We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Josanne Stephens | CEO

I care! People come to Spa in the City because they want to look younger or better or maybe just to start being more Pro-Youth. Whatever their reason for setting foot into our medspa, they are entrusting us with their appearance. Changing the way a person looks albeit not permanently in most instances is a trust we do not take lightly. From my first days a new injector I knew people were excited, anxious and nervous all at once, but they sat in my chair and shared their hope and vision for themselves. They were allowing me the opportunity to carry out that vision without making them look overdone, weird, not themselves and all within their budget. Read more>>

Kayla Jones | Portrait & Fine Art Photographer

My brand is successful because of failures. The failures I have faced has also bloomed the growth and strength of my brand. Failures are a powerful embrace that will continue to enhance my brand and business. Read more>>

Jimmy Hendrixxx | Artist

The most important factors behind my success is my motivation from all my dead friends. I have had many brothers who believed in my talent that wanted me to give music a REAL RUN besides just playing around and since the day that they died they have motivated me and my journey till this today. Read more>>

Rebecca Tripp | Wedding Photographer

I believe the success of my brand is not only in delivering excellent work for my clients, but truly having a ‘love and serve’ mindset for my clients. I want my clients to not only love their memories captured, but most importantly remember the experience they had with me during our time together. As a wedding photographer, I want to be with clients every step of the way throughout the wedding planning process. From our initial client consultation, I strive to connect and develop an authentic relationship with each of my couples. More often than not, once the wedding day rolls around, my clients have become more like friends. This creates such an easy and relaxed atmosphere to create genuine and joyful images from the wedding day. Read more>>

Tanya J Miller | Author, Speaker, Coach & Strategist

For me, it’s ensuring, knowing and trusting that I’m doing what I say to others not just in my own business, but especially my life too. I have to know that I too am doing life and leadership unapologetically on purpose. Read more>>