You know that feeling where you are so excited about getting up in the morning because you just can’t wait to get to work? Some folks will think that sentence is insane, but others know exactly what we’re talking about. We asked some of them to tell us why they love what they do so much.

Kushal Bastakoti | Artist

Art to me is a friend who never disappoints me. The main focus of my art journey is to be able to continue experimenting with new forms and styles of painting. I love to exhibit a wide range of color and experiment with different subject matter through my artworks. Portraying new subject matter in my art has always inspired me to do more experiments. I enjoy the process of looking back at my art piece and thinking about the entire process of creating it. Read more>>

Katie Rosebraugh | Personal Branding Photographer

Through photography, I help female business owners create and share their stories as a marketing tool to attract their ideal clients. I love it because I like making an impact through the stories and people I get to capture. I love helping other female business owners grow their businesses. Read more>>

Daniel Chatterton | Graphic & Fashion Designer

I love what I do because I get to take all my influences and put them into one spot. My new brand “Kids’ Table”, is a streetwear brand where I can take everything that has influenced me in my life and showcase it to the world. From action figures and cartoons, to music and sneakers. Kids’ Table has allowed me to have fun with what I do and not take things so serious. I want to share this feeling with the world; a sense of nostalgia and freedom. Read more>>

Beth Bowland | Author, Publisher, Designer

It all began with an inner voice. The inner voice told me to start my own publishing company. I’d been writing for several years at this point and had four books published. As creatives, we can come up with millions of reasons why we shouldn’t step out on faith and try something new. It took three years, but I did it and started Onbeperkt Media. Ever since January 2019, I’ve been on a creative high. I finished two additional books and am currently in the process of writing my seventh book under Books by Beth. Read more>>

Amy Braddock | Wife, Mom of 4, & Influencer

I love sharing my style through my social media accounts and on my blog, because I love fashion. I love getting to share outfit ideas and styling tips with other women. Whether it be simple day-to-day, mom-on-the-go outfits, or getting fancy in a dress and heels for date night, I love inspiring others to feel their best and confident in what they wear. What I love most about doing this is hearing from those who find something that makes them happy. Read more>>

Crashlee Ashlee Cave | Tattoo Artist

I just love being able to put art on people through Tattooing. There is so much to love about it but most of all I love seeing a client see the tattoo once finished and how they see all their ideas have come to life. At the end of a tattoo a client is usually tired from sitting in some pain or have sat for hours to see this finished piece, which can sometimes be released in an emotional way. Weather it was a memorial tattoo or a fun character tattoo, at the end, every one is excited to finally stand and go see their personal piece. Read more>>

Elizabeth Schramme

I love what I do because I truly believe that if you live in a well-designed space it can change your life. There is no greater time than during this quarantine that proves how important being comfortable in your home is. I have a two and a four-year-old so I completely understand needing functional spaces but too often I hear “We need to wait until our kids grow up to redo our house.” There are so many ways to make a space child and family friendly but still beautiful. Read more>>

Karen Peccina | Pr and Social Media Expertise

I love my job because I can help People to achieve their dreams. I always thing that we are all artists!! Doesn’t matter if you are a singer, a painter, a chef, a writer etc when you love what you do, you can turn into art!! Everybody has an history that deserves to be known and I’m happy to let the people discover yours. Read more>>

Aubrey Pearson | Aubrey Pearson – The Bespoke Realtor

I love what I do because I love what it does for others. Shelter sits right at the top with food in terms of the what you need in life. Anything with that level of importance will lead to questions. Such as who can trust? It opens the doors for people trying to scheme, they think it’s easy, they’re here today and gone tomorrow. That allows me to be sagacious, and deliver every time I’m given an opportunity as a Realtor. In addition the joy of being a Realtor, I have the added pleasure of providing shelter as a trusted Landlord. Read more>>

Eddy Herrera | Tattooer

I love tattooing. I am IN love with tattooing. I grew up being an artist and was always the “art guy” in school. I never really thought anything would come of it at least as a career. I was always told that college was the correct route to go in order to be successful so that’s what I pursued. Once I actually got to college, I realized it wasn’t for me at all. I left after one semester and started working. I was working for about 3 or 4 years before I decided to pursue tattooing. I had friends over the years tell me I should try it, but I always brushed it off and dismissed it. Read more>>