We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Ted Hoffman | Founder

I spent most of my career in corporate America. The transition to the startup world was a natural one for me personally. Anyone who decides to make the same move needs to be prepared for endless challenges. Key characteristics, do not give up, work harder than the next person everyday, be prepared to work 7 days a week, be prepared to do all the little and hard things, be organized and be detailed. The FLY Brand resonates with its customers so several reasons. We are a made in the USA product. We are a CLEAN product company and our formulas are paraben & sulfate free. We think we have unique packaging and brand design. Lastly we have formulated a great product and continue to see +80% reorder rates. FLY is a very attractive destination for millennial men! Read more>>

Jacob Niemeier | Founder & Executive Director

This is a worthy question worth asking. To me it comes down to, “What makes me tick? What is my x-factor, the reason I get out of bed every day?” The answer to this question is simple, my x-factor is my deep burning desire to see everyone thriving & living the life they were created to live. I desire to inspire others to pursue their passions & dreams by pursuing my own, allowing my life testimony to serve as a witness to others, and giving the gift of True Water True Life to those we serve thereby giving a chance for a better life to those that are hindered by lack of access to the basic rights and resources to of a quality life! This passion is what drove me without fear to take a leap of faith and pursue the less traveled road by starting Vera Aqua Vera Vita and devoting my whole life to wholehearted service of others, and I do believe that it is this “x-factor” that is the reason behind my success! Read more>>

Christopher Pick | Founder & CEO

I love this question, because it is good to pause and reflect on what makes you successful and to understand why your clients should and do choose you. That said, I believe the most important factor in our success as a company is living by the golden rule: treating others as we would want to be treated. We apply this philosophy in our relationships with our employees and our clients. It’s a guiding principle that makes tough decisions easier and helps us do the right thing even when it hurts. The result is a good reputation, long-standing clients, and referrals. Read more>>

Dave Weaver | Owner

The most important factor behind the success of SoCo is the product. People absolutely love our Ginger Beer…and for good reason: It is the best tasting drink there is. It is much more than the sum of it’s ingredients, which are very sparse, by the way. Simply lemon, ginger, organic cane sugar and sparkling water in the perfect quantities, and magic comes out. After my brother Benjamin began producing SoCo and I had a taste, I was hooked. There was nothing else that really compared to the flavor and there is nothing else quite like it. This puts it in a distinct category of not being coffee, kombucha, beer, cider, traditional soda, sparkling water or juice, all of which are huge markets right now. So it stands out in flavor and also in it’s own category. Now we’ve got thousands of Texans hooked on it as well. Everybody needs to drink, even during a pandemic. Read more>>

Ali Shakesby | Owner

My Family and the support of the community of people behind me! TX Cheese Board was a dream, something I have always wanted to do but never fully could commit to the unknown. How do I do this, or that, what if this happens, what if it fails? There were a lot of what if’s and my husband kept saying and…. to all my what ifs. He pushed me to step up and just do it. Handle the what ifs as they come. Because what if nothing goes wrong? or everything falls into place and works? Without his support I wouldn’t have taken this leap. Also the support of my “regulars” (I like to call them) the ones from the beginning who have been ordering since we started. When I get their orders they let me play around and get fancy with the boards and try new things! Its fun to get honest opinions from the ones who have watched it grow into what it is. Without them, TX cheese board wouldn’t be here. Read more>>

Kadie Smith | Brand Designer

I think it was in my first or second year of business that someone recommended that I read a book called the E-Myth. It was a huge catalyst in helping me transition from just seeing myself as a freelance graphic designer to a creative business owner. I started to invest in business coaching, hired an accountant, made an actual business plan, and took myself seriously. When I started taking myself seriously, my clients did too. Read more>>

Pam Bowers | Speaker, Professional Organizer & Owner

The most important factor behind our success is staying true to who we are. We are very real with our clients. We share our own shortcomings. We have fun! We bring humor and light into an area that, for many, is depressing. Clutter causes stress which increases the number of doctor visits one must make. Reducing clutter reduces stress and allows you to actually enjoy your life rather than be controlled by it. Read more>>