We’ve always believed that forming a strategy is impossible until your clear on what your values and principles are. Without values and principles to guide you, making decisions can seem impossibly difficult. Given how important setting values and principles is to decision making we asked folks we admire to tell us about the values or principles that matter most to them.

Bailey Turfitt | Makeup Artist & Creative Fabricator

When it comes to art, in my case makeup and costume, it is my upmost priority to make the subject feel otherworldly, or comfortable and confident in their look. I find that the best shoots happen when the subject is really into their character or when they feel like they’re in their element. This allows for more in-depth exploration and experimentation with the character, really allowing them to connect with it. I sometimes even allow the subject be part of the planning for the photo shoot, which really gives them a personal connection to the project and makes them feel like it’s their project too, Read more>>

Cathryn McHenry | Coach and Consultant

Freedom is a value that drives everything I do. So much of my past was spent in bondage to trauma and lies and power hungry people. I had to fight to find freedom and healing. Now that I have that, I want others to have it too. I don’t just fight for myself now. That’s why I started my coaching business. I wanted to create an avenue that didn’t just give financial freedom to me and my family, but that also brought practical skills to the general public; skills that can help them clarify their own values and goals and help them reach their full potential. I’m bringing skills that improve relationships and foster fulfillment. Talk about freedom! Read more>>

Andre’ Mitchell | Personal Chef & Caterer

The values and principles that matter to me the most are integrity and accountability. I serve my customers with the same integrity that I served my country while I was in the United States Navy. I build personal relationships with customers and clients to ensure that I am serving their needs and giving them the freedom to create their own menus. I pride myself in holding myself accountable in providing a high quality catering/private chef experience when working with Mother Lucille Catering. Read more>>