In our experience, most folks, including ourselves don’t have enough of an understanding of risk and the role it plays in our lives and careers and so we have made a concerted effort as a team to have conversations about risk with our interviewees. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Jason Bang | Photographer

I actually never was a risk-taker, and I have always thought it was important to have a plan A, plan B, and plan C, just in case things don’t work out. This has played a part in my life and career as well, because I started slowly in changing my work to only being a freelancer. I stopped doing my full time job when I saw a consistent trend in income and leads from my part time work as a photographer. Of course, it’s good and necessary to take risks in our lives, but I think that we also have to consider potential losses and act carefully. Read more>>

Ryan T. Johnson | Actor, Producer, Writer

It’s important in life to understand that taking risks is the only way to really grow in your life/career. It can be broken down to the simplest form of choosing a house to trading in stocks/crypto. We as business minded people have to constantly be thinking of new innovative ways to strength our future. In fact, taking such risks throughout my own life have brought me to find joy having created a production company to make movies and music. Read more>>

Reginald Phillips | Moving Business Owner

I feel like taking risks are inevitable when you want to elevate in life. From an entrepreneur’s viewpoint, taking risks are a major part of the lifestyle. As far as my career goes, taking risks has made a huge improvement on my life because I’ve found a new level of confidence within myself, which allows me exceed every goal that I set for myself and not allow anyone’s (myself included) doubts to hinder me. Read more>>

Letty Avelar | Photographer

Within my career risk taking has had and continues to play a pivotal role. I believe that you will not know unless you try. I was one of those who thought things over and over before making the first move. I would loose opportunities due to hesitation due to fear of that risk. 2020 was a game changer for me, I had a personal conflict that arose and gave me a new perspective. I made many positive changes in my life. Read more>>

Glitter | Songwriter / Singer / Musician

No Risk No Reward? Well, it’s definitely a satisfying reward and usually takes you further than the safe road. When I’ve taken risks in my journey, it’s opened doors that would have never opened if not for that decision. I also listen to my gut, if it’s risky and my gut feels good about it, I go for it. I can’t think of a time I’ve taken what would be considered a “risk” and it didn’t work out in a favorable way! Read more>>

Tracy Graham | Real estate agent with Rogers Healy and Associates

Let me first say that I am not and have never been a huge risk taker. I would much rather be comfortable and just let life move merrily along. However, starting my career in real estate was the ultimate risk for me! A little background…I was a teacher and coach for 20 years in the Dallas area. I loved what I did and I loved working with kids and mentoring young adults. My children also attended the school I taught at so I enjoyed getting to see them every day and be a part of all the fun. To leave that perfect scenario was going to take a huge amount of talking with the Lord. Read more>>

Jeff Hensley | Airline pilot

I’ve spent over 30 years in aviation, both as a Navy fighter pilot and as a commercial pilot flying for a major airline. Risk has always come with the territory. But there’s a big difference between assuming risk and being reckless. As a military pilot, I recall listening to countless speeches from squadron commanders telling us that “safety is our highest priority”. But I knew if that were really true, we’d never take a jet airborne. Read more>>

Natalie Boss | Glueless wig designer + MOMpreneur

Risk is the uncertainty of how the end result will affect you in a positive or negative manner. Basically for your good or not. When I set out on my business I wasn’t sure what the risk would be, honestly. But I knew it was far worst then me not doing it. I then had to compare if I hadn’t taken the risk, there would be no outcome. If I hadn’t decided, if I hadn’t followed my passion, if I hadn’t gone through with my purpose what that would’ve looked like. And I’m still not sure to this day. Taking a risk is putting yourself out there, being uncomfortable, but walking in your purpose pursing your passion. Risk to me is a no brainer when you know what you want and are will to do the work and go after it. Read more>>

Jo Duran | Photographer

Risk can be scary. However, the only way to avoid risk is to do nothing and that’s not the way I roll! I spent 19 years in public education in various roles, and then I took a leap of faith in the summer of 2019 with the offer of a position within a local architecture firm. Then, 2020 came around and the COVID lockdowns led to layoffs…and I was one of those statistics. But here’s the deal… Read more>>

Demetrius Gatson | Owner of Callie Cleaning Services

This country was built on risk-taking, and to have the willingness to take a risk one has to have faith. Making a career change in the middle of pandemic comes with its own set of challenges and risks. I personally think that once you address the fear factor there’s no limit. Read more>>

Fabio Arcangeli | Entrepreneur

Truth be told I was never one for taking risks, if risks were to be taken I would endeavor to keep them as calculated as possible. After the massive hit that the hospitality and construction industries took due to Covid, I was forced to reevaluate how I looked at risk. Me and my partner decided that it was time to abandon our comfort zones and thinking outside the box. We felt that the risk of failure was one worth taking if we had a concept that we believed in. With the future of our families on the line we came up with a business model that reflected the philosophy we want to work and live by. The risk is worth taking if it is something that you can whole heartedly believe in, there can be no half measures. Read more>>