of times don’t allow what I deemed as a failure to make or break the success of my business. Keep the faith and in mind your goals and objectives. You must produce boundaries and set standards that meet your level of progression. Learning and blocking out the hearsay and naysayers can seem easier said than done. But having a conscious mindset and sense of discernment does wonders and makes room for peace and solidarity to think and act with precision. The hardest challenge yet has been accepting the fact that my ‘circle’ has become smaller and smaller. Those I held in certain positions have shown their true colors through emotions centered by their disappointment with oneself. But my acceptance of one’s truth allows me to know my place and how to move with that particular person in the future. I’m a firm believer of taking what I need and releasing the rest. Lots of dancing, listening to music, writing, coloring, yoga & meditation aids in my mind’s clarity. It’s always been the BELIEF, a positive environment and consistent P.U.S.H.(Pray Until Something Happens) that stems my professional success. From a young age my mom saw what took many years to see, including myself…that I was destined for greatness. I was gifted! There was something liberating about entertaining others and bringing joy to their lives. Then between the stages of my teens to adulthood I eventually found my own passion for creativity and chemistry. Ultimately, getting to the bigger picture is the goal – that sandy white beach, with a view of nothing but the sea for miles and miles, the smell of the salty ocean, the cool breeze of wind passing over my big floppy hat but I can only see by lifting the brim, sipping mimosas with my best friends while the children build sandcastles and my husband serves me his finest, award-winning delicacy!! YES!! I’m excited, steady dreaming and awaiting the day I can live…FREE!! I’m seeking Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness!!

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
It’s clearly a girls weekend so when they touch down, they must unwind, so we’ll hit a little local neighborhood daiquiri shop to grab a small bite to eat, a tasty drink and listen to some good music. The next day we’re going to head to one of my favorite diners in the DFW called ‘The Pancake House’ for some breakfast/brunch or lunch if you please, located in Oak Cliff right off Illinois(Shoutout to my home state), NOT to be confused with IHOP! Once fueled and ready for the day we’re going to one of Dallas/Fort Worth’s over-sized malls: ‘The Parks.’ We’d be able to shop for the finishing touches to our outfits for the night out, as well as, finding the perfect souvenirs to take home. After being good and worn, before we leave, we’d grab a pretzel and lemonade from ‘Anne’s Pretzel’ stand and catch the skaters on ice. Later that night we’d get dressed and uber to whichever destination we please; be it Deep Ellum to bar hop and stroll the streets, listening to the sounds of independent musicians play various instruments. Or perhaps we could just hit up Park Ave. where they don’t disappoint and you’re guaranteed a great night of fun, drinking and dancing. But, if none of that is your vibe then we’d have to go to one of the many hookah and lounge bars located throughout the DFW area. To bring such a fabulous weekend to an end is such a shame. But, we’ll do it in style by hitting ‘Strike and Reel’ located in Garland, TX for an unforgettable afternoon loaded with fun! You’re sure to find something to get into whether you’re hitting up the arcade for games, bumper cars, rock climbing and more… Or did you say you wanted to catch the latest movie and dinner. Now, there’s no way you’d be interested in sipping on a couple ‘ritas while killing the score board with your perfect bowling strikeout moves. Then again, you could just relax in the lounge area, in or outside, slurping down a tall glass of one of the greatest milkshakes you’d ever taste. Dallas/DFW has a little fun for everyone! Now serving ‘country with a taste of the city!!’

The Shoutout series is all about recognizing that our success and where we are in life is at least somewhat thanks to the efforts, support, mentorship, love and encouragement of others. So is there someone that you want to dedicate your shoutout to?
To ALL those who supported me and my works, in front and behind the scenes; from my birthing & during adulthood through personal moments and hardships, to giving me my first break; your support hasn’t gone unnoticed!! Special Thanks To: My soulmate, my dear mother, my heavenly guardian grandmother, my best friends: Tee & Kat and extended close friends and family… Blessings are in order!! How could I even begin to measure the level of gratitude I store for the unconditional support and love you’ve provided unto me!? I’m forever grateful to each of you because you’ve endured my endless dreams and countless endeavors on the road to success. But most of all, YOU!! – BELIEVED IN ME!! Thank you for offering me a judge free zone to flow, create and become…Here’s to YOU and the future we’ve yet to walk into…APTTMH(All Praises to The Most High)!!

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