Artists and creatives face innumerable challenges given that their career path often doesn’t come with a playbook, a steady paycheck or any form of safety net. It’s definitely not easy and so we asked a few of the artists and creatives we admire to talk to us about why they chose to pursue an artistic or creative career.

Rodrigo Caraballo-Marin | Solo musician/artist that performs under the moniker ‘Blue Capricorn’

It was just the right path for me. I knew I’ve always wanted to be involved in music and share my creative outpour with the public. I just don’t see myself doing anything else. It’s what’s kept me inspired for years and motivated. One day when I was in high school I simply asked myself “what would music sound like if I did it?” After that, the rest is history. Read more>>

kazandra olvera | fashion, lifestyle, & mental health influencer

I’ve always loved creating and admiring beautiful ideas. Whether it be creating a new art piece for my elementary school art show competitions, admiring the beautiful different personalities of people, or even creating an organized template for my college assignments- They all brought me some sort of peace and connection to the world. Read more>>

Jose Guerrero-Galvan | Photographer

the reason I wanted a creative career is because I didn’t want something for my life where I could be easily replaced. and I also wanted to take a different path than what would have been laid out to me had I not taken my future in to my own hands. I came from a long line of law enforcement officers, so veering down a path such as photography was something I needed to be steady in and show I could be successful in a different line of work than what I had been raised in. Read more>>

David Chadd | Artist

Growing up, my father always had a sketch pad in hand wherever he went. He would sketch the trees in the backyard, a new fence or deck he wanted to add to the house, or just a simple landscape of a field. I would take my dads sketch pads and copy his drawings to learn how he worked. That is when I knew I wanted to become an artist. I had many dreams as a kid to pursue something creatively but as I got older and started experimenting with different artistic outlets, painting became my forever obsession. Read more>>

Linda Lieffers | Artist

After getting burnt out from my food catering business I decided to take a year off and find something I was truly passionate about. I wanted to do something that never felt like actual work. I started painting in August 2018 and my life changed. We converted a boat garage into my studio and this has been the best decision of my life. Read more>>

Original Soul | Artist/Producer & CEO

I chose an artistic career because of my love of the arts. I love words. I love to create. I like to hear how my thoughts play out and hope that what I have to offer may help someone else, or hope that others can relate. Read more>>