In our experience, most folks, including ourselves don’t have enough of an understanding of risk and the role it plays in our lives and careers and so we have made a concerted effort as a team to have conversations about risk with our interviewees. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Jessica Washington | Owner of GorJess Skincare

Before I started GorJess Skincare I worked in finance. The job was easy and it paid all of our bills, but I wasn’t happy. On the first of the month I was already thinking about what days I would call in. I knew I had a better purpose in life. I prayed & prayed! I took a step on faith and quit my job. It was so scary, not knowing what the next day would bring, but I’m thankful I had a huge support team that kept me focused and reminded me of my purpose while going to school. When starting a new chapter in life can have its ups and downs, but it’s so worth the risk. Read more>>

Shamber Uzuh | Actress & Registered Nurse

I come from a small town in Little Rock Arkansas where in comparison to Atlanta Georgia it’s a very small place it’s more family oriented down south type of feeling. I am an only child my primary family is my mother so for me to one day decide that I’m going to leave home and move to a place where I have no family. A place where I I don’t know anyone, I don’t have a job here. I don’t have any connections all I have is a dream mixes with a undeniable grind, a hustle that won’t stop, add in some passion. I have the spirit of God within me that gives me a spirit of not fearing but a spirit to take all these risks and challenges as they come it takes a lot of personal growth and evolution to take risk and to bet on yourself it takes you growing and knowing what it is that you want to accomplish and knowing that no one else is going to do it for you but you. Read more>>

Jeff Garnett | Architect

Risks are required. Risk taking has shaped every chapter of my life both personally and professionally. Taking risks is not always easy or comfortable, but essential. Our “comfort zones” are great but can also make life much too stagnant. Plan accordingly, but take the risk. My decision to create my own architectural practice was absolutely a risk — I took the risk because I ultimately wanted to pursue new ideas and test my design skill set to create buildings that were inspiring (both to myself and others). It really came down to those two things. I wanted to be free to design the types of projects I was specifically interested in and explore ideas which had been floating around in my head for several years. Read more>>

Raijon Geter | Life Coach & Counselor

I think of risk taking as an opportunity to trust God. Most times a risk is taken based on what we think is best rather than depending on the one who knows best. Risk taking or stepping out on faith have played a very important role in my life and career. I remember when I had to leave behind a job that was a blessing in one season, in order to walk into another position in the next season of my life. It wasn’t easy but I knew I had to fully walk out of one door to experience what God had prepared at the next. Read more>>

Jasmine Cato | Owner of Granny Jas

Taking a risk is what helped me start my business. Throughout my adulthood life, I’ve always fed people because it brings me joy to watch people enjoy what I’ve worked hard making! From feeding my college teammates, to cooking for my family when my mom was out of town, to later host gatherings where I served food, cooking really became one of my favorite hobbies! When I was younger, I never really thought to actually DO anything with it. It wasn’t until recently that I realized turning a passion (cooking) into a career is attainable. Read more>>

Souma Mondal | Software Developer & Beat Maker

I think we tend to focus too much on the “risky” part of taking risks and not enough on the rewards. I’m not advocating a “YOLO” approach. What I’m saying is we’re generally quite blind to opportunities that could literally be right there. For me, taking risks has played a large part in finding new opportunities and personal fulfillment. I was at a well-paying, relatively prestigious job that I absolutely hated. But I was scared to leave. It wasn’t until a co-worker told me “If you don’t like where you are, try making a change. Not doing anything is a guarantee you’ll be unhappy. Take a chance. Your happiness is worth it.” Read more>>

Erin Stables | HurrayTruck Owner & Marketing Director

I think risk is an important element not only in my personal life but also in my career. Taking risks has allowed me to challenge myself to do so many things I never imagined I would do! For example, I took a risk during the COVID shutdown in 2020 and began the process of buying my first home. It wasn’t something I had really given much thought to before that. The more time I took to research and read about the benefits of homeownership, I had my mind made up! I am grateful I took that risk and set my sights on a goal a little out of my comfort zone. The risk of starting my own business has made me more confident in my own ability to take on new projects and work hard to find solutions. With every risk there is hesitation, fear, excitement and anxiety but I feel that risk taking pushes me to be better than yesterday. Read more>>

Kris Pessarra | Chef and Entrepreneur

I’ve always thought of risk as falling into two different types. Those being the calculated variety and the spontaneous variety. I feel both are necessary in life and especially a new enterprise that has any chance of being economically viable and long-term sustainable. As one goes through life and their respective careers and, you’re hopefully paying attention along the way, there should be enough life data for you to uncover your risk tolerance and how you process decisions. You have to be comfortable with unknown outcomes. Read more>>

Devin Way | Artist / musician

Risk taking is just what it states! But with taking a risk it’s still smart to plan. I learned this the hard way but I don’t regret it, back in 2016 I drove to California with $300 in my pocket and a dream with NO plan! Although I made some cool connections it didn’t really lead to much because I didn’t plan properly Read more>>

Francesca Vuillemin | Astrologer & Social Impact Influencer

Whether it was relocating for work or changing careers, deciding to leave the familiar by taking calculated risks proved to be the right move to support me in fully expressing my potential. Read more>>

Kelsey Wiley | Licensed Real Estate Agent & Small Business Owner

Risk taking, in my opinion, is essential for success in your personal and professional life. At the height of the pandemic in 2020, my husband and I started a distribution business. In retrospect, it was probably the riskiest move we’d made in our lives but I absolutely wouldn’t change a thing. At the time, he was a store director with a large retailer and I was a sales assistant for a flooring company in the new construction industry. He stepped out on his own first while I continued to work as an essential worker in my office. Read more>>

Cody Lewallen | Artist

Taking risk is the most important thing to my success. Without risk we do not grow nor do we make mistakes which is where the greatest life lessons come from. Read more>>