We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Maggie Perrotta | Owner & Sugarist at The Sweetest Thing

There’s no shortage of hair removal salons in the DFW and what I believe makes mine just as successful or more so than the big-name franchises is the culture I’ve created within the innerworkings of my brand. Read more>>

kourtney brooks | TINGE founder + ceo

the single most important factor behind the success of TINGE is our new view of beauty. confidence is our catalyst; body positivity is our native language. our five foundational beliefs shape everything we do, say, and create. Read more>>

Adam Frost | Guitar Instructor & Music School

Working to develop a strong private practice is not easy for any industry. Especially as a private guitar teacher, the competition of music schools, YouTube and even Guitar Center, make the landscape tough at times to navigate. Read more>>

Elizabeth Horton and Haylee Hehl | Co-Founders of FemaleGang

As a brand our success shows in our community. When we first started FemaleGang, it was to create apparel that empowered women- to make them feel powerful. Read more>>

Cachè Harris | The cosmetic Boss

The most important factor of my success is originality and Women as a whole. I created my brand to help women bring out their inner beauty! Often women go through so much to achieve the look they want! Read more>>

Linda Ngo | Serial Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Motivational Speaker and Mother

The Most Important factor behind my success is ideally 2 of the most simplest yet Rare factors…. 1. Be Kind and Genuine 2. CUSTOMER service with Great follow up. Crazy right.. lol… Read more>>

Jen Symes | Dallas Wedding and Portrait Photographer

As a wedding and portrait photographer, I am driven to provide my clients with an elevated and unforgettable experience and images full of honesty and beauty that will become cherished heirlooms. Read more>>

Sharron Higgins | Artist/Bricoleur

Welcome to the world of wild texas heART…where creativity meets Texas spunk!  I’m Sharron Higgins and I create in the historical town of Grapevine.   Saturdays, you will find me at the Grapevine Artisans Market behind the gazebo on Main Street from 10-4. Read more>>

Theresa Lam | Director, Youth & Veteran Programs for Goodwill North Central Texas

The most important factor behind the success of Goodwill North Central Texas is meeting our clients where they are. Goodwill’s mission is to CREATE lives of independence and BUILD a stronger local community. Read more>>

Thaliana Cuevas | Painter & Musician

Believing in yourself. Some of us are lucky to feel like we can eat the world. For others, humbleness is felt to an exaggerate level and we don’t believe we can eat the world. If I didn’t believe my art is good enough for someone to buy it then I wouldn’t have TC Arte. Read more>>

Shon Robinson | Pro athlete/ personal trainer

The most important factor being my brand and what I do would have to be college. I survived a life threatening accident, my sophomore year which I broke 17 bones and was sidelined for a year. Read more>>

Tiree Hooper | Designer/crafter

The most important factor behind my success. Is that I am a two time breast cancer survivor, which taught me and motivated me to share my skills and talents with the world. I make each product with lots of tender love and care. Read more>>

Gemma Bowen | Content Creator & Social Media Influencer

Discovering what I was passionate about, finding a niche in the space and then delivering high quality content consistently. Read more>>

Meet Megan Halphen | Food & Beverage Industry Professional

Having a close circle of friends and family that continued to support me, along with many professional relationships with people who have a knowledge set that they shared. Read more>>