We had the good fortune of connecting with Brittney Williams and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Brittney, what do you attribute your success to?
The most important factor behind my success/success of my brand is actually a mix of a few key elements including: Always making it a habit to remember my WHY, Being consistent with my brand and it’s messaging, Providing great customer service, Networking, Being transparent about my personal journey and the marketing industry itself for small business owners. Providing encouragement and daily inspiration for other entrepreneurs & small business owners, to ultimately keep going after their dreams/success of their business. In addition, to showing up for my business every day and really taking the time to engage with my audience current and new.

What should our readers know about your business?
My Marketing and Consulting business is geared towards helping small business owners and startups with their marketing, content, and social media needs, who have smaller budgets needed to obtain their ultimate marketing goals. Which I help them reach through Social Media, PR, Digital graphics and Grass root tactics. Plus array of add-on services I offer outside of my general consulting and marketing/social media packages for businesses to take advantage of. I have recently gone through a rebrand and have now added on more options for current and prospective clients to take advantage of. Such as additional digital creation and design work that I provide.

As far as specialization, I would say one of them would be social media and content creation. Being that social media is pretty much the go-to for most consumers and businesses today. As it is both used to interact with one another and is really an amazing space for businesses to grow their brand and shed light on their products and services. I really love the fact that my clients enjoy what I do and I have been able to work with them to develop their brands voice & style, find their true target audience, and help in creating an experience for their consumers/followers. I’m most proud of the fact that my clients truly trust in me and my business to take their marketing to the next level. The feedback is great and based on the work we’ve done together and the moves we’ve made. There has been a lot of #glowup happening lately for us all. I’m honored to be a part of their journeys and I’m focused on continuing to do even bigger and better.

I am also the Founder/Creator of The Creative Juices Group (@thecreativejuicesgroup), an online social space & community I developed for other Female Creatives of Color and/or #Creativepreneurs. To shed light on them and their work behind the scenes, to get and stay inspired, provide useful tips to help grow their business and marketing, provide opportunities to network and connect with other creatives such as: Digital content creators, social media marketers, photographers, bloggers, graphic designers, videographers, social media influencers, etc. and provide a space where they can be seen, heard and supported. I feel what sets me apart from others is simply that, me and my style, form of creativity and how I am able to uniquely engage with both my client’s followers and my own. As well as my versatile work background, which has truly helped in a lot of areas for client and personal projects.

I have gotten to where I am today with dedication, hard work, faith and passion. However, It has definitely not been a smooth road for me. But I always knew going into business for myself would bring some challenges that I would have to push through. My real challenges started well before I began my business. My freshman year in college I lost my dad who was one of biggest supporters and best friends. Losing him really put me in a position at that time, I didn’t know how to come out of. Although, losing a parent is something you never fully get over, it has for sure made me even stronger over the years and more resilient to certain obstacles I have incurred thus far with entrepreneurship. Some of which were my work life balance, learning to say no to things and certain people that deemed as not a good fit for business, and really just knowing my worth and remaining confident through my entrepreneurial journey.

I am a strong believer that everyone is destined for success. We all were given special gifts and talents, and it’s important that we not give up on our dreams, just because things appear to be difficult or not going the way we intended them to. I love encouraging and motivating other entrepreneurs on this very note, because you will be tested, but know that God has your back and you were already designed to receive the success you dream of, regardless of any challenge that may come your way.

Any great local spots you’d like to shoutout?
If my childhood bestfriend were in town I would for sure have to hit up some of my favorite food, drink and hang out spots in the Dallas area. Our weekly itinerary would include a few choices from: LoLo’s Chicken & Waffles (Brunch), Mash’d (Brunch), Yardhouse (Dinner) Val’s Cheescake (Dessert) Shell Shack (Seafood) Grand Lux (Dinner) Nekter (juice bar), Piada (lunch) STIRR (Happy Hour) Tacos and Tequila (drinks/night out) Sprinkles(Dessert), Soul Cycle (exercise) Trinity Groves (Food, Drinks, Dessert) , The Galleria Mall, Blue Sushi Sake and Grill, Uptown or Downtown Dallas (night out) Texas Live (night out) Fuel City (late night snack) Legacy Food Hall(Dinner/Drinks/Chill night out) Fast & Furious (lunch) , Saint Ann (drinks/patio), Twisted Root Burger, Alamo Drafthouse (Dinner & Movie), Virtruvian Way (walk/exercise trail) Wow Drip Donuts (late night dessert)

The Shoutout series is all about recognizing that our success and where we are in life is at least somewhat thanks to the efforts, support, mentorship, love and encouragement of others. So is there someone that you want to dedicate your shoutout to?
Yes, outside of God who I know always has my back and has allowed me to come across some amazing people & opportunities thus far in my life. I would definitely have to dedicate and give recognition to my parents. They have always been super supportive of everything I wanted to do in life and encouraging me to never quit on my dreams. Before my dad’s passing a few years ago. He would always remind me how strong I am and proud of me he was for going after what I was passionate about. My mother has been even more incredible over the years as I have continued to grow personally and professionally. She is one of my best friends/mentor/and number 1 fan.

Website: https://brittneywilliamsmc.myportfolio.com/about
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Other: Email: brittneywilliamsmc@gmail.com The Creative Juices Group: Instagram (@thecreativejuicesgroup); Website: https://msha.ke/thecreativejuicesgroup/#the-creative-juices-group; Email: thecreativejuicesgroup@gmail.com