Starting a business is a commitment and requires dedication, resources and sacrifice. We asked some of the rising stars in our community how they thought through the idea of starting their own businesses.

Trey Elledge | CEO

I’ve always had a genuine interest in business, and for most of my life, I’ve known that I wanted to own my own business at some point. I’ve had some great successes in my professional career working for other people which helped give me the confidence that I could do it, but I struggled to come up with an idea that I felt was worth investing in. Read more>>

Shawnee Mitchell | Founder Of Kidfirming

The thought process behind starting Kidfirming was to provide a resource directed mainly towards children that’s designed to help them build positive self-esteem and a strong sense of self-worth. I felt it was to become my job to teach them how awesome they are through self encouragement. Read more>>

Amy LittleSun, MBA, CMPE | Wife, Mom, & Business Owner

The thought process behind starting my own business was to be able to do what I love as a professional while being more available for my kids and my husband. I had been running a medical practice for the previous 5 years and felt a change was in order; but I didn’t think making the jump to another company was the correct step. Read more>>

Adrianna Santiago | Custom hat designer

As a creator I was inspired by my love for quality products made here , so many times i would be searching for a hat and the lack of quality was always a issue. I wanted to offer people a hat that was high quality and able to be worn out on the town or on the day to day. I have always been a entrepreneur at heart . I have long hoped to make this dream a reality, though I was nervous with the help from my husband I took the leap and here I am. Read more>>

Megan Thur | Owner

Before my business was officially off the ground, I didn’t realize the passion I had. I started baking and selling dog treats to sell when my pit bull, Abby, got severely ill. I started making her food and treats at home and even changed her chews to all natural. Read more>>

Jessica Sanders | Artist

As a visual artist I love making, it’s an all consuming thing. I want to be making my work all the time, and my work takes so much time to happen. People tell me all the time that I must be super patient to make what I make, but I’m actually super impatient and want to see things happen, so I’m constantly working. Read more>>

David Portales | Home Renovation and Real Estate Investor

The year 2020 was hard for us as a family but it was what pushed us to pursue owning a business. We found out early November that I would be laid off from a large corporate company that I had worked at for several years. We understood that everyone was making decisions that were not easy but we were not sure what to do immediately. Read more>>

Katherine Epps | Family Nurse Practitioner and Owner

The groundwork began for opening Grace Vitale Wellness when I initially thought I’d be taking over another practice I was working for. While that opportunity didn’t work out in the end, it did make me realize that I was missing out on the ability to pave my own path in the way that we provide care. Read more>>

brisayon | streetwear fashion designer

Hey!! I’m a streetwear fashion designer from maryland! I touched a sewing machine for the first time back in 2017, but I’ve always had a passion for clothing and styling myself and others. In 2015, my friend told me about how easy it was to alter clothing with a sewing machine, so I figured I’d get one myself and do the same. Read more>>

Stacy Elmore | Cookie Decorator & Licensed Master Social Worker

I originally started making cookies as a creative outlet. I have a masters degree in Social Work and have a separate full time job. When I realized making decorated cookies was something that I had become good enough at that I could make some extra money, I thought it would be a good way to start saving for my kids college, family vacations and potentially put towards my retirement eventually. Read more>>

E. Toosmooth | Content Creator/Motivator

My thought process behind starting my business was simple to just start, stay focus and consistent as possible. Give the world a different side as well as a different perspective. Read more>>

Mark Sanders | Owner – 3 Twenty-One Media Company

After a decade in radio, I was frequently asked for compelling experiential or music-driven opportunities by clients. I began to create a network of Texas-based opportunities in that space to take to market in the sponsorship realm. Read more>>

Jessica Ballard | Micah Speaks Kid Camp | Author of Kiddeaux Connect Activity Books

My thought process behind Micah Speaks Kid Camp is inspired by my son Micah. Micah is on the spectrum and he regressed during the summer when he was not receiving services. I diligently researched for opportunities in my local community for summer camps that serve children with special needs and found nothing. Read more>>

Danny Foley | Human Performance Coach

I had taken some plans to a manager that included website updates, articles, video (exercise library content) for the company. I had spent several months preparing that content and formulating the presentation approach, only to be shut down, hard. Read more>>

DeAngela McGhee | Personal Chef & Caterer

I didn’t originally set out to start a business. Back in 2015 through 2016 I was on my own personal journey where I used meal prepping to assist me in losing weight. Many people followed my journey via Social Media. Read more>>